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Hello cancer This is Julie Within The heart Space With your mid month Checkup for october oh? Right so let’s Just do a little quick recap of october’s Monthly look At Seven of Chalices Lots of Choices so at the Beginning of the month and i’m gonna be referring back to my october Monthly video so if you’re not sure what i’m talking about Go watch That first and then come back But Let’s see so you’ve had some decisions to make you had some foggy Foggy Road to do a couple People coming in That One Was really promising Loving You but Still Just not 100% sure and you Didn’t Know everything about them you also had the ten of Swords Pop Up which is ending and ending but an ending means a New Beginning you also were Celebrating and we’re celebrating a Situation But Because of The celebration and Because of focusing so much on the energy of New Beginnings When it comes to relationships and to the Earthly realm Your your creativity and your Hunches were Going Unheard so let’s see what we can Add to That Add some guidance Cancer Cancer For Middle of October The Remainder of october Energy Calling in the highest of light The highest Energy to guide us on this reading calling in the divine The Messages for Cancer For The remainder of october Messages Guidance Energy for Cancer Mid-October I Love It When It Spreads Like That It’s like smooth Sailing i always Feel like it’s Just like gonna be an easy time for you All right in The Energy That’s coming in from the beginning of october to the end as a Sub tentacles popping up again that came Up in your october reading too for so this is really a New beginning a New way of life a New way of Walking on this Earth So it’s happening it’s really Really happening for you and it’s Just carrying over and It Really Wants to happen for you let’s see What? Else Is there eight of Chalices Up i love It Knight of Chalices Cleaner Chalices Three or chalices and The hot oh My gosh okay cancers if you are Single or if you’re Just seeing someone This the end of october You are going to connect it’s Just gonna be love love Love relationships and Emotion it’s That’s What it’s all gonna be for the end of october okay so Right Here like i Said we have the Ace of Pentacles popping up this is the card of New Beginnings on the earthly realm? Right After It We Have The eight of Chalices Which is go go cancer you might not Be Able to see What’s happening but you Need to walk Through That fog and Take a Risk all right so take a Risk on someone who is showing Up take a Risk Open Up and I’m not Saying you have to like i said? In the october reading You don’t need to get Married or like move in with them right Away but Open Your Heart Just a little bit to let them in so that You guys can vibe together and create some Kind of Energy Because It Is there and Chances are it’s going to be with another Water Sign so cancer Pisces scorpio person coming in and Like This night of Showers Energy in This reading is Like Wants to come and save the day and hold You hold Space for You love you and you Know Just Be be nurturing you know what it be They want To take care of you you know and What more Does a Cancer Want then you know to take care of others and be Cared for so this is really positive Really Happy This Nighters Chalasis could you know i do think it’s gonna be a love relationship For a Lot of You but some it’s Just a Sweet Friend Who’s Just gonna Sit there and you know Brush your hair while? you Know you guys Watch netflix All right and This Energy I love This for you because This IS a Mind-Body-soul Connection The high priestess So this high priestess Energy Again is Just oh? So powerful because it’s the moon it’s Ruled by the moon and you are ruled by the moon cancer so this is you this is you finding Your own stride finding your own Way of Living Dealing With Emotions Like a Boss going in and out of Sadness happiness Laughter Excitement calm in knowing That each One of Those Moments Is is Important Beautiful and Staying in that present Feeling and Then Letting It Go and Moving on Everything and Flowing Like The tides with the Moon High priestess can Do that Can Just People Who come in crying and the high priestess will love People can come in and Laughing and The High priestess will love you know it’s like all of These different situations that That the high priestess can Really Accept You Know and That’s you That’s you no wonder you have all of These? Chalices coming Up Because you are leading the way for it for it for like like an emotional Revolution Because We Have a Queen of chalices popping Up and you know what an all Honesty i do Feel like These two Cars are representing you You are like like a Boss That’s what My Guides Keep Saying From Mid-October for Cancers you Are going to be celebrated You Will be celebrating Because the three of Chalices Actually Popped up in your last Reigning Too so this is Just like reiterating Go Watch That video it’s Crazy like how these Things Work out You Know have Faith have faith in Yourself have faith in the world have faith in spirit Because Right Here it’s Saying Go? Cancer We Want You to Succeed Walk Through That fog Beautiful Beautiful People await you oh it’s so exciting Okay and so the Queen of Chalcis and Work IS positive so very They’re gonna Help You or it’s you Another Fellow Water Sign Alright so i’m gonna pull from the no announcer desk Visionary Card Just for some Added guidance The Other side Which Really Connects With The high priestess okay so let me see let’s get the book and i’ll read it to you The Other side You Must recognize That from Where you stand right Now there is another side to which you have to get? Think about a River being in the Middle of two Plots of Land You are on one side and Must find the Bridge that Will get you to the right Position on the other side it? might Be difficult But Must Be Achieved to reach Your goals Take Heed of the Possibility of Moving Freely Between the two places In order to do this notice the obstacles that might Be blocking you and Work to take them away Alright High Priestess going in and out of different Realms Being Able to cross Roads Cross streams Cross Rivers Cross oceans in order to get to their desired Space goal in time and then Go right on back like it’s so easy For The High priestess to be in different spaces and that is you cancer and People are recognizing That and you have some powerful Comrades coming in some some Water signs who who will be supporting you in celebrating Cancer in the in the Comments Below You have to tell me what is going on with you Guys i am Just so Excited and i’m Just dying to know What happens for you guys oh wow okay so If you would like a personal reading Find me on Facebook email me or go to my website And Remember Listen to your heart and the body will follow Until next time much love Joy and Blessings you

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