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7 thoughts on “Building high-performance, scalable VM environments with Google Compute Engine

  1. Fantastic presentation!

    It would make it even more perfect if you can circle the mouse cursor around the points that you are talking about in the slides while you are talking about them. That way, I don't have to look for the points while trying to digest the vast amount of new information.

    That said, this series contains the best videos about GCP I have ever seen. Great job!

  2. Thanks Jeff! That was pretty intense and amazing! To wrap up such a huge amount of information into such a relatively small webinar is awesome! Please do keep the education series coming …

  3. is not working as you are explaining . 404. is also 404

  4. My notes:
    Create instances with required configuration – custom instance
    Make sure instance boot disk is set to not delete when instances are terminated
    Terminate instance
    Create VM image using saved boot disk device from drop down
    Create instance template from that VM image
    Create instance group using the instance template, select auto-scale, use cpu utilization for scale
    Create load balancer (http(s)) using instance template and mention min-max VMs in the instance group
    Launch load balancer which will automatically route traffic based on minimum distance id enough resource is available to serve the request in the nearest location.
    Instance type – standard, High CPU, High Memory, Shared, Custom
    Standard instances and preemptible instance.
    Standard instances can get up to 30% discount for sustained usage per month.
    Pre-emptible instances will get up to 80% discount.
    Inferred discount – same instance type used are grouped together to be discounted.
    Auto and custom VPC are possible for launching compute instances.
    VPN to connect on-premise data centers with GCP instances.
    Network firewalls are created but can be customized using network tags.

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