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Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre – Durham College

I would say Durham’s fitness facility is one
of the best I’ve seen. With our MoveStrong and our revamp of the
gym, it’s amazing, so it’s a good atmosphere to be in, and our fitness coordinator is very
knowledgeable about all of out equipment, same with our staff that works up there. As a student here, there’s personal trainers
you can get, you can also get a fitness assessment. The fitness classes, they’ve been expanding
over the past few years; now we have several of each, and then zumba classes, cardio-sculpt, over time I think it will all fill out. It also helps accommodate the increasing student body. The front desk is like the main point of communication between the whole facility, so of someone has a question, what kind of classes are on,
they’ll go there for that. There is a lot of job opportunities on campus,
like game-day staff at sports events, so, doing the score clock, mascot, announcements, They are very accommodating with my schedules. It’s great because I can work during classes,
and then go to practice, and then even have the opportunity to work after practice. This is our MoveStrong system, and with this
you can pretty much do circuit training. You can get upwards of eight to ten people
on it at the same time You can do multiple things, like with this system here, you can
use dips, use the ropes, you can also use this side here for a flagpole. You can use the TRX bands. They also have weights here you can use. This is our main stretching area, now we have our disability balls, medicine balls, and also steps that you can use. We have our treadmills, our ellipticals. And the majority of our cardio equipment has
inputs for headphones, you can input headphones if you want to listen to music, also a charging
station at the top for your iPod or iPhone if you want to charge it. We have all of our dumbbells here, we actually changed the weights and added the Flex logo on it. You can see that there’s tonnes of space for
multiple people to be doing multiple exercises on the benches. I enjoy it; I feel it has a good variety of
machinery, and there’s always people there that can help you out if you need any advice
on how to use the machines or finding ways just to rejuvenate your exercise routine,
get something new going. I find it’s a good environment.

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