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Baby Formula TERRY

close we begin the new year we have an
important health and safety reminder for you when it comes to baby formula Terry crewmen from brown
group and joins us to talk about this in from il problema and and the
baby formula and this tragic tragic story about this this young invented past yeah this is
one of the saddest things I’ve ever been involved with we were contacted by this nice young couple out in and Lebanon Missouri and good people love this baby with all their heart on did everything that the manufacture
instructed them to do in terms preparation and taking care to make this
formula safe is it could be and the baby bed about seven days have age got sick a and within three days was dat that bacteria called Cronobacter
sakazakii sakazakii that’s the name of that was found in the testing and that’s most commonly associated with
powdered baby formula and the while the FDA says the formula is safe they also said that the unopened unused formula did the
dry formula powerless left in the camp that day you
know that’s the only for this child ever had right a warhead how at kind high
concentrations a this bacteria in it and they did not
give any explanation of how that happened they don’t know we don’t know and it wasn’t passed any kind of
expiration date you know or nor no everything was as it should be these people did
everything that they were supposed to do I mean and its it’s just a right now it’s a puzzle but it’s a
puzzle that they’ve asked us to try to solve in and
we’ll do our best well so I think the important thing for
I mean obviously we want to hear how this ends our hands up and and after the
researches completed and and you figure out why
this why this happened but what can people do to protect it because
the if you say they did everything they were supposed to do and that’s what’s so that’s what’s so
frightening you hate to put another thing on on parents alway I I remember as my
children were born seeds used to just right knee yes and and you know it I I can’t
imagine what a pair go through an iPad I know parents that have gone through it
and it just has to be and but this is even worse because the they
can’t I can imagine that they can’t help but feel that it somehow their fall at least in
part even though I’m not they did not lie I they might
not do you that way they I think right now they feel confused
they don’t know what to do they know that they did
everything they were right post to do and yet they have a baby who passed away now it’s I can’t imagine what they’re
going through up I think the the message right now is to be even more vigilant
and even more careful especially if you use dry powdered baby food for a newborn a newborn’s apparently and again I’m I’m not a
doctor I’m a lawyer so I’m just telling you what I’ve been told newborns
their immune system is not fully working yet right and so
they’re very susceptible this bacteria which if you are I got it would not do as much
harm again what time to write to them it can be
deadly so a there’s a whole bunch you know make
sure that that the water you mix these formulas with
the you know it has to be over a hundred fifty-eight
degrees right and they require school defeated the right there there’s a whole lot of things ask
your pediatrician make sure you understand all the risks
if you use powdered baby formula and see if there are other options
breastfeeding using premixed formula that comes along liquid form
there are options around just be careful because you do not want
to go but these new these people are going
alright for more information on this visit get
BC dot com theory

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