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Can Sleep Affect Weight Loss?? | Custom Content Episode 13

Hey what’s up Custom family?? I know
you’re probably wondering… “Where was Jake in last week’s episode of Custom
Content?” Well, I was traveling, but I’m back! And this week we are talking about
rest, and why and how it can be so important in the area of health and
wellness and even weight loss. Come on, let’s go over and talk to Dr. Matt
and learn a little bit more! Hey, what’s up Custom family?? We’re back again with this week’s episode of Custom Content. I’m Jake, and we’re here with the good
doctor Matt, ready to answer questions that you might have about sleep, and did
you know that sleep can actually make a difference when it comes to being
overall healthy and feeling good but also with losing weight. Is that really
true? Yes, so like you said most of us I think know instinctively that when
you’re sleeping you’re doing good things for your health, but we probably don’t
realize how critical an impact this can have on our metabolism and losing
weight. So, for those of us who maybe want more practical advice on how we make
the best adjustments before we’re ready to go to bed, what are some
recommendations that you have for us to make sure that we do get a good night
sleep. Yes, so one thing that’s critical today is avoiding technology
for at least a short amount of time before you’re trying to totally shut
down for the night. We’ve got, a lot of us have a screen in our
bedroom, whether it’s a TV, whether it’s just the phone that travels with us, and looking at these screens can just do such negative things to our hormones.
Keeps our brains going in a way that can really compromise the quality of sleep.
So shutting down for at least 45 minutes before you are trying to fall asleep is
a great idea. Okay so what about those little things right before bed or
maybe it’s been a little bit since dinner and it’s a little snack time,
you’re hungry. Maybe you’re making even a good choice when it comes to healthy
snacks, still, can that negatively affect us? Yeah, surprisingly you know again not
something that we think about often, but when you’re bringing food into the body
we’re asking the body to do a lot of work, and so when we’re considering
quality sleep we want all the body’s energy focused there on doing the right
things to balance our hormones, detoxify, and, again, burn that fat. Even if it’s
good snacks? Even if it’s good we can still negatively impact what our body should be doing. So ideally three hours, at
minimum two and a half hours try to shut down any food intake. That’s gonna give
you the best opportunity to do the right things, let your body do the work that
it’s trying to do to help you. So there you have it! If you want to sleep better,
have overall health and wellness, and even potentially lose weight while you
sleep, you got to follow some practical things like Dr. Matt shared. So we’re
excited that you join us again, if you want to learn more about our program
make sure you check out our other videos! We’ve done everything from pink salt, to
hydration, apple cider vinegar, and everything in between!
All things are gonna help you live a better life! Thanks so much Dr. Matt!
We’ll see you next week on Custom Content! Hey this is Jake. Hey this is Dr.
Matt! Thanks for watching today! Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, or at loseweightrochester.com and remember: like, comment, and subscribe, because we want to hear from you!

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