Barlean’s Greens Chocolate Silk Powder for Natural, Pure Antioxidants Review
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Barlean’s Greens Chocolate Silk Powder for Natural, Pure Antioxidants Review

Hi, I’m Jenelle from LuckyVitamin and my Lucky
Pick for you is Barlean’s Chocolate Greens. I love this product and I love it for a couple different
reasons. First of all, who doesn’t like chocolate? I love that I can have a glass of chocolate
milk or I can make a chocolate shake with this, and I feel like I’m doing something
very indulgent, and I’m having a nice treat. When in all actuality, I am getting a ton of greens
into my diet. The second reason I love this is because I can trick my kids. So, my kids
actually ask for this. They are always excited to get a nice glass of chocolate milk, little
do they know they are getting tons of benefits from drinking this chocolate milk. It has
over five servings of fruits and vegetables, and over fifty super foods, just in this blend
alone. A little scoop goes a long way. So this product actually lasts awhile. You can
see the nice rich dark chocolate, it’s a nice addition to any smoothie. If you can’t have
milk, it tastes just as good in water.There’s no sugar, so its naturally sweetened, so I feel good I’m
not packing my kids full of sugar. This is actually packed full of antioxidants, it actually
has probiotic enzyme in it too. It’s gluten free, It’s non GMO, all very important things
to me. So that’s why I love it, I know you’ll love it, give it a try, tell your friends
and family and spread the wellness.

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