Bridge the Health Care Gap | Support AB 890
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Bridge the Health Care Gap | Support AB 890

California has no shortage of people in need of health care But unfortunately, there is a shortage of doctors to meet the demand. Nurse practitioners have advanced training and expertise to fulfill a number of health care needs but they’re not currently in a position to do more for patients. How can we bridge this gap, so nurse practitioners can provide direct access to care for those who need it most? Nurse practitioners are already part of the solution in 22 other states. They practice in a variety of settings – without a doctor present. They work in hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms and places where it’s tough to find a doctor. Federal law also allows nurse practitioners to practice at Veterans Administration hospitals – without a doctor present. They’re supported by organizations like AARP, the Institute of Medicine, and the Federal Trade Commission. A recent study from the California Future Health Workforce Commission echoed what dozens of other studies have shown giving Nurse Practitioners full practice authority is helping fill the gaps in primary care in these other states. So why has California – the state that leads the world in just about everything – fallen behind? Let’s bridge that gap for Californians by giving nurse practitioners full practice authority. So they can do the job they were educated, trained and have the expertise to do – without a doctor present. Help provide Californians with the care they need. Support AB 890 to provide direct access to care for California.

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1 thought on “Bridge the Health Care Gap | Support AB 890

  1. Thank you for making this video, the gap needs to be bridged and NPs can certainly do that! I would like to add that there are many nurse practitioners who are also "doctors" with doctorate level degrees. Perhaps referring to the "doctors" in this video as "physicians or doctors of medicine" would be more appropriate. CANP, thank you for your contributions to healthcare and the field of nursing!

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