Benefits of Using Denver Health’s School-based Health Centers
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Benefits of Using Denver Health’s School-based Health Centers

Hi, guys. I’m Mary and I just graduated
from South High School, and I’m a Youth Advisor here
at Denver School-Based Health Centers. And I’m Noah, and I just started
my senior year at North and also, I’m a Youth Advisor
for School-Based Health. We wanted to talk to you
a little bit about your school-based health center
right in your school. So, as a DPS student, you have
free access to your school-based clinic and any other school-based clinic
in a DPS school. It’s a fully functioning clinic,
with doctors and nurses, just like your regular doctor’s office. Some of the services that we
can offer you for free are: Sports physicals, Immunizations,
regular check-ups, and dental health. We also offer confidential services,
like reproductive health services, mental health services. To access the clinic, all you need
is your parent or guardian to sign a consent form, which you can
pick up at the office or in the clinic. But, if you’re 18,
you can sign it yourself. Throughout my high school career,
I accessed the clinic pretty frequently, because it was super convenient,
it was right there in my school, and… They worked with my time, I could go
during off-periods, I could go during, like, passing periods, stuff like that. It saved me a lot of time and money, because it was free,
since I was a DPS student, and it was also very convenient for
my mom, because she didn’t have to take the day off just to take me to
the doctor’s office and stuff like that. And the clinic staff was super friendly,
they treat you like an adult, because you’re making appointments,
you’re going to the appointments all by yourself and you’re
making decisions for yourself. If you have any questions,
just go to your school-based clinic right at your school and ask the staff,
they’re super welcoming and friendly and will certainly help you out
with any questions.

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