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Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Check Up (Episode Highlight)

Huh, why does she
want to meet with me? Do you think our cover’s blown? I don’t know. But just to be safe, let’s
review your back story. I went to Yeshiva Med School. Residency at Mt. Sinai. My best friend is
Jakob Peralberg and we share everything
with each other. I can’t imagine that last
part coming up, but OK. You got this. Well, Isabel, your baby’s
head is the perfect size. Oh, thank you, doctor. It’s still gonna hurt
when it comes out. Get ready for that. So your Dr. Schwartz? That’s me. L’chaim. How can I help you? I’ve been watching you ever
since you showed up here. You don’t seem like the
other doctors that we’ve had. It’s funny, my best friend
Jakob is always saying that. Oh. Cut the crap. We both know why I’m here. We do? Your heart’s beating
a mile a minute. That’s not because I’m nervous. Cortez says that
you’re sensitive. I like that. I’ve only been with
cheating scum– until now. Woah! Everything OK in here? We’re all good. He was just checking me out. Mhm. And I will see
you soon, doctor? Mhm. Later. Yeah, later. Curse this perfect butt!

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