Behind the Scenes with a BAYADA Night Nurse | Chablis T., LPN
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Behind the Scenes with a BAYADA Night Nurse | Chablis T., LPN

(soft acoustic music) (knocking) – Hello. I’m Chablis Thompson. I’m an LPN for the Cherry
Hill office of BAYADA. – [Interviewer] And you’re
a night nurse, right? – Yes. – [Interviewer] What’s that like? – Tiring. (laughs) I do get very busy. I probably don’t get to sleep
until maybe 8:30 some days. And I’m up by maybe 11:30 or 12 o’clock. – [Interviewer] Coffee, Red Bull, soda, or naturally caffeinated? – Coffee. I graduated in 2012, but I
didn’t take my NCLEX exam until 2016. I thought I had lost all my information, but I went and I passed
it on my first try, so I was excited about that. – [Interviewer] After you passed
your exams and everything, you came to Bayada, and
you came through the Nurse Residency Program, right? – Yes. I went to a job fair and
I met a couple people from the office that I work for now, and they told me that they
were going to be doing something new. So February came, I called,
and I inquired about it. Eventually they called
me back and told me that they wanted to pick me
to participate in it. It’s a 12 week program, so once we got into it,
we were out to the clients I believe maybe four times a week, and then we would be in
the class once a week. But it was beneficial,
very beneficial to me. – [Interviewer] How many
times a day do you wash your hands? – I can’t even count, oh my goodness. They’re probably dry right
now, I wash them so much. Mamma, I’ll see you. Love you too. – [Interviewer] Your mom
said that you did something in the past that was brave. Can you tell us about that? – I got custody of my six
day old little cousin, and I raised him for five years. I wouldn’t really make that a brave thing, because I would do that for anybody. (soft acoustic music) – [Interviewer] Chablis,
what’s something that you didn’t expect to love
about nursing that you do? – You meet so many
different people doing this, and you never realize how
many people you actually have things in common with. – [Interviewer] What do
you hope your clients remember you for? – The love that I give them, and the compassion that I show them. Now, don’t laugh at my
parking skills, okay? – [Interviewer] I’ll give
you an A plus for that. (laughs) – [Interviewer] Why do
you love what you do? – I love what I do because
I feel like I’m actually making an impact on someone’s life. I’m a caring person, and I take everything that
I do, I take it to heart because I know that one day it could be me in the situation, it could
be my mom, my grandma. It’s rewarding to me. – [Interviewer] Thanks, Chablis. – Oh, thank you. – [Interviewer] I hope
you have a good shift. – Thank you so much, I hope I do too. (laughs)

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