Behind the Scenes with Jimmy Kimmel & Audience (Nurse Met Boyfriend in Club)
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Behind the Scenes with Jimmy Kimmel & Audience (Nurse Met Boyfriend in Club)

[music playing] Well welcome. How many of you are visiting us from out of town here tonight? Wow, a lot of you guys. How about you guys right here in the front. Where are you from? Miami, Florida. Miami, huh? What do you do there in Miami? What do you do for work? Well I’m a registered nurse. You are. Where did you register to be a nurse? Is that– do you had to go to a place. When you become a registered nurse is there a registration process that you go through? Yes. Background check it’s really extensive. Is it like the DMV registration kind of thing? It can be, depend on what time you are done with school. So, yeah. Do work in a hospital? No, I’m doing home health currently. Home health care, OK. So you help people in their homes, or do they come to like a center? Their home. In their home. And do you have one place, or you go around from place to place? Go around Miami. You go around from place to place. Is that better than being in one spot all the time? I prefer the hospital to be honest. You like the hospital because other people’s houses are like a house of horrors. Right? I mean, in general. Yes. Yeah. What are some of the weird things you see in people’s houses? I’m not going to say. HIPAA. Is there like a spot for you while you’re there, because I would imagine a lot of the time you’re kind of waiting around. Right? Waiting, no. I try to schedule them all at the same day. Oh, I see. You come in, you do all the checks, and then you leave. Yes. Gotcha. Do they have the equipment that you need in the house? They’re supposed to have all of them. They’re supposed to, but often they don’t. They don’t. Yes. Like instead of a bed pan maybe they’d have like a garbage pan cover lid. You know what I’m saying? Yes. Yes. Has that ever happened to you? Remember you’re under oath. And how about you? What’s your relationship to each other, the two of you guys? That’s my girlfriend. OK. I didn’t know for sure, so I wanted to check. How long have you been dating? For four years. Oh, how did you meet four years ago? We met at the club. She was throwing it back on me. I don’t know what that means. What does that mean– she was going back on you? She was dancing on me. Oh, oh like you back physically backed up to him. Yeah. You did that, huh? Not true. Oh, is that a thing? Oh, that’s not true. Not true. My mom might be watching. Oh, your mom might be watching. Well, you’ve been dating for four years. She knows you’re probably going back on him every once in a while now. Right? Oh so that’s a thing. So, yeah. You kind of will just like back in to somebody. Because I’ve done that in the elevator a bunch of times, and nobody ever responds. People sometimes they’ll get off early. Yeah. So then you felt her backing up on you. And when she’s backing up on you, was she like rubbing up against you, or was it like just a kind of– or was it like a serious back up. You know what I’m saying. It was rhythmic. It was to music. It was rhythmic. It was rhythmic. And then you said, hey, this is fantastic. And then I asked her to marry me. Right away? Right away. And what happened, because we’re four years into this now. She said, I got to get to know you first. Oh, all right. And do you know him yet? Pretty much, yeah. Pretty much, yeah. Yes. All right. So where’s the [bleep] ring? Ask him? No. I am asking him. So you proposed four years ago. I did that. You did. Had you– had you ever done that before? No. You had not. This is your first time. We end more relationships here in our audience, than Tinder begins. I will say. All right. Well, I’ll let you two work that out during your own comfortable meal after the show. But thank you for coming. Thanks to everybody for coming. We’re happy to have you here. You’re ready to go? All right. Let’s keep going here.

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57 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes with Jimmy Kimmel & Audience (Nurse Met Boyfriend in Club)

  1. I was waiting till they learn to pass a mike to each other so that white guy at the right doesn't have to awkwardly direct it all the time

  2. She could back up to me any time. And those concerned about her shade? Maybe you haven't heard. "The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.":)

  3. That is my best friend, Nurse Jennifer and her man. They met on the day of my bday at the club. Since then, their relationship flourish to a new level. 😍😍💕💕💕 Get it bestfriendddd…… Love ya!

  4. That’s my friend Jen I was there that night she met him we went to Club Euro in Fort Lauderdale they are a cute couple !!

  5. she said she can't disclose because of HIPAA, but technically if she doesn't give the name of the patient she could, right?

  6. @jimmykimmel Do their wedding!! Do it! C'mon, everyone tortures their kids for owe us this wedding. 😃

  7. Very cute couple and perfectly balanced too. While he speaks his mind (brains) out, she’s very quiet and discreet. I see a potential marriage there 💘💟

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