Best & Worst Movies of 2017
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Best & Worst Movies of 2017

So this is an unscripted video of me talking about movies I saw in 2017. Because it’s unscripted There’s gonna be a lot of “ums…’ and “buts…” and me saying “like…”. And if you take a shot every time I say “wonderful” or “awful” (or just “right”) I think it is wonderful, but this movie is awful. Ungodly awful, completely forgettable, awful movie, and it’s awful. You’re gonna die so just know that going into this video. Anyway enjoy *weird noises from Ralph* *clicking* Sally sells sessh… Sally sells seassh… ah Sally sells… *whispering*
what does Sally sell? *sigh* This was a great year for movies, not even kidding! So this is interesting because I get to talk about good movies for once which is like… God, how rare that is? I mean I’d like to talk about good movies more this year you know? Here’s Ralph’s new year’s resolution everybody: gonna talk about more good movies this year. All right? *text to speech voice*
“Fuck you Ralph we want to see you suffer … UNSUBSCRIBE” Oh the subscriber count went down alright I’ll-I’ll just talk about bad movies. Chips review coming right up. Emoji movie review coming right up. Despicable Me 3 review coming right up. So first of all I want to say I’m so sorry to all the foreign movies and really really indie movies I have not seen because I really do like to see as many movies as possible before I make this list… uh, “The Square” and “Happy End” in particular I really wanted to see because “The Square” looked great and “Happy End” is a Michael Haneke, who I love, but that’s not gonna happen. I have seen 71 movies this year, that came out this year, not counting the ones that came out in other years. And I’ve watched 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9
[bank accounts, with insane amounts]
(sorry) television shows. If you want to have a list of everything I’ve seen: umm… It’s on IMDB I’m gonna put the link in the description, right. And if I see anything from this year later on that I thought was, you know, ‘good’, I’m gonna put it on the list right, and you can just check that. Number 20, we got “Molly’s Game” this is from writer, director Aaron Sorkin this is the first film he has directed and the worst thing about this film is the fact that he directed it. He is… he’s a competent director but I was picturing a Danny Boyle or a David Fincher who can just really elevate Aaron Sorkin’s material because Aaron Sorkin is a terrific writer, right. And not only is his direction not up to snuff with these legends, I think this is probably the weakest script he’s written. Umm… you-you- you definitely see the formula down. You see how he kind of structures all of his movies basically the same. And not only do you see that formula, and not only am I tired of him just adapting true stories and putting his low work on it, but I think the third act of this movie resolves itself a little too cleanly, and I know that’s what happened in real life, but there’s like a scene where Kevin Costner’s like: “I’m gonna give you a therapy session in three minutes and we’re gonna work out every piece of emotional baggage.” I doubt that happened in real life… Umm… For the most part though, I think this movie works, I think the performances are terrific. The poker scenes in this movie, th-that’s absolutely the highlight so in terms of Aaron Sorkin’s material, it’s- I don’t think it’s anything special It’s probably one of his lesser things he’s done. But even so it’s incredibly well written and and funny and witty and fast-paced And I-I criticize his direction right, but this is a really well paced, slick movie. And I didn’t really have any major problems with it until the last third or so. Number 19 we got “Ingrid Goes West”. This film is about a-a crazy bitch who falls in love… Not really falls in love. Not in a romantic kind of way, you know in like a fangirl kind of way, falls in love with Elizabeth Olsen’s character over Instagram. And from there she goes to LA, hunts her down and does anything she possibly can to become friends with this girl. And it’s a really interesting comment on internet fame and-and fandom (jake and logan pual). And it made me absolutely horrified of you people. You fans out there. I mean, this is the problem I’ve always had with fandom that-that some of you were just… Obviously 98% of you were great bu-but-but there’s like 2% of you that are completely fucking nuts, right.(All the Jake and Logan Paul fans) Because the movie-the whole movie kicks off basically because Audrey Plaza is just a lonely miserable person and… lives alone. And Elizabeth Olsen responds to a comment she left on one of her pictures. And then Audrey Plaza thinks they’re friends. So besides this like, really, creepy premise that relates to me a lot, and I found very engaging, you got terrific performances from Audrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen and… O’Shea Jackson Jr. He has so much charisma throughout this entire thing and he has… he’s the heart of this movie basically, because what you’re dealing with otherwise are two shallow miserable people and O’Shea Jackson is just in the middle, ya know, trying to get everyone to like liven up and be friendly. This movie is-it exists in a heightened reality?, which I was fine with, but I think toward the-the last act of this movie, kind of like “Molly’s Game”, everything kind of falls apart. Not completely. I like the way it ended in theory. This… Obviously, I’m not gonna spoil it for you, But once you get to that point, right, in the movie because I highly recommend you watch this regardless of the complaints I have It gets to this point Toward the very very end where I like where they went with it right, but they could have done that better In execution as it is right now in the movie it feels a little rushed That this whole like revelation takes place in basically two minutes in a bed There’s there’s a kidnap scene which I thought was completely Ridiculous and kind of poorly done, but the rest of this movie. It looks great the lighting is fantastic There’s this scene by the pool where they’re lit by like the the pool light a really really good movie That’s just like a hair away from being great I kind of saw raw before it blew up, so I just watched it as like oh I heard This is an interesting little festival thing and I saw it and I very much enjoyed it. It’s not perfect for one thing I’ve seen it I Think I saw it like one and a half times, and I don’t really remember much about it I remember certain scenes like when she’s pulling hair out of her mouth and like when they’re digging into a cow’s ass I think the movies kind of over the top and I didn’t really find the story itself all that engaging but that being said I think this film is wonderful It’s a really effective fucked up movie basically because of the filmmaking there’s this amazing set piece where our lead character who was played by Garrett’s Mallory merrily her, but there’s this amazing set piece where she’s going through this party, and it’s all done in one take and it’s like Dozens of extras it’s it’s so well done There isn’t much room to get bored and while I didn’t find the story all that compelling and kind of ridiculous And I also didn’t think any of the performances were all that like incredible or stand out But what really makes it here is the filmmaking julia whatever the bah-bah-bah wrote the screenplay as well So she clearly had a vision and knew what she wanted to do and she did it very very effectively number 17 We got get out the worst thing about this. Movie is the filmmaking it’s it’s an odd It’s an odd trade-off right because all of the characters are extremely funny Even the ones that are supposed to be more intimidating they they bring out either nervous laughter Or just straight-up laughter in our lesser movie that sidekick character The guy who’s a cop would be an awful character and would be incredibly annoying? But Jordan Peele knows how to make that character entertaining and funny and even though throughout most of this movie He’s on the sidelines not doing anything to do with the plot you still enjoy when they cut back to him so Jordan Peele really excels at comedy I’ve made that clear But I would have liked to see this movie made by a horror director cuz as a horror movie I don’t think it’s nearly as effective as it wants to be this movie kind of looks like a TV show like I would have liked I would have just loved like a Grainy dark looking movie. Just to add to that paranoia and that claustrophobia But it all looks like digital, and it’s all over lit I also found the plot incredibly predictable Obviously the trailers didn’t help because they gave away most of the plot But it’s basically wicker man Except instead of luring in men to burn them to sacrifice them to the bees they lure in a black guy and sacrifice Oh, I’m spoiling it. I’m so sorry. I got John wick chapter two Okay, so Yeah, objectivity right I try to be objective with movies right technical merit a movie a movie. That’s an Oscar movie I’m like wow so much technical merit But then you see a movie like John wick right and and that testosterone part of me goes like Fuck yeah I know in theory There are better movies than John wick – I know the plot of John Wick – is the dumbest shit I know Keanu Reeves can’t act but as a guy who action movies this movie is awesome Ok this is the coolest Movie the fight choreography is wonderful the action scenes are terrific some of the best action scenes I’ve seen in forever This is one of the best action movies period I’ve seen since the raid – Keanu Reeves I know he can’t act, but here’s the thing right? You have you surround Connor Reeves with all of these terrific actors ian mcshane Ricardo skom mark Keough who plays now the dying guy might on you surround him with like these oscar-winning Emmy winning actors And they elevate him to make him like at least Decent then you got a character like John wick who Keanu Reeves really doesn’t have to talk all that much and when he does You like yeah, he sucks right, but you always buy him as John wick he is John wick much like how Galgano It’s not a good actress, but you buy her as Wonder Woman Keanu Reeves can act but you buy him is John wick he’s just awesome I Love the blood Simplicity of John wick where he will he doesn’t talk he doesn’t negotiate If you mess with him he kills you it’s as simple as that and he’ll shoot you in the head If he should shoot three times in the chest He’ll shoot you again in the head just to make sure you’re dead. That’s the kind of blunt guy He is and I love that I think that’s awesome The world of John wick this world of assassins that alike they all treat each other Currency and obviously it doesn’t make any sense because according to the movie basically half the population of the planet is it our assassins It’s such an interesting world to set this movie in and it’s it’s just it’s cool. Thank God It’s not all up close shaky-cam. There’s lots of wide shots There’s lots of long takes because you have actors and actresses who could actually fight You know it’s a Valentine’s Day movie And if the girl gets to pick that you go see Fifty Shades of Grey and if the guy gets to pick you get to see John wick and and in that Context John wick is the best movie ever made number 15 we have Logan which I? criticized for being a complete ripoff of children of men Which it is right? But that being said I have no other complaints with it really I think some of the CGI is a little weird I think some of the music’s a little weird but aside from that really predictable story Which is basically children of men retold what you have is a really mature Different superhero movie you have characters dealing with mature themes. It’s not just we got to save the planet It’s about it’s about death the whole theme of this. Movie is basically death and overcoming death and learning to deal with it It’s just a miserable movie in a good way Hugh, Jackman given the performance of his life Patrick Stewart is so good in this movie and I love the way this movie sets itself frames itself outside of this comic book universe as if everything we’ve seen in this x-men franchise has been a Exaggerated retelling of Real events that occur in the world of Logan you got the comic books right with the Statue of Liberty And the oldest ridiculous shit and then Logan goes yeah that happened, but it didn’t happen like that Because in the real world that’s not how shit happens, so it works as a Great Western. It works as a great superhero movie It’s very unique. I can go into depth with like all the problems. I have with it Which are mostly nitpicks that are scattered throughout that kind of keep this movie from being you know a masterpiece But I don’t want to knock this movie really because I just thought It was refreshing. It was a great end to this chapter of superhero movies – Logan – Hugh Jackman as Wolverine – Patrick Stewart as Professor X. I love that Logan was dark as hell, and I think we definitely needed that but that being said Spider-man homecoming is the complete opposite? It’s basically a comedy if you ask me it’s in the same Genre as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off I think it’s more of a movie like that than a Marvel movie But homecoming as a fan of spider-man since I was a little boy literally young lad I’ve been a fan of spider-man and seeing this new take on spider-man That’s funny and clever and original and creative, and I put it on again thinking I was going watch some of it And I ended up watching the whole thing from start to end it did everything it had to and I thoroughly enjoyed it thirteen is call me by her name. I thought this film was absolutely wonderful this It’s hard to even criticize a movie like this because when you’re watching it and again I recommend you watch it so when you watch it. You’re gonna. See it’s not even like watching a movie. It’s literally watching two guys form a relationship and That’s it. That’s the whole movie. There’s no plot. There’s no like acts really I mean There’s a loose framework This movie has a structure of course, but it’s very loose And it really takes its time at a hundred and thirty two minutes Armie Hammer plays like a twenty three-year-old I think he’s supposed to be 23 in the movie like college student Who’s helping a professor? Who’s the father of this kid who’s 17 and? Of course discovering his homosexuality or whatever and put an excellent thing about this movie is that The fact that they’re gay is basically incidental Obviously there’s a little bit in there But it’s more in the framework of a kid growing up and discovering himself it never devolves into this dumb Simple stupid movie where like the parents walk in on them having sex and the mom goes oh? I can’t believe my kid is gay or the kid feeling a shame that the fact that he is gay Like it could have been a straight relationship And it basically would have been the same movie almost no one ever Demeans the relationship or treats it as if it’s like a bad thing The parents aren’t like oh you’re gay. We’re gonna Institutionalize you they just treated They’re like yeah alright whatever and there’s nothing to distract it from just a movie about two guys falling in love with each other one of them is young and naive so he kind of Overvalues how much it really means to the other guy the other guy is like an older college student Who’s their first summer and he’s like you know what I’m gonna have fun with this young kid I like him a lot, but then I’m gonna go home He’s way more mature about it, but like you’re you’re more invested in this dynamic But these two people more so than any kind of plot or You know are the parents gonna find out is this girlfriend gonna find out because that’s not what this movies about at all and you know no disrespect to a movie like moonlight because moonlight deals with these themes in in a Different way in a more dramatic way, and I think moonlights a much better movie than this for that reason But seeing two gay guys just fall in love in a movie. That’s almost three hours long and And it’s it feels almost Improvisational feels like you’re watching real life I think that’s a huge achievement, and it was very different, and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and I highly recommend it We got bad genius at number 12 none of you have any idea what this is it’s a movie from Thailand I believe so so basically the only problems I have with this is a lost in translation kind of thing Where movies from Thailand are very of course? I’m not speaking on behalf of every movie made in Thailand That would be racist but but movies made in Thailand in other countries sometimes are very over-the-top They have lots of like ridiculous shots and and ridiculous sound effects like Camera angles that like speed up and slow down right it’s like early 2000s level corny shit and also you’ve got like the fact that people speak English in this movie there are American or at least British characters in it or Australian characters in it that speak English and as someone who speaks English I’m like wow their acting is awful, and of course the guys from Thailand Don’t know that because they don’t speak English and they’re just seeing a guy going but bit by bit bad, and they’re like Oh, that’s fine, so what do you have to accept watching this movie? Is that anyone who speaks English is a bad actor? It’s completely over the top not just in terms of the story itself, but in the way It’s executed with ridiculous sound effects and music once you put all that aside And you completely engrossed yourself in the world of this movie that it sets up it’s it’s terrific young kids who want to go to America and The only way to get to America is to do these you know International scholarships, you have to do really well on tests There’s and so there’s one really smart girl And they all want to copy off of her so they construct these elaborate ways of of cheating It’s basically a heist movie except these kids are cheating on tests instead of stealing money, and it’s so different and creative and funny and Fast-paced and intense the end of this movie is just one long cheating session where they have to go to Sydney, Australia So that they can take a test and memorize the answers And then go to the toilet and have these phones where they text the answers to the people who are taking the test over in Thailand so they can cheat on the test and they have to time it perfectly And they have to memorize all the answers it’s like oh my god Are they gonna do it and they keep raising the stakes? More and more and more as the film goes on and it’s like it’s beautiful It really is this perfect ballet of just crazy crazy shit And you have really great characters and performances in this movie as well the lead actress is terrific and then you got this character Forgot his name. It’s like tank or Bank or something and breakfast Bank okay, so his name is Bank played by chin on Santee not Fuck me. Oh my god. I thought the French names were bad well her name in the movies Lin But the actresses name is Chu Chi Minh? Shing shower Owen sook yang They’re all relatively simple characters obviously they go through things They go through arts and Bank becomes a very different character toward the end of the movie than he is at the beginning He’s personally my favorite character in the whole movie But you get to really know these kids and like them within just a couple scenes you get their dynamic And it’s it’s it really is an achievement, and if it wasn’t for that Lost in Translation thing I think this movie would have been a 10 out of 10 honestly I Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I will watch this with basically everyone I know because I know they’ll enjoy it and I know you’ll enjoy it as well once you put aside the the Ridiculous nature of it number 11, we have okhta. Which is a film by Jun Ho bong the guy who made snowpiercer which is an excellent movie as well, okay? uh another terrific movie basically an allegory for How we farm animals and kill them? This movie kind of emotionally manipulates you into identifying with a basically a pig that has more intelligence and and human-like traits Than a normal Pig, but really what this film is about is a girl who wants to get her pig back And I won’t say much more about it besides that at first I thought this was a kids movie, but then Tilda Swinton says fuck and I’m like okay That’s this is not a kids movie Tilda, Swinton I want to add by the way is excellent in this movie as she is in snowpiercer The only issues I have with it are um Again, it’s kind of manipulative Obviously in real life pigs and farm animals or not nearly as intelligent as as oak Juh the pig in this movie like yeah, I felt bad for the pig in the movie But immediately after I saw the movie I ate a burger and a steak and a piece of chicken I didn’t give a shit so aside from that I think the CG on the pig itself and most of the time. It looks decent sometimes. It looks a little bad I think Jake Gyllenhaal is not very good in this movie Tilda Swinton is over the top and this movie But Jake Gyllenhaal cranks it to 11. He goes full retard, and you never go full retard He needed to tone it way down for this number 10 you got baby driver I am shocked this made it on the list honestly cuz at first when I first saw this movie. I’m like yeah It’s decent, but it’s really grown on me, and I understand what I don’t like about this movie now, okay? And it’s basically the last 20 minutes Last 20 minutes is where everything goes wrong the last chase scene in the movie is not nearly as exciting as the rest of them The the plot kind of gets mixed up and tangled and Edgar Wright doesn’t know what to do with any of these threads So he’s just like I don’t know I’ll just end it like this and it’s very unsatisfying I Don’t like the last five minutes. Where it shows baby, and I I thought the girlfriend character was okay up to that point to where she goes okay, baby I’ll go with you even though you like baby is a criminal. Why would you go with him? So you got this last piece of this movie, that’s not very good I mean, it’s not awful, but it’s not as good as the rest of it and It also completely loses the gimmick which made the movie so exciting which is that everything syncs up to music it Loses that completely There’s 90 percent of this movie that is basically perfect The chase scenes are exciting the performances are great a Jamie Foxx I don’t know why anyone complains that he’s bad in this movie. I think he’s one of the best parts of it Yeah, you got a really fun exciting heist movie that doesn’t In terms of story bring anything it doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but in terms of execution you’ve got Edgar Wright who’s just? Talent he’s raw talent And it could take all these things that really don’t mesh and work together and make them work as well as they do some some of the best car chases I’ve seen in forever and the more I watch it the more jokes I catch onto and the more I get to admire How how hard he worked to make sure these these action sequences sync with the music He’s playing number nine. They got shape of water Wonderful movie a character of a general character who was he’s awful He’s such a bad character and whenever he’s on screen I’m just like oh my god And he has like lines like you see the stars son That means I I have order over you in the end It’s my decision not that the rest of these characters are like subtle in any way But they work in this kind of adult fantasy world Guillermo has created Sally Hawkins She’s mute and she doesn’t say a word of dialogue at all through the whole movie except in one little dream sequence and yet she’s very compelling and interesting and likable and that’s a huge feat to pull off as an actress a Tavia spencer is a great comedic relief Michael Shannon I Love Michael Shannon more than life itself, and he is so good in this movie Portrayed by any other actor like an actor like let’s say the guy who played the general He would be an awful character who would be completely over-the-top and evil and irredeemable But Michael Shannon finds a way to make him pathetic like he’s not evil he’s just He lacks confidence He has no power over anyone His family thinks he’s weird his boss doesn’t like him And the only way he can get any of this rage and insecurity out is is on this random creature by Torturing it and that’s ultimately what this movies about aside from all the you know spectacular visuals and You know creature effects It’s a movie about a bunch of misfits and outcasts a black woman a mute And you got Michael Shannon who’s weird you got Richard Jenkins? Who’s gay, and then you got Michael Stolberg? Who’s a Russian spy? But he doesn’t really like the Russians and the only reason he’s with them is so he has an excuse to study this creature because He loves science and the Americans want him to kill it So he’s kind of in the middle of the American side and the Russian side so all these misfits Take their insecurities and put it on this creature basically I saw this movie, and then the day after I went back to the theater and saw it again I thought it was that good. I think the endings a little But you they put that into context where you can kind of go, okay? I didn’t really happen maybe So that’s how I see it be it’s it’s a wonderful little adult fairy tale number eight we got Dunkirk This is anxiety attack the movie. That’s all this is there’s not really a story. There’s not really any characters You are it’s a visual experience. Where you sit there, and you watch? Chaos for an hour and a half basically the only way to watch it is in a theater Legit the only way to watch it. I saw it on DVD a couple Weeks ago, and it’s not nearly as good. It’s not even close to as good the characters. There are no characters That’s the thing that’s why this movie so great is it doesn’t get bogged down in The minutia of what’s let’s have scenes where people go. You know back home. I got a mom and I have a wife and a hat I have two kids at home that I need to get back to and there’s none of that awful Time-wasting bullshit in this movie where people feel bad for themselves or talk about how they have to go home to their kids Everyone’s too fucking busy trying to stay alive Like they don’t even have time to talk to each other because right when they start to they look up and there’s like eight bombers coming in Chris Nolan puts enough faith in you as the audience to go you know this guy is 17 He probably has a mom and maybe a brother and a and a dad And then he got Tom Hardy in his plane, and you see a picture of his family like off to the side And you’re like okay He’s got a family at home, and you got the same Killian Murphy has a wedding ring on you’re like okay? He’s married, and that’s all you need like you don’t need to waste time with this garbage because these characters are not even remotely worried about their family or Anything given the situation they’re in they are worried about dying And they don’t have time to waste to talk about nonsense They need to get out of the situation as soon as possible and they do shitty things to each other to ensure That they get out as quickly as possible. We don’t even see German soldiers throughout all of the whole movie We see like three or four toward the end And they’re out of focus in the background because this movie is not about the Nazis coming in it’s about a bunch of people Stuck in a horrible situation and what they do to each other? They’re like rats they just they eat each other alive if they have to the issues are with this movie It’s not really rewatchable once you see it once or twice you get the gist of it. You’re like okay? That’s it. I know what happens now, so it’s not nearly as exciting and I think the sound mixing is a little off I think sometimes the music’s too loud. I think the the dialogue is barely audible Throughout most of it and luckily that’s not that big of a thing Because like dialogue, and this movie is not important at all, but like 80% of the dialogue I couldn’t I couldn’t understand what anyone was saying it’s such an ambitious well-made project I It’s up there with one of Nolan’s best movies for me It’s been so long that is now night time and I haven’t even gotten through the top ten yet. Oh boy How many movies to go mother is a nightmare? It’s a wonderful nightmare it is it isn’t very subtle it’s very in-your-face and kind of obnoxious and There’s there’s stuff that can be trimmed out and it’s a little pretentious here and there I I have some Legit complaints with this movie, and I totally understand why people do not like it but I From start to end was completely riveted by this movie. I thought it was spectacular the last half-hour this movie my jaw was on the floor and Not many movies make me do that so that is an achievement in and of itself right? But you also have great performances from basically everyone This movie is terrifically directed darren aronofsky knows exactly what he’s doing He knows exactly where to put the camera and how long to keep it there It makes you feel claustrophobic and nervous constantly the build-up To the more ridiculous stuff that happens later on is terrific because at first this movie is very grounded and believable It feels like it could be set in the real world, but then you slowly notice things start going are like off You’re like why is this house just alone in this random fields, and there’s like nothing around it How come we’re never leaving this house, then more people start showing up and it gets a little ridiculous And then it gets to the point where it’s just insanity Despite being a very flawed film I think it’s very effective and I also want to mention the fact that the first time I saw this movie I am NOT a religious person as many of you know I’m a Scientologist That’s my that’s my official religion, so so I don’t know anything about the Bible so when I first saw this movie I didn’t see any of the Bible connections I just saw it as like a metaphor for marriage and being married to an artist and and like a relationship falling apart, right That’s how I saw it and of course upon watching it again I see the the religious parallels now that they’ve been pointed out to me First of all Aronofsky constructed this movie in such a way where you do not need to know any of that to enjoy it But once you do it enlightens you a little bit And I think it goes beyond just up being a retelling of the Bible I don’t think it’s just a literal retelling of the Bible. It’s saying It’s it’s using the framework of the Bible as a backdrop for this story between a couple and I think it’s kind of I think the point of the movie is kind of a mix between my thing a relationship and The religious symbolism in it regardless though, this is a this is a damn interesting movie and there’s nothing else like it and knowing the reception it got and The fact that it didn’t make money there will never be a movie like it again six We got Blade Runner 20 49 for many people this should be higher on the list the reason it isn’t for me is um Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 both of these movies The plot is secondary to the world This movie is all about the world Blade Runner the original one’s all about the world of it, and the plot is fine But then and this one granted It’s a bit more interesting than Blade Runner the original, but it’s not quite there for me. This movie is a bit too long It could if L More like I was watching a director’s cut and it’s not so much that you can cut scenes out because basically every scene Needs to be there It’s more that every scene goes on for too long, and there’s plot holes in it too, and there’s like things. I was like what? Why does Jared Leto? want a baby born from a Replicant doesn’t that ruin his entire business model if just replicants can reproduce with each other. Why would he want that? That’s where my issues start and end with it now I know the Oscars are completely comprised of hacks, but if Roger Deakins does not win Best Cinematography Like I I’m not even gonna take it seriously anymore like that’s proof He has constructed one of the most gorgeous looking movies ever made just the sets Don’t the fucking cut the production design of everything it the world itself is so beautiful you can’t help But just stand in awe That’s where this movie really shines not that any of the other elements are bad because the performances are Wonderful the script is decent of course and the sci-fi Concepts that this movie explores even though. They’re a little reminiscent of other movies like her and ex machina and Just I don’t know I could name a bunch of other things, but it does something new with it number five We have the killing of a sacred deer so this movie is made by Jurgis lanthum os– How do you say his name? These names are killing me. He made this movie the lobster which is absolutely wonderful I like the lobster better than killing of a sacred deer because The the dark comedy in the lobster is just brilliant and the acting in the lobster is very wooden and stilted But that’s done intentionally to show a world where everyone is very emotionless To again just to add to the comedy right in this movie your ghost does the same thing He constructs a world that’s kind of real-life, but everyone acts like a weird robot I think for this movie that doesn’t work nearly as well as it does for lobster nor do I really understand the point of doing that I don’t get what point you’re trying to get across by having everyone act Like weird to me This would have been a more effective movie if all the main characters And it acted like just real people some of this safe shit and do shit That’s so dumb like Colin Firth’s whole spiel about how he jerked off his father. It was like ridiculous It’s trying too hard sometimes, and it’s like your ghost is trying to be an edge lord and you know the lobster was much better in terms of dark comedy than this was that’s my only real problem with this movie because It’s it’s so disturbing and creepy. I highly recommend this movie. I’m not gonna say a damn thing about it the plot wise Just that be prepared for a really interesting different film and Nicole Kidman Shout out to Nicole Kidman and this she’s phenomenal, but then we got Barry He ogen he sees that by far the best actor in this movie And he has the most humanity oddly enough because he acts like a weirdo But and there everyone in this movie acts like a weirdo so that really makes him just shine as like at least He’s a weirdo Yeah, but at least he’s acting more human than the rest of these weirdos number four we have phantom thread by Paul Thomas Anderson One of the best filmmakers work today, his only misstep is inherent vice, which is so awful. It’s like he didn’t even make it Thank god. He’s back to form now, and he made a Really really interesting love story that you’re gonna. I’m not sure how you’re gonna react to it, but I Highly recommend it. I’m not gonna say a damn thing about it the acting is terrific not only from Daniel, day-lewis. Who was obviously Like he’s the best actor, but you got Vickie cripes. Who’s great I Think that’s how you say it Leslie Manfield as the sister is Wonderful and although you might be expecting like a really dark. Love story. That’s like creepy it’s a really funny movie on top of it Daniel day-lewis hates like when people make lots of noise when they eat and When she makes noise while it like during the breakfast scenes Daniel day-lewis is like the just deluxe He gives are fucking hilarious the chemistry Daniel Day-lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson have liked it their work relationship. It’s impeccable There’s a scene in this movie where Daniel day-lewis is eating an omelet, and it’s like one of the most riveting things I’ve ever seen the score is beautiful the best. I think the best score of the year. I love Paul Thomas Anderson He’s such a smart filmmaker, and he knows exactly what he’s doing and I can’t wait to see this movie again number three is it comes at night a sad depressing Riveting movie about paranoia Trey Edward Schultz sadly. He’s he’s his marketing people sold This as a horror movie Which it isn’t really it’s more of a thriller about a bunch of people in the post apocalypse who are in a house But and it becomes not about the horrors of what’s outside. It’s about the horrors of what’s inside not only the house But in the human mind. It’s a wonderful movie about paranoia the way it uses point of view as a Device to just create this layer of suspense because you you you’re always in the point of view of but the initial family you meet and not this other family and You you never get their point of view you’ll only see them from the point of view of our characters really for the most part And so you’re just like what are these people up to there has to be something up with them They’re definitely lying right and you become part of the situation where you’re like what’s everyone up to what’s going on here. They never say What the disease is that’s outside they never say like how far this disease has spread. They never say where this movie takes place It’s just a forest in the middle of this post-apocalyptic world. What’s the virus? I don’t know it doesn’t matter it’s not important for this story because the ultimate virus is paranoia and Everyone gets it how fitting would it be if three billboards was number three three billboards is an excellent movie It’s it was nice to watch a movie that felt like it was written by a human being Everyone involved with this movie brought their a-game all of the performances are terrific Frances McDormand Woody, Harrelson, Sam Rockwell But the star of this movie is of course the writer director Martin McDonagh Who has crafted a brilliant story about revenge? And how revenge just begins greater revenge and more violence I’ve really enjoyed martin with Donna’s previous movies in Bruges and Seven Psychopaths Very different movies, but this one is just it’s a masterpiece I’ve only seen it once which is why I’m gonna give it a 9 for now but I could end up seeing this some more times and Maybe we don’t get a 10 who knows but for me My only 10 out of 10 movie this year the best movie of the year It’s been a long time. I can’t wait to tell you guys about this movie. It’s called good time Good time is literally a perfect movie There’s there’s um not literally perfect the punches don’t look all that real Right, but that’s it So let’s talk about the technical aspects of this movie first right there’s lots of close-ups lots of Handheld lots of quick cutting and that works really well for this movie because it sets up that environment and The tone of this movie beautifully this raw gritty tone that I love so much and as if that’s not enough I’m from Queens and the level of authenticity of the the set designers bring to this world the Cinematography and lighting bring to this world the actors bring to this world. It’s beautiful to see an environment I’m so familiar with Beach be done, so well And I can’t even picture this movie being shot any other way than the way it is the performances here are fantastic the director benny safty is the retarded brother in the film, and I swear to god watching it the first time I Thought they just got a retarded guy to play this character he’s so good, and then you have Robert Pattinson who’s like from frickin Britain or something and he I Was like oh my god is he from Queens and all the performances here Jennifer Jason Leigh There’s this Italian What’s her and Talia Webster? I believe she plays the younger girl in the movie buddy duress as Rank right this character who literally comes out of nowhere in the middle of this movie and he he steals it and literally the next thing I remember is I’m fucking I’m running down some random Street and I just see a fucking cab Like I know people like this It’s this emotional rollercoaster and at the center of it all and at the center of all these like has been Characters is this main character Connie played by Robert Pattinson Who gets his brother into this horrible situation? And is only trying to fix it and he fixes it throughout the course of this movie He tries and tries and tries and it only gets worse. He has this idea of himself That he’s this important individual and that his life means something and that he’s gonna save the day, but the movie he slowly realizes He’s like I’m a loser and all I’ve done is hurt everyone around me. Not just my family but my Friends the people I met here at night my girlfriend I’ve ruined everything but the only reason you root for him is because he loves his brother so much He’s willing to do anything for him, and you care about his brother because his brother’s retarded And he doesn’t know what he’s doing like he helps Connie do all these bad things at the start of the movie But the brother doesn’t know any better and in any other movie This could not work at all right because you could not buy Nick as a character or not like Nick as a character But you do and so even though Nick Is only in this movie for this first 20 minutes, and then the last five minutes you’re like I? Really want this guy to get it out. Okay, so I’ll go along with Connie on this adventure. It has no plot it has no Three act structure or anything like that It’s just a series of scenes of this guy trying to get his brother out of jail so you have no idea where it’s going When it’s gonna end how it’s gonna end and it’s it writes this beautiful fine line between tragedy and comedy It’s full of heart and authenticity and it’s so beautifully made the score is Wow every aspect of this movie is so well done and They paid so much attention to detail to make sure every piece of it works and in anyone else’s hands This movie can fall completely flat everyone has a character Jennifer Jason Leigh is literally in this movie for five minutes and she makes such an impact even the drug dealer friend of Khalif he’s a great character Eddie’s in it for five minutes I cannot recommend this movie enough if I had to recommend one movie to you this year. This is it There is not a low point at all in this movie from start to end and it’s just it’s just adrenaline All right, so let’s talk about some TV shows quick House of cards sucked this year this was just an awful season that just got rid of everything I like about house of cards, and it becomes less about a Claire and Frank Underwood and becomes more about these random side characters that were there that are barely developed And you don’t like it all and now that Kevin Spacey is gone You know in the show and it’s just about Claire underwood I mean I hate to say cuz Kevin Spacey is a total creep right but Kevin Spacey He makes the show him and Claire Robin Wright Make the show the show is about the dynamic between those two when you get rid of one of them like what else is there? Game of Thrones I did a video on that not a great season Stranger things I like stranger things as a family show I think for families It’s great like anyone from the age of six to the age of 88 Let’s just say 88. I think if you’re 89 you’re not gonna like the show, but if you’re 88 you’ll like it Anyone in that age range can basically find thing to enjoy in it better. Call Saul another really wonderful season of Vince Gilligan’s new show no Breaking Bad But what is legion this was a really weird experimental show I’ve never seen a superhero show like this Which is why I decided to watch the whole thing The quality ranges from being god-awful to being really fantastic so if you’re willing to put up with some Pretentious bullshit and some weird moments that are just awful you can you can get around it and enjoy this show? Big a little lies this was sold to me as a murder mystery and it ended up being like a chick flick like Sex in the City and the murder mystery ended up being the least interesting part of it the most interesting part of it was just watching these three women and their lives and how they And not just these three women every woman in the show how they they put on this facade that their lives are great But then inside is like this really twisted dark thing they all have their thing, and they’re all Incredibly flawed people the performances are great the writing is excellent the directing It’s the guy who made Dallas buyers club and the guy who made wild he directed all seven episodes and his distinct way of editing Sequences together is there I thoroughly enjoyed the show But it kind of falls apart for me at the end when it goes back to the murder mystery Which was so predictable who the who the guy who got killed was And then it ended with all of them on a beach like Oh female empowerment I’m like a female empowerment you fucking murdered a guy like what are you talking about? I just love these women they’re great characters and the way they just they Lure darns character and Reese Witherspoon’s character would like use their kids as pawns in their game to be the most popular Woman on the block. It’s awesome American Gods This is a weird fucking show mine hunter from David Fincher he directed four episodes My only complaint with this show is the first episode sucks Once you get past that first episode And I promise you get past the first episode the rest of it is phenomenal from episode 2 to episode 10 it is almost perfect Television and then we got mr.. Robot the holy grail of television. It’s up there with Breaking Bad It’s up there with Game of Thrones for me. It is one of the best shows ever Okay, and I’m gonna do a video on mr.. Robot one day I don’t know when I don’t know where but I will do it. So you have to wait to hear more from me Go watch mr.. Robot ASAP because it is especially this season was a 10 out of 10 Mm-hmm again again ready long so now let’s do all the worst movies starting at number 71 We got 911 which is the most offensive piece of fucking garbage? I’ve ever seen it’s the complete opposite of good time which was really concerned about being authentic to the people who lived in the city and like the the Environments they were in in this movie that couldn’t even get an elevator set that looked like an elevator in the World Trade Center That’s how little they gave a shit the performances are god-awful Especially Charlie Sheen who is a 9/11 truther by the way and he clearly did this as like an ego project? He wanted to like be an impact He wants like empower himself by being like this dramatic flawed character in this horrible situation like Oscar bait And he’s so delusional that of course he thinks this is how he’s gonna win an Oscar But this movie is awful. Wish upon this movie is hilarious and basically every way If Fred letter media doesn’t do a review of this one I’ll do a review the 69 is the bye bye man, I reviewed this already the emoji movies 68 that’s coming up soon. Don’t worry 67’s transformers the last night, I did a review of this already. We got a medieval awakening This movie was shelved for like eight years or something it was supposed to come out and like 1988 Okay, not maybe not that far, but it was supposed to come out like two three years ago And they kept pushing it back and doing reshoots, and now it’s here And it’s awful and Bella Thorne is the Daniel day-lewis of shitty acting a friend request? I don’t know why they released this movie in theaters this year. I saw it I saw it like early January before they released it in theaters it got leaked online or something I watched it that way. I’m like. Yeah, it sucked look at Henry This is from the guy Colin Trevorrow who was going to direct Star Wars? Now he’s not because this movie was so ungodly awful. They don’t want him near a camera ever again and neither do I Because this movie is so tone deaf and stupid It’s it’s baffling. I I really do almost recommend this one because of how stupid it is It goes from like this this really poorly made, but okay like family movie And then this kid gets a brain tumor and dies, and he leaves like all these messages and then the only wats like sad that her kid died but Book a Henry the book of Henry It says like mom you need to kill the Norris or something so go get a sniper rifle from the store And it’s just shooting north while this is while his daughters at some recital It’s like what the hell is going on Kingsman golden circle. I reviewed this one as well This movie is total shit, and I don’t recommend it at all Death Note is unbelievably bad I have nothing to say about it is I like some of the music in it That’s about it monster trucks is stupid short, but it’s like it’s made for kids. I guess if you’re like an eight-year-old or Xxx return of xander cage was very disappointing. It was funny at first There’s like a scene with Vin Diesel skateboards on a bus sideways that like that was awesome But the rest of it and a sleepless best movie of the year Aside from chips. That’s why it’s number 59. I haven’t even seen chips by the way Rings is 58 movie sucked Bellco experiment this movie was boring as hell and I wanted to see people use like office supplies to kill each other. I wanted to see someone stapled to death But this movie was just like people being boring train to Busan same thing It’s another zombie movie literally just like the same oh I have a daughter and we’re on a train and there’s zombies and we’re gonna leave the train and there’s more zombies We’re gonna come back. It was just boring as hell pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no tales The only redeeming aspect of this movie or some of the action sequences are kind of fun Rest of it was total shit Including the writing and the kid from Blue Lagoon was in it, and he was awful here for wellness I was extremely disappointed by this movie. I think this movie looks gorgeous Aside from that the acting is awful especially from Dane DeHaan who? You know he’s the Daniel day-lewis of shitty acting along with Bella Thorne, and it’s just it’s just an awful scripts in an awful story Alien covenant. I covered this movie in immense detail Number 52 is atomic blonde this movie. I wanted John wick the female version That’s what I wanted and what I got was a convoluted boring story About Charlie Strong who can’t do a fucking accent to save her life And they have this reveal at the end of the movie that she was American the whole time just doing a bad British accent, and I think they just wrote that in at the end because they realize like oh my god Charlie’s can’t act the the story is is basically pretty simple But they tell it in the most ridiculous convoluted way you could barely even keep track of what the hell’s supposed to be happening There’s one really great action sequence in this movie Which makes up for most of it for me right but aside from that one action scene? Which is probably on YouTube now the rest of this movie is boring us how? convoluted horribly acted Terribly paste and just bad T to Trainspotting is it’s like we made the sequel cuz whatever and it’s not nearly as good as Trainspotting one not even close not even on the same plane of existence as Trainspotting one Wonder Woman Uh, I talked about this movie in immense detail Kong Skull Island, I found I liked the fight scene But at the end with the lizard the big lizard in King Kong But that was about it Character sucked some neat visuals. I guess gerald’s game I liked I think this movie’s a solid 5 or 6 for most of it most of the acting here isn’t great But Carla cugino is pretty good right and this there’s this guy in it was really creepy He’s the guy from Twin Peaks, but then the last 10 minutes of this. Movie is so awful. It kind of ruins the whole experience Ghost story, I let it has some neat ideas and visually it’s pretty nice But I found most of it totally dull and it’s message. It’s like yeah, whatever when you die Life goes on time goes on crazy right I didn’t know that this is when the movie really got bad for me Because I thought most of it was like boring, but I’m like alright, whatever It’s doing a thing right, but then it gets to this scene and this is just this hipster guys Just explaining what the point of the movie is like yeah, man when we die his life goes on man It’s crazy right and he smoking a joint. It’s terrible. I can’t why people like it. I found it It’s I thought it sucked Worf applying the Apes This is the oscar-worthy film That that everyone told me about this movie’s stinks Andy Serkis is great and the visual effects are Fantastic aside from that. It’s cliche as hell Character things like oh this this ape is gonna Give a flower to the girl And I’m like okay this Apes gonna die in the next scene and then then he does and there’s all kinds of stupid cliche shit like that the girl Character is awful and serves no point really aside from some thumb attic purpose this movies like tone-deaf cuz it goes from this like Holocaust depressing movie And then it turns into this goofy like oh we got escaped the prison and we’re gonna throw shit at the guards to distract them I wish I could go more in depth I know a lot of people really like this movie, but for Me didn’t work at all. I have thought it’s stunk and as if all that wasn’t bad enough There was a mentally handicapped person in the theater not his fault obviously But he kept singing songs during the movie, and I guess that kind of took me out of it, too Just I’m watching Caesar, and it’s a very quiet movie, and then this guy goes like Sweet Caroline Come to me cool. We got jigsaw. I gave him a 5 out of 10 This movie’s awful awful awful awful, but it’s so funny And I went into the theater fucking high as hell ok, and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie You need to get stoned and watch it with your friends Like I did and like at the end of the movie right we were just baked So we just clapped and we got the whole theater to clap it was awesome fate of the furious much of the same guilty pleasure this movie stupid as hell but it does some really awesome stuff with cars that I really liked I don’t know why people think this movies like worse than the Other ones. I think it’s one of a better one honestly darkest hour. It’s it’s exactly what you think it is whatever Is completely dull I saw the movie a week ago And I barely remember anything about it Gary Oldman’s good though american-made is like yeah, whatever That’s how I felt about it. It’s an interesting story for the most part I wish it was better directed the the shot composition in this movie and the lighting I was like what the hell I Know what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to make it look like a documentary. They completely failed. It. Just looks like garbage I don’t feel at home in this world anymore. Yeah It was fine Lady Macbeth much of the same, I thought it was fine. I think the the lead actress Florence pug is Good the star wars the last Jedi. I’m very in the middle on this movie I thought there were some scenes that were absolutely excellent like the lightsaber throne room scene which is easily gonna go down It’s one of the best scenes in Star Wars, and then you got shit like Leia’s resurrection scene the The the casino planet you got characters like Rose that serve That are just like there to annoy me Lego Batman the movie. This is when we start to get into good movies Like how Batman the movie was decent for the most part I don’t think it’s nearly as good as lego movie But I thought it was a fun little take on Batman and it’s certainly more entertaining than anything DC has done in years Split a really effective simple movie James McAvoy is excellent the direction and sound and music in this movie is excellent as well it was just I found the story kind of stupid and all over the place and It takes a more supernatural turn toward the end, and I really wished it had set up That that kind of tone toward the beginning So it would be easier to digest that but it just kind of comes out of nowhere, and you’re like yeah I don’t buy that and all those dumb scenes of the the old woman going like he has 25 different personalities It was so dumb a wind river This is a pretty standard crime action story the end shootout is Fantastic that really made the movie for me there most of it is like decent I don’t know why they set up any relationship with him and his son Thor ragnarok at number 35. This is a it’s a Marvel movie. It’s entertaining. It’s funny. It looks great Story is blamed as how? Villain is blamed as hell. I mean Cate Blanchett brings a little something to it, but not much the big yields I like this movie a lot. It’s the second movie this year to involve someone poisoning someone else with mushrooms It’s really just about a bunch of horny women dealing with one man in a house And as that I thought it was terrific free fire. It’s a gimmick movie The whole movie is basically one shootout, and I couldn’t help but feeling at the end of it that It needed something else. I mean it’s a fun idea to just have a whole movie that’s a shootout, but it felt more like a great scene and a great movie rather than just a movie and If if there had been like an hour of other stuff that built up To this scene this this movie basically then it could have been one of the best movies of the year oh well Disaster artists I talked about this one in a reel it in Logan lucky this is a standard heist movie directed by Steven Soderbergh be acting is great for the most part And it’s a clever little heist movie. The only real issue I have with it are some of the performances Seth MacFarlane is awful and Hilary Swank is awful as well And they they don’t really need to be in the movie. I don’t get why they’re there, but Adam drivers great channing tatum’s great There’s Steven Soderbergh such a good director. He throws in so many wonderful little moments that are either funny or Interesting or clever. It’s the story of how Ray Kroc fucked over two businessmen the McDonald brothers and It works, but it’s a true story, and it’s like yeah You told the true story well enough, but you did really nothing with it that that made it stand out Michael Keaton’s gonna knit them Colossal this is a wonderful little story about Anne Hathaway Controlling a monster just by accident the worst parts of this movie is when it tries to Explain why the monster is there? There’s this whole backstory as to why the monster appeared and it’s so so so stupid And if it wasn’t there this movie would have been much better for it boy you guys a really good movie with some good performances And Hathaway, I like Anne Hathaway. I don’t know why people have a problem with her I think Jason Sudeikis is great as well for the most part this movie works Mud bound this is a film by D Rees I thought this movie could have done without the narration completely. There’s a lot of narrating in this movie It’s apparently based on a book and you can tell because there’s lots of scenes of characters just explaining shit that they don’t need to You see characters doing things, and yet they feel the need to narrate it And it’s awful and the first hour is so narration heavy It kind of ruined the movie for me, but toward the second hour and and after that They kind of stop doing that and it just kind of becomes a good movie the character Interactions and the acting is all wonderful here. I really like the look of this movie as well It could have used a little more subtlety and it could have been Could have gone completely without the narration, and it would have been up there in my top 20 Maybe even top 10 who knows Lost City is e this is a really slow classic Lawrence of Arabia era Exploration movie it’s extremely slow some may call it boring. I found it very interesting and Channing Tatum is Channing Tatum sir Charlie Hunnam Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson in this movie, that’s right. I forgot they are both terrific My boy Tom Holland from spider-man is in it and he’s good as well. I Tania. It’s a true story I think the director brought a lot of style and visual flair to the movie. It’s a bit Scorsese esque. Not nearly as good though The performance is hear from everybody Margot Robbie Sebastian Stan allison janney everyone is everyone is terrific and the story itself is a very interesting story I think they could have done more to make Tonya Harding a less sympathetic person Because from what I know about this event one People say she did it and I think she admitted that she had something to do with it or at least she knew about this Event and the movie portrays it as if she knew nothing about it like they were just gonna pay a thousand dollars to hire two guys to mail Something from a different state like you’re gonna pay a thousand dollars for that How stupid do you think I am and that the ice-skating scenes are really well done? But you can tell it’s not Margot Robbie there they put like a CG Margot Robbie over the skaters face And it doesn’t look very good. We got Lady Bird at number 25 aside from some generic cliche plot stuff this movie is very well acted and Really, just hilarious that the pacing is beautiful, and this movie is so short and sweet You can’t help, but just enjoy it And I did I thought it was a wonderful little movie not one of the best of the year for me But you know I would definitely watch it again, then we have the Florida project which was so good The movie is a little too long That’s one thing But then the last two minutes of this movie kind of ruin it so 95 percent of movies pretty good And then you got the last two minutes Which are just god-awful so 7 out of 10 movie right there bada-boom all the money in the world Christopher Plummer is great Michelle Williams is great. The only thing that really ruined this movie for me was Mark Wahlberg He can’t act. I believe Mark Wahlberg as a character. That’s like a plumber or like an everyday working guy like a cop He plays like this super awesome spy in this movie, and you don’t buy him at all, and he does his traditional like hey Man, I’m Mark Wahlberg. I’m gonna talk high-pitch like this, man. You know cuz I’m concerned You know he’s passable through like most of his scenes But you know the Mark Wahlberg bad acting just shines through in spades and some of these scenes damn good movie though aside from that Guardians of the galaxy vol 2 full of great characters and heart. It’s a little cheesy I love the idea that Kurt Russell’s a giant planet that had sex with every different species that exists and Like I just love that idea. I love I love the villains in this movie That’s my biggest complaint with Marvel movies Is that I hate the villains? And I thought all three villains in this movie totally worked you had the gold people who are after the guardians of the galaxy Basically because they got their feelings hurt by Rocket Raccoon then you have A taser face who’s great? And then you have Kurt Russell who’s a wonderful character and number 21 is Detroit which is uh? I liked this movie a lot. I did a review of it click it here the only reason I like it is because I’m an sjw scumbag because I like a movie about black people and police brutality It’s a good movie Movies not saying all cops are bad It’s saying like three of them were back then like Oh. God people were racist in 1967 Get over it Holy shit. Oh, man. How many comments? I got like this. Movie is sjw? Propaganda this movie’s wise like just it’s a good movie, and it’s really not that bias at all Like if you watch it, which most of you haven’t clearly because like no one saw this movie Because for that reason, but it’s a good movie you check it out Anyway That’s it so Oh wow down Ralph is a sjw scumbag first He gives John Wood to a higher review then then freakin War of the planets He also gave Jigsaw a higher review the more the plan of the Apes by the way war of the plan the Apes not as good as jigsaw Get out of here Plus uses drugs drugs should be illegal this SJW scumbag unsub Ralph the movie maker I’m starting a hashtag right now hashtag boycott Ralph. That’s right hashtag boycott Ralph. We’re boycotting him I’m tired of these sjw scumbags trying to get political with all these freakin movie reviews. I like I like vote for Trump Yeah, so what so what’s gonna happen. What’s gonna happen. What’s he gonna do next Hitler of course? He thinks it’s an exit, but he listens to fuckin BuzzFeed Hilda’s garbage right he goes the looks up Trump in early trumpet I’m not gonna pay reparations Right, what’d I do? Huh? Hashtag boycott Ralph the movie maker I’m unsubscribing to him right now ready ready Bamm-bamm, that’s it SJW bastard That was gotta get political like in the Golden Globes like all these women came out like yeah. Oh my oh uh Oh, I also saw happy deathday while editing this video was piece of shit.

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  1. A ghost story is a 9.5 at the least. Yeah parts of the hipster stuff was bland, but saying it’s just about time imo is kinda missing stuff. It’s about grief, getting over death, it’s a lot more than time. Maybe it hit me so hard because I put my dog down and got out of an abusive relationship the day before I saw it, but idk I thought it was very very powerful. But hey Its my favorite film so obviously I’ll be biased. Good time tho is perfectly acceptable as your favorite, it’s a masterpiece

  2. My dad just recently made me watch Three Billboards and I freaking loved it! My cousin watched it with us and thought it was really boring and dumb… Still don't understand how.

    Also, since you mentioned Snowpiercer while talking about Okja, I just wanted to write a little something about that! I watched Snowpiercer in my US history class and a bunch of people were complaining about it but I thought it was fucking great. The only problem I had was the ending scene as far as I remember but it's such an incredible movie. The message, while obvious, isn't hand-fisted and is shown through the contrast between the train cars and characters rather than just being stated. It's really good and I want more people to watch it!!!

  3. Honestly I really enjoyed Train To Busan but I would like to see Ralph do a review of it so I know what it’s flaws are.

  4. A Ghost Story's point is to explain existentialism in a tangible, simple way of how the very human existence doesn't matter at all because eternity itself can become a glimpse

  5. Wat? Keanu can act perfectly well. Wait, Logan ripped children of men? That's a stretch! lol. Ooph… shape of water was boring as fuck imo.

  6. hey ralph, my dad grew up in Queens (like in the early 50s and early 60s) and he hasn't seen the film, i think he might like it

  7. American gods is so fucking terrible. The plot is ok, but the cinematography and acting is seriously unwatchable

  8. God I fucking hate baby driver and that little gobshite who plays him if love to rip off his sunglasses and cave his head in with my foot

  9. I can get that you dont like a ghost story, for example. But giving TLJ a higher score freaks me out. You should do-over this list

  10. Just watched good time on your recommendation, watched it twice in a day and loved it so much. I made a video analysing how it does suspense right and makes us connect with its characters. If anyone's interested check it out on my channel!

  11. Thank you for giving mr. Robot the recognition it deserves. It really is a perfect show with some of the most brilliant storylines and character development in all of television

  12. Thank you for mentioning how shitty dane dehaan is at acting. I saw him in chronicle and thought wow he’s good, then i realized he was just playing himself and can’t act his way out of a wet paper bag in any other role

  13. Not sure if you saying The Killing of a Sacred Deer was a good movie as a meme or if I missed smth tbh. It seemed very random to me but then again I aint no smart man

  14. Keanu Reeves is a great action star. Thats his niche and fucking owns that shit. The notion everyone needs to be an “ackkkktor” is a bit short sighted. John Wick is an awesome series and Reeves preparation makes him a badass on screen and off.

  15. In a few years there's going to be a bad English version of Bad Genius, and Jesse Eisenberg is going to be in it playing someone who has no business being played by someone the age of Jesse Eisenberg.

  16. 30:44 – I hope one day this feint pays off and you get some monetary or contact support from the Scam of Scientology.

  17. How is john wick 2 the best action scenes you’ve seen in a while? The whole movie is just walking around shooting people. Sure it’s kinda cool but by the end it’s exhausting

  18. completely disagree on the ending of big little lies. how were they saying anything about female empowerment hahahah

  19. Kong Skull Island is an easy 8, John Wick 2 is like a 6, 3 Billboards is like a 7, and Phantom Thread and Blade Runner are 10s

  20. Mark my words: Baby Driver will NOT age well. An action movie like Police Story or Terminator 2: Judgment Day (or even Mad Max: Fury Road) are aging like wine…. Baby Driver, on the other hand, will only become gayer and gayer….

  21. Okja was a really good movie with mostly great performances and excellent visuals and direction. The movie deeply disturbed me after seeing it with the way it portrayed the food industry’s treatment of animals and eventually convinced me to become vegetarian, along with other things like health benefits and environmental reasons

  22. It comes at night was great but the marketing set my expectations so differently that I was just pissed. But I feel if I watch it again I will fully love it.

  23. I agree with you on a lot man but BULLSHIT
    Lego batman is easily a 9/10 that movie is fucking hilarious
    You cant give it a 6/10 after you gave an absolute gzrbled mess of plot points and pissing on fans that is star wars the last jedi

  24. logan was fucking garbage an an artficial ''end'' no one asked for. They slipped you poison and the same one they try to feed to every single franchise which not only prematurely ends them but is the stupidest fucking thing in the world to do.

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