Become a Wellness Peer Educator at Stockton University
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Become a Wellness Peer Educator at Stockton University

We are peer educators. I get to be a resource. I get to be a leader. I get to be an educator. I get to be a support system. Hi My name is Kelsey Bent I’m a peer educator
here on campus. I’ve learned so much just about a college
campus and program planning and it’s definitely going to help me along the way working with
health educators and different departments that they have to work with to plan and implement
these programs. It’s been a really amazing educational experience
because like you can only learn so much from text books. So actually doing it in person and working
with real people it’s helped me tremendously. I get to be a mentor. I get to be a friend. I get to be a support system. I get to be a role model. I’m Mark I’ve been doing peer education for
two years. Uh, peer education to me is students helping
other students. Uh cause every student no matter what the
problem is they go to other students first. Uh and that’s a normal casual thing to do
because we’re more comfortable around ourselves. Um and sometimes going to a professor or trusted
professional might be too scary or daunting at first. So having trained and educated peers is what
helped other students get through their problems. My name is Stephanie and I’ve been a peer
educator for about a year now. I was like a little but more shy but I feel
like I’m now like opening up more and finding new and different resources and like actually
being more a part of the community. I get to be a facilitator. I get to be an advocate. I get to be a community partner. I get to be a friendly face. My name is Ashley and I’ve been a peer educator
for one semester now. Well we host a lot of events for students. We do things like autism awareness. We do stress less week. We do wellness day and then we also provide
services. Like we provide support for students that
are going through a rough time they can come and talk to us or we can refer them to other
people to try and help with whatever problems they’re having. I feel like the general peer ed applies to
any type of major because as with any major you’re going to be working as a team and it
really focuses on working as a team. So if you want to be a peer educator there’s
a class It’s called Peer Ed and it’s offered in the Fall that you can take. It’s a normal G course and then after that
class you can a certification as a peer educator or you can apply to become a paid peer educator
and you can be on our staff. I would recommend it to all students at Stockton
no matter what your major is. What background you have. It really is an amazing experience. We are peer educators.

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