Capital spending on health care in England: an explainer
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Capital spending on health care in England: an explainer

The NHS capital budget pays for
long-term investment in new buildings, equipment and technology research and development and some maintenance and upgrades
to keep everything running smoothly. Capital is a critical part of health care. Poorly maintained buildings and old equipment effects how productive people working in the NHS can be which affects the care we all receive. Currently, the UK has very low levels
of capital spending for health care. We spend less on it as a percentage of our national income than all these countries. Funding pressures and growing demand has piled pressure on the NHS. To cope, money has been transferred from the capital budget to the revenue budget in order to cover day-to-day running costs. But by not investing in capital today we are storing up serious problems for the future. There are big ambitions for the NHS to deliver world-class care for major health problems and to lead the world in data and technology. The reality is, without a substantial, long-term commitment to capital we won’t be able to keep our existing
infrastructure in good working order let alone deliver the vision for a transformed NHS.

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