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93 thoughts on “Atatiana Jefferson: Sunday Fort Worth Police press conference offers no new information

  1. according to the news, many police officers are incompetent. Then why many liberals want to give more power to Government. Such as Socialism. People should start defending themselves instead of relying on Cops. Need the 2nd amendment to protect ourselves.

  2. simple! the officer panic and shot an innocent woman nothing else you can say about it, not a very well trained officer, actually he shouldn't be an officer with that mentality.


  4. "They" purposefully hire individuals who don't have much ability to exercise reasonable judgement.
    "They" purposefully hire individuals who demonstrate psychologically that they will just follow orders.
    Who gets what I'm saying?

  5. I bet that officer is renting a U-haul or measuring his coffin… either way, he's a gonna! If the PD are dumb enough to stand by n defend this.. if they try to "Anger Guyger" this case – all I see is faeces n fans n cops ducking for cover. I'm just a casual observer.

  6. So… What the FWPD wants us to believe is that:
    1. They received a call from a neighbor for a welfare check

    2. The cop could not have knocked on the CLEARLY OPENED door and announce who he was.

    3. Upon going to the rear of the house, he could not AGAIN, announce who he was and why he was there

    4. Upon going to a window with BLINDS he couldn't , yet again, announce who he was or why he was there

    5. He was justified in telling someone who wasn't expecting company to show their hands through a window with BLINDS, that you or the other person can't see through, while shining a spotlight (which blinds you)

    6. It was protocol to shoot someone you cannot see and haven't corresponded with in milliseconds because they looked through the blinds to see who is shining a light and yelling on THEIR PROPERTY


    I'M OVER IT!

  7. Not a building! A HOUSE! HER MOTHER'S HOUSE! Her mother's house that Tati owned and came back to to car for her ailing parent.

  8. she had an 8-year-old boy in the house she had the right to protect her self and the child at night and the cop did not make his presence known and just shot a figure he saw. so what if the figure was the child…?

  9. Why did the cop not just knock on the the door like any reasonable person would and ask if everything was ok?the door had been open for a while so any crime taking place would have been over and done with previously

  10. Breaking News Update: New photos released showing various knifes inside kitchen drawer. Additional photos may include pictures of a life threatening baseball bat and a deadly white sewn cylindrical object found in closet. Other life threatening objects, not yet determined, may include poisonous bleach, and a canister of propane gas hidden and attached to a back yard grill.

  11. Time to rise up. People abusing the badge and thinking they are higher power than the people need to be stopped. WE ARE STRONGER IF WE ALL COME TOGETHER.

  12. This is the continual genocide on blacks by this country. White America (not white people)are a legacy of evil, heartless humans.

  13. These white folks boy. Smh. Probably another stage attacked. I've seen my neighbors door wide open before 530am. I investigated myself. Didn't go in. Just shouted who i was and if everything is ok. Didnt hear a reply. I closed the door. Found him outside getting groceries from the car. The caller said no violence or threat. He should've checked

  14. But why did the neighbor feel the need to call the police? For a welfare check because the door was open, lights were on and their cars wete in the driveway. He did Not see or hear anything suspicious that would warrant him to call the police to do a welfare check in the first place. Had he not called…..she would be alive.

  15. The filthy cop is another white wussy who’s afraid of black people ,people who gets easily afraid should not work in the police department there a threat to our society,People should get out to the streets till this murderer will be in prison

  16. They have to coach the murderer so he gives the correct answers at the investigation
    Let’s see how bad they try to cover this one up.

  17. If she did have a gun shouldn’t the castle doctrine apply here since he didn’t announce who he was? If I heard something or someone prowling around my home I would grab one of my guns as well to investigate the sound.

  18. Why Won't they cooperate? Why are they trying to hide this? it's a crime scene right? There should have been a report made right? Why hasn't the FBI or the internal affairs taking this over yet?

  19. why didnt they just look up the phone number to whoever owns the house first. "hello is this Mrs. Jefferson?" "yes it is" "Are you aware your door is open. Do you mind stepping out of the house just so I can verify its you and nobody broke into your home?"

  20. Absolutely horrible, if anyone is truly worried about a neighbor, family or friend, don't be lazy, go check on them for yourself before calling the police! There's too many murders from the use of swat style tactics, including no knock raids. Cops should have a protocol to follow for a "well fare check". Obviously, the cops aren't being trained with peoples Rights in mind. What happened to using basic common sense and general manners? They shouldn't be going around the back of anyone's home before knocking and waiting for a person to answer the front door. They're too complacent with stomping on citizens rights and not being held accountable. They're the ones with bullet proof vest and guns, yet always claim "they were in fear for their life" after shooting people. Unfortunately, nothing will with change without public outrage and peaceful protest. I hope people don't riot, it will just validate more police violence and take away from the tragedy at hand.

  21. The Fort Worthless Police department are making it worse. They are currently scrubbing that Murdering officer’s social media… and they are falsifying paperwork…CORRUPT

  22. Why are they just interviewing the officer now?? To give him time to make up a story to serve their narrative!!!🤬

  23. Yeah don’t yell through the door "police” just go to the window and shoot her less than half a second after saying "show me your hands. He honestly deserves to rot in prison for the rest of his life. Her child was right there with her.

  24. They are giving this racist cop time to delete all his racist tweets and facebook posts. This is what happens when you let cops investigate themselves

  25. Never call any police for anything, you have to handle your things by yourself because you normal people may act humanly and reasonably more than police offices

  26. So far I'm happy that the police admitted that the officer did NOT announce that he was the police. That proves that they are being forth coming so far. Let's just see how the rest unfolds. Sometimes the officers are more afraid than the burglars are, even though there were no burglars there.

  27. Boys in blue protect your own right…makes me upset. Park around the corner and then sneak around the house. Then shoot a woman within a few seconds of telling her to raise her hands because he felt threatened. How do you feel threatened of a female with a young child? Yes duh…its because we see so many burglars that are black women with children. No wait, because no one is suppose to be in their own house. Should have been fired and arrested right away. Didn't follow any of the procedures yet I bet he will be free for weeks if not months. Tired of cops investigating cops…how is this a fair or blind legal system? It is rigged definitely.

  28. Watch the bodycam. WATCH IT.
    I am speechless and livid. 🤬 Note what the command was that was given and MAYBE 2.5 seconds later the bullet shot rang out. THROUGH A CLOSED WINDOW. There was an 8 year old CHILD in that living room. Let's get full story FIRST, but an outside entity needs to address this and NOT the Ft Worth police department. I called and wrote the Governor's office. Please everyone and esp if you are in Texas do the same. This MUST CHANGE.

  29. When a Police tenders a letter of resignation, it has to be accepted for his resignation to take effect. And since he resigned and is no longer afforded due process of a police officer, why is he not charged right away instead of being allowed to roam the streets freely to possibly interfere with witnesses and evidence.

  30. You can't stop a cop from murdering you in your home by filing a complaint when your gunned down in your home by a cop . If anyone that should have been shot dead was that cop . That cop pointed his gun at her and gunned her down for babysitting . People will have different thoughts about police after this . Police hate is all on what the police started .

  31. There's no excuses for it I don't care what she was doing it her house she wasn't threatening nobody her nephew had to see that woman dying in front of him my sister was murdered and her son found her in a puddle of blood he was 5 years old at the time now 36 and still having nightmares from it that kid it going to be going through that same thing smh

  32. An open door ina dark house DOES NOT dictate that ANYTHING shady IS going on… C'mon son…2ndly: They are doing ALL they can to get dude OFF!! Let the "fake" press begin

  33. And they wonder why blacks don't trust police and their justification is " you share a skin complexion with criminals who terrorize you over limited resources so why cant we terrorize you too…" but soon as one white person is called racist it's ' come on man let's not GENERALIZE".

  34. wonder what Atatiana's bail would have been had she shot the officer! Certain it would not be 200K more like a million or perhaps 500K

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