Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at U-M School of Nursing
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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at U-M School of Nursing

>>I think one incredibly
special thing about the school of nursing here is that
we’re right next door to one of the top hospitals in the
world, so the opportunities that we get there
are so invaluable. Also, just the research
opportunities that you have not only to
study as a student here but to become an innovator in the nursing research
field along some of the best is really great too. And then just some of
the friends that you make in the program are
just lifelong. They become lifelong. You spend so much time together, and the relationships
are just so special. I think the biggest question to ask is what is my
passion for nursing? And how will I remember
my passion for nursing when nursing school
gets difficult? Not just I want to help people
or, you know everyone wants to help people here but,
you know, that’s nursing. But what is your passion and
what makes it special to you that is going to make
sure that you don’t give up when things get difficult? I always say to the
incoming freshman at the campus days too is
we’re all so used to coming from high schools where
we’re at the top of our class or we’re the top like one,
two, three, at least top ten and then you come here and
you’re kind of just thrown into this like sea
of the best people. And I think that everyone, their
freshman year, kind of goes through some type of
culture shock of oh, my gosh. I’m not the top in my class. And I think my advice in
finding like your group and finding your people
is to just find a group. It doesn’t have to be a
huge sorority or anything but just a group where
you feel comfortable where you can make relationships
that are genuine and I think that that’ll get you through it. [ Music ] I’ve enjoyed everything
about clinical. I think one of the coolest
parts about clinical that isn’t necessarily
interacting with patients is the way
that you become so close to your clinical group
and your clinical faculty. I’ve always said that the
faculty are some of the closest like in my experiences because
they see us every day for hours and hours a day and are kind
of with us in the trenches, I guess you could say. And just the clinical experience
of getting to help these people who — it’s not just
typical, medical diagnoses. Like this is the
University of Michigan and we’re seeing some tough
stuff and to be able to go through that as a student
who’s also balancing time in the hospital is
just so special. And so I think that clinical
is so important in nursing. And once you get
there, you’ll see it. You don’t necessarily
understand, you know, while you’re sitting in the
classes but once you get there, it’s like the best thing and
you see yourself as a nurse and you see — you can see
like your future unfold and it’s kind of neat. [ Music ] Take time for yourself. I think that’s one of the biggest things is we
always say wellness, wellness, wellness but to actually do it and to practice it
is a huge thing. So that is probably
one of the biggest. What do I do? Take a walk, read. I take a lot of naps that I
shouldn’t be taking probably. Just spend some time with
my family and just realize that not all my time
here has to be spent in the library or studying. I think just being
here and kind of — sometimes just taking
it all in makes me feel like I made the right choice. Like leaving after a
really stressful week or after a long clinical
shift and just like being able to breathe and realize how lucky
I am to be at the University of Michigan is what makes
me, at the end of the day, think I made the right choice.

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