Carly Fiorina: This Is How to Fix Health Care in America
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Carly Fiorina: This Is How to Fix Health Care in America

the former chief executive of hewlett-packard and former 2016 GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina joins me live to discuss politics business and much more color it’s great to have your own set welcome great to be with you thank you so we have a lot to get to including your leadership advice for Millennials but I do want to start off with some news today topics most notably the House of Representatives last week passing their own version of health care what was your reaction well I think it’s the start of a process and I think that process is important obviously Obamacare has been a failure for the vast majority of Americans and it needs to be repealed because of the incredibly complicated regulatory structure that have put in place so I’m looking for changes to be made obviously to this bill the Senate’s declared actually they’re starting over but there are a couple principles that I think are important pre-existing conditions need to be covered we need to have real competition for health insurance across state lines we do not today we need to get the federal government out of the business of health insurance which it has put itself into that business give States more control and decentralize a lot of this power and decision making money out of Washington now you mentioned States this bill actually allows states to allow insurance companies to apply for waivers so that insurance companies can actually charge people higher premiums those people who have premium pre-existing conditions so do you worry that this plan actually makes some of these premiums unaffordable for those who have pre-existing conditions well I think your question is why real competition is so important it’s important to remember and no one does how we got into the mess that Obamacare claimed to be fixing it didn’t fix it it makes it worse we got into the mess because state regulators colluded with insurance companies and limited competition so we had instead of a national federal government and insurance companies getting together we had 50 state governments and insurance companies they prevented competition and that prevention of competition has led to a lot of the issues that we have now so it’s why I say we have to actually put real competition back into the health insurance marketplace it hasn’t been there for over 50 years and what Obamacare did basically was nationalized the state’s control over the health insurance business but why give States even the option to allow an insurance company to charge someone a higher premium if they have a pre-existing condition I mean they did set aside eight billion dollars to deal with this situation but still eight billion dollars room that doesn’t seem like it’s enough well I think part of what competition means and you certainly know this working here on the street is that prices have to bear some relationship to the costs that are being covered now I’m a cancer survivor problem I’m a walking talking pre-existing condition and there is no question the pre-existing conditions have to be covered there is no doubt that we cannot allow individuals and families to be bankrupted because of a health condition all that’s true which is why ultimately high risk pools need to be funded adequately to your question however it is also why there needs to actually be competition and right now we have a highly constrained market in every conceivable way so that if you’re in any state new you you don’t have a lot of choices and so far the House bill does not address that central issue alright so we’ll be watching that now you were critical of then-candidate Trump during the presidential campaign next year we like to grade him over his progress in office so far what would you give him well again starting out as a businessperson I tend to judge people on their results and so I’m not fond of all the behavior and I’m not fond of all the tweets but I will say based on the results that I’ve seen so far I think he is so far doing all right I obviously am thrilled with his Supreme Court pick I think the signals that he has sent to some of our foreign adversaries whether it is Iran or Syria or North Korea had been appropriate I think he has shaken things up in a helpful way internationally I like many of the principles of his tax reform bill and we are starting to make progress on the right replacement for Obamacare and meanwhile he is through executive orders beginning to order the cutback of a lot of regulatory thicket that has grown up over many decades you mentioned tax reform what would tax reform mean for corporate America as a former CEO because we’re seeing companies post some great profits and so recession but their investment their capex is being kind of life well you know companies want to have some certainty companies don’t plan just every six months or every 12 months and so they want to know what’s the tax climate going to be three years four years five years from now so certainty is obviously very important it’s important to have a permanent fix to the problem of profits overseas that never get repatriated but it’s also very important that we have a competitive rate as you well know we don’t today and that we vastly simplify the tax code because actually I don’t worry about the big companies having led a very big company big companies can hire the lawyers and the accountants and the lobbyists necessary to figure out how to make the tax code work as well as possible for them but the little companies can’t the entrepreneurs can’t and so all this complexity that we’ve put into the tax code the regulatory structure legislation like Obamacare it hurts the small more than it hurts the big and it hurts the powerless and the middle class far more than it hurts the wealthy and the well-connected all right now you and President Trump ran for president on the notion that a businessperson should be in office and now that we have a businessperson in office do you think those skills are still more valuable than say the skills that a elected politician has I don’t think they’re more valuable but I think they’re equally valuable we were not intended to have a professional political class there are many many many in fact most people in politics have done nothing but run for office it’s not that that’s a bad experience it’s that it is an extremely limited experience ours was intended to be a citizen government so yes I think the experience of managing a large organization is incredibly useful I think the experience of actually having to make ends meet is incredibly useful I think executive decision-making is incredibly useful experience all of those things come from doing something other than being the politician all your life so with that there is a Senate race next year in Virginia are you going to run I don’t know and it’s not a timely decision you know one of the things you learn in business is you make decisions when they’re timely it’s not timely because we have very important elections in 2017 in the Commonwealth of Virginia so we have a governor’s election I’ve endorsed in that election we have a lieutenant governor’s election Attorney General so we need to pay attention to those races and get those done and then when the time comes I’ll make a decision or if you do decide to run you’re going to come back in the south ABB’s it right here all right I want to switch now from politics and talk about your advice for Millennials because students are graduating this month what is your advice to them when they enter the workforce well the first thing I would say is get a job and don’t worry about whether it’s the perfect job I started out as a secretary in a nine-person real estate firm it was a dead-end job but as with any job I learned a lot I learned a lot about myself I learned a lot about the world around me and I learned skills that helped me get the next job so don’t fixate on the perfect job get the job work hard at that job whatever it is a lot of young people spend their time thinking about the next job and the truth is most of the time you are noticed when you do the job you have really really well so get a job work hard at it do it well look for people who are going to give you a helping and lift you up and when opportunity knocks and it will don’t be afraid to walk through the door now as CEO of HP I mean Carly you were in charge of 160,000 people so you know when kids are going into these job interviews I mean what kind of qualities are you looking for that they should be aware of before they go in so of course there’s a skill set that perhaps a young person has trained for and that’s important but honestly what I look for whether I’m hiring an executive or an intern are beyond the skills I look for character is this someone who is going to be honest and straightforward and tell the truth to anybody is this someone who will collaborate well with others there are a lot of people who want to be the star but the truth is there’s nothing worthwhile that happens by someone working along so I want someone who can collaborate I want someone who has courage because to solve a problem means you have to challenge the status quo and when you challenge the status quo people are going to criticize you and so I don’t care if you’re doing that in a very small number of really big level to solve a problem you have to challenge the way things are and that takes courage but probably most importantly of all I look for people who see possibilities in a situation there are people who will look at a set of circumstances and see constraints problems barriers hurdles and all those things are real but there are also people who will look at exactly the same set of circumstances and see possibilities and think you know I could do this and maybe we ought to try that those are problem solvers those are leaders those are kind of people I look for and our school is doing a good enough job of teaching those problem-solving skills no I don’t think so and it’s one of the reasons that I focus a lot of my time and energy now on how do we teach problem-solving skills because I believe after decades of experience that leaders are made not born that leadership can be learned that it can be taught there has nothing to do with title and position so it’s not necessary an inmate trait it’s not an innate trait it is a god-given gift but it’s something that everyone has and I also worry that I think schools in some ways we are training people to feel like they’re victims all the time and you know if somebody offends you you’re not a victim unless you let yourself be a victim victims are people who are starving or sold into slavery those are victims if somebody says something you don’t agree with if it offends you you’re not a victim unless you choose to be and Carly I want to end on this note because I always like asking super successful people this one question what is the worst piece of advice someone has ever given you don’t take that job people would give me advice frequently in my career don’t take that job why because the job is too risky the job is too challenging you might fail at the job nobody has ever done that job before that looks like you or has your background and all those reasons the challenge the fact that yes there’s an opportunity to fail but boy there’s a tremendous opportunity to succeed as well what are some of the things that make a job worth doing so don’t take that job because it’s maybe risky that was bad advice and I usually ignored it all right well all good is like some Carly Fiorina thank you so much for joining us really appreciate it and fun all right I’m Scott gam and you’re watching the street

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  1. Why would ever someone get an advice form a failure CEO? She one handedly burn HP to the ground! HP never recovered after that.

  2. carly saved HP by unifying Compaq and HP she had the tough task of reducing the workforce and making difficult choices otherwise both companies would have failed.

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