At the Doctor’s Office: Differences in GERMANY & USA
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At the Doctor’s Office: Differences in GERMANY & USA

You want me to get undressed…like, right
now? While you’re still standing here. Um, okay, but what about one of those little, flimsy
paper gown things to cover up with? Do I get one of those? Hey everyone! I’m Dana and you’re watching Wanted Adventure Living Abroad. As you might’ve already guessed from the
beginning, going to the doctor in Germany can be a little different from going to the
doctor in the U.S. For one thing, in the U.S. if a doctor needs
you to get undressed they’ll usually tell you as much and then leave the room while
you to do it. Ummm, from my experience, not in Germany. In Germany the doctor generally asks you to
get undressed and then just kind of stands there and waits while you to do it. I know that rationally it makes no sense at
all to be bothered by this. The doctor is going to see you naked anyway. But somehow to me, there is still a difference
between the doctor seeing me naked and the doctor watching me remove my clothes. Sometimes the doctor turns to do something
on the computer or to get something from another part of the room and then I’ll take that opportunity
to quickly remove as many of my clothes as I can while they’re not looking. Also, in the U.S. if you need to get undressed
you are given this flimsy, little paper gown to put on over your naked body. So the doctor leaves the room, you get undressed,
and then re-dressed in the paper gown thing, and then before coming back into the room
the doctor usually knocks on the door and makes sure that you are ready and covered
and comfortable before they enter. I can just about hear the Germans watching
this video saying: “Why in the world would you put on a paper gown when you’re there
at the doctor for them to see you naked?” As I’ve mentioned in I think the sauna videos,
the nude in Munich video, and probably several other videos, Americans in general, just are
not as comfortable with their naked body as people here in Germany seem to be. So I guess the paper gown gives some kind
of modesty, like a pretense of being dressed while actually being naked. Another thing that’s different is that when
you walk into the waiting room of a doctor’s office in Germany it is polite to say hello
to everyone else in there. But other than that, I would say that the
waiting areas in the doctor’s offices are pretty similar in both countries. You’ve generally got some magazines there
to read, and maybe a small pile of toys in the corner for kids to play with. But another difference that I’ve noticed
is that at my gynecologist in Germany, whenever I go for my yearly check-up, she always offers
for me to get an ultrasound, even though I’m not pregnant In the U.S. I always thought of ultrasounds
as something that you get when you’re pregnant. Those two things were connected. And as far as I remember, I don’t think I ever
had a doctor in the U.S. offer me an ultrasound during my normal yearly check-up. But apparently they can also be helpful for
detecting problems, even when you’re not pregnant. And here in Germany, as far as I understand
it, gynecologists have to offer this service to you at your yearly check-up, and if you
don’t want it you don’t have to get it. But what I understand is that they do have
to offer it and tell you about it and explain to you that it is an option. In both the U.S. and Germany sometimes doctors
will prescribe you some kind of medicine that you have to bring to the pharmacy to get filled. But in Germany sometimes doctors will also
write you a “prescription” for something that you actually don’t need a prescription
for. Okay, wait, let me back up for a second there
because I feel like that doesn’t really make any sense. In Germany the pharmacy situation is a little
different from in the U.S. Okay, actually it’s a lot different. In the U.S. you go to a pharmacy for prescription
medicine and some particular non-prescription pills, but there is also just a lot of medicine sitting out there in the store that you can just pick out yourself. Whereas in Germany there are actually very
few things that you can get in the pharmacy without talking to a pharmacist. You can get sunscreen and chapstick, but even
for ibuprofen and allergy medicine you go up to the counter and you tell the pharmacist
what you want or you explain to them what you’re suffering from and then they’ll
get the medicine for you. So going back to the doctor now, in Germany
sometimes doctors will write you a prescription for prescription medicine. For example, birth control pills or antibiotics. But then sometimes in Germany the doctor will
send you away from their office with a piece of paper that, besides the fact that it is
a different color, looks just as official as any other prescription, but it’s actually
for something that you could technically get from the pharmacy without a prescription at
all. By writing it for you this way, it goes in
your record, and it also just makes it easier for the pharmacist to get you exactly what
the doctor recommended. And often the doctor “prescribes”
you a different dose schedule from what is recommended on the bottle, depending on what
your doctor thinks you specifically need in your situation. So my question for you is: what differences
have you noticed at doctor’s offices around the world? Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching. I really hope that you enjoyed this video. If you did, please don’t forget to subscribe
for more videos and hit that like button. And also there’s some other video up there
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video clips, you can check me out over here on my Twitter and my Facebook page. Until next time, auf Wiedersehen! Lalalalala…lalalalala. Can I do it? I can do it! What is that? That was lame. Uh-oh the giggles come. Okay. I’m ready. Oh no, oh no, oh…

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100 thoughts on “At the Doctor’s Office: Differences in GERMANY & USA

  1. Hallo Dana, let me tell you that in Austria I always get the little paper from the doctor also for non prescription medicine, for exaple something as daily as healing lotion for paper cuts, and there is a reason for it: my insurance only pays for prescription stuff. They are not going to refund me the money for stuff I might just be buying in bulk and without necessity, so whenever I am at my doctor's I also bring a list of everything I've run out of for them to "validate" my necessity, just like I also need to get a paper from a doctor when I call in sick at work so that they will still pay for all the days I leave (doctor decides how many). Voll das hübsche outfit übrigens, steht dir fantastisch, grüße aus Ö!

  2. The reason why Doctors sometimes put medication on the prescription that don´t require a prescrption is because they want You to take it.

  3. I don't think anyone with health issues is in the mood for modesty, if the doctor says 'take off your clothes', it's right there and then with me!
    I once had to show my ugly butt to a beautiful female nurse… I didn't want to but a surgery to a small fistula had to be checked and when you're forced into such situation nakedness isn't really the issue, your body/health problem is.

  4. When i have been to Nicaragua i was sent to hospital with an ear infection and health care is completely for free there. i was asked my prename and age but that was about it. then i was sent to the pharmacy with a prescription and had to pay like 2 dollars for 3 different kinds of medicine that was exactly the amount of pills i needed in my specific case…
    everything was so professional and human-friendly, i was impressed and felt treated even better than in germany

  5. In Sweden a prescription for unprescripted medicines usually I think has to do with cost. If you get a prescription for a common allergy medicine, for example, that will add in to your maximum medicine costs and if you have more conditions that might add up to the free card limit.

  6. My gynecologist always offers an ultrasound as well, but even if you don't take the option cause it costs money, she will do one for free. When I asked her why, she said "I'm a doctor and you're coming for a checkup, what am I gonna say to you without an ultrasound? Well you got naked, you're a pretty girl, out you go? If I wanna assure you that you're healthy, I need to check the situation inside and that's that." Best doctor ever

  7. I had a Japanese dentist decide in the middle of an exam that he needed to Japan-splain to me how to brush my teeth. I got the impression it was because I was a foreigner that he figured I just didn’t know how to do it? Though I was 29 at the time, so you’d think he’d figure I’d know…. Still, I’ve been doing it his way ever since and, while I had had two cavities before that, I’ve not had a single cavity since (it’s been almost 20 years).

    But no American dentist has ever talked down at me like that. I do think it was a Japanese “I’m the authority figure here!” kind of thing.

  8. I think you missed a quite important point. Every kind of medicine is a drug and can make you addicted. So if you go to the pharmacy 3x a week without a prescription the assistant can say "no". But I think with a prescription (s)he is forced to give it to you.

    The 2 colors mean this:
    Red/pinkish: You really need this medicine so your health insurance pays a part of it for you (for children they pay the whole thing). This is the prescription you get for medicine you cannot buy without one.

    Green: You need this medicine but you won't die if you don't take it so you have to pay it all on your own. This is the prescription you get for medicine you can buy without one.

  9. It seems good to have a yearly check up. In Sweden we just get gynecology check up every third year. And they usually don't offer ultra sound.

  10. I get ultra-sounds at the gynecologist because I have level 3 Vaginismus and a regular pelvic exam is literally not possible. So, they just take an ultra-sound to check my reproductive organs and make sure there's no tumors or cysts or anything. It's actually really nice because a regular pelvic exam is AGONY for me!

  11. Hey there, I'm Lou. Using my girls account . I live in Germany now 7 yrs now. And Yes. You have a point. Nudity is really nothing here. I've seen most of my friends naked and they have seen me. No biggie. And about the sonogram, they gave me one to check on my liver cos of my drinking. I'm good! Haha

  12. British GPs offer for you to undress behind a curtain and you let them know when you're ready. Personally, I have no problem with nudity, but the awkwardness of bending over and flashing my arse at a stranger while sorting out where to put my clothes is best avoided for all concerned. But yeah- Germans are way more upfront than Brits in changing rooms, saunas etc.

  13. Doctors's prescriptions in Germany: When doctors prescribe non-prescription medicine it's about it being paid for by your healthplan (Krankenkasse) or getting reimbursed from your insurance, if you are privately insured. Insurance only covers medicine prescribed by the doctor. Anything you buy for yourself over the counter without a prescription, you have to pay for yourself. Most Germans will in fact go to the doctor just for that purpose…to stock up on headache or gastric relief, or whatever they keep around as home remedy for colds.

  14. Having lived in countries with very busy state health care systems and different economies, I know to consider myself lucky if I am the only patient in the room being treated. Obviously not in cases when you need to be naked for an examination, (then you'll often have a female nurse stand there in the corner), however forget about your privacy regarding your medical history/problems. The door will stay open a lot of the time and doctors/nurses/assistants/admin will talk about your health concerns openly in public. In the waiting room, people will be talking to each other about what health problems they have, what meds they use, which doctor to go to etc. and they will also ask you, while you are sitting next to them in the overcrowded waiting room, why you are there as well!

  15. i got a little pair of shorts in the US, and was amazed. also sad, though, because that’s one more thing that goes into the landfill, which a drape that can be washed would’ve been just fine. ^^’

    anyway. i remember watching your videos first when my american roomie started dating a very German German here… now it’s my turn: i am German, and i’m dating the American. lol. thanks for the heads up ^^'

  16. I usually offer my female patients the opportunity to get a pelvic ultrasound, especially if they have complaints of dysparunia or dysmenorrhea, to look for signs of endometriosis or fallopian tube/ovarian cysts/tumors.

  17. Americans sexualize nudity to such an extent that simply removing your clothes in the presence of another is seen as erotic. You guys have a weird way of being both total prudes AND complete pervs at the same time XD

    Also, those paper gowns just sound unnecessary, and a waste.

  18. All those free healthcare services paid for by the tax payers may go away after the US stops subsidizing your geopolitical safety. There is a reason why German's want to move to the US but not so much vice versa. And have fun as the Muslims take over too…

  19. I just cut them off as an er MD. We are concerned about your meat suit, not so much your dignity. Touchy/feely medicine is for neurotic people, which exist in abundance, and presents with hypochondria, conversion disorders, malingering, factitious disorders, etc. Typically, 20-30% of er visits and 50% of primary care visits! Tragedy of the commons regarding waste of limited health care resources, but no traction anywhere when it is addressed, because, bad optics. perceptions.

  20. Talking to the pharmacist in Germany: „i need something against Diarrhea.“ „ah, what kind of Diarrhea? Akute? For yourself? For a child?“ „please just give me something like RIGHT NOW!“

  21. He told me to remove my cloths n he was there in front of me. I was shocked..coz it happend for d 1st time with me as m from india

  22. Wow when we lived over there I was about 9 or 10 we were on a military base we were at a hospital one time for my brother who was about 8 and right their in the hallway by a door the nurse just pulled his pants down like it was nothing,to say I was shocked is an understatement.

  23. German pharmacies sound very sensible and helpful. I personally often speak to the pharmacist about my symptoms and the best and most appropriate non-prescription medications whenever I'm not well, but not I'll enough to warrant a doctor's visit. The way I see it is a pharmacist's business IS medications, so, who better to ask? There have been many times I've gotten better advice/help from the pharmacist over the doctor!

  24. Don’t come to the eastern parts of germany then. Nude parents after shower, nude public swimming in lakes or ocean will be the horror for you. I admit, even growing up like this, when you hit puberty you need definitely time to reign your hormones, but nobody’s laughing about you and small or bigger accidents 😉
    You learn to respect each other and you don’t went nuts when you see nipples

  25. Americans are more sensitive about nudity and negative feedback I guess. Europeans are more direct and…have a "well it is what it is" mentality…you need to be naked so lets get naked.. no need to be sensitive about it and do it slowly….he has seen this before its his job..lets not make it more awkward than it already is….just lets get it over with as fast as possible instead. The dutch don't do paper dresses at the doctors either…only when you are in the hospital for an operation will you get that. The doctor in The Netherlands will ask you to remove your clothing while he types something in the computer….same goes for the family doctors and fysical therapists by the way. And they like to wash their hands while you get dressed again. I think they train our doctors to do that as a modesty thing or something….so the undressing can be as efficiently done as possible without it feeling like you just gave your doctor a striptease or something. Still gets awkward when you doctor is hot thou. 😳 Little tip: I wear boxers when going to the doctors. I normally don't wear them…I'm more of a panties girl. But that way I can trick myself into thinking I'm not in my underwear….I'm just wearing shorts. It makes undressing in front of a stranger a lot more bearable.

    The talking to the pharmacist thing is because most of the medicine is covered by health care. The sun block can be bought by anyone therefor anyone should be able to get to it. Its not covered by health care either. But you need a note from your doctor to get medicine. And you don't have to buy it cause its covered by health care….it needs to be registered thou. Anti-histamine is covered by health care in the Netherlands. But even things that aren't (fully) covered like the pill will be registered cause in The Netherlands it will be send to your insurance company and than he charges you which % isn't covered. So its weird but its a health care thing. Personally I like going to a pharmacist and walking out with medicine without paying a thing. They will talk to you about how to apply it or warn you about the medicine you are about to use. Its nice, you feel taken care of by professionals.

  26. In this regard Americans look fairly ridiculous to me as they are given birth naked, or in the sauna or on their very last jouney. Nudeness is a natural thing, right. Free yourself up from this nudephobia.

  27. You are over analyzing why US doctors leave while you undress. Because of the large number of patients a US doctor typically sees in a day, he typically takes the time you spend undressing to either see another patient or do something that requires his attention. It's call multi-tasking. If you don't believe me, time how long it takes you to undress and arrange your clothes in your usual manner. By itself, the time for just you may seem trivial, but multiply that time by 24 to 32 patients and you see it is a big waste of time if he just waits there for every one of his patients to undress. As for knocking, they and the nurses do that regardless – they even do so when they first enter and you are fully clothed.

  28. Remember in the US doctors are always trying not to get sued for sexual misconduct. Some older females would rather have a gown. You have to have a standard to protect yourself.

  29. Personnaly I'd prefer to live in society with no complexes on nudity. That's the culture. Nude beaches – fine, whearing burckas – not. What are those arabs ashamed of anyways? Burned by acid faces? Scars after whip punishments?

  30. holy cow , wtf. Are you serious. If the doctor needs you naked its to investigate a health issue you have having, i don't see how any extra show involving around it or putting on this paper clothing etc is going to help the doctor with that. I can tell you it is not just a thing from germany

  31. Advice, you're the boss! Undress when you want, where you want, tell the doc to get you a paper gown, tell him to get out until you're ready. No reason to be submissive, are you employing him? You betcha!

  32. In Mexico the male doctor will freak out if a male removes his shirt to make a chest or abdominal study easier.

  33. As a native-born American, I always thought it was REALLY weird in the US when doctors go out of their way to leave the room while you get undressed. Like…where's the logic in that? If you need me to be undressed, you need to see my bits…so why are you leaving while I do it?

  34. Very recently in the US (no more than 2 or 3 years) I've been getting 'prescriptions' for non-prescription medication too. It was so confusing the first time it happened. The doctor filled it out on the same little prescription pad though, even though I could have just gone and bought it myself.

  35. Germany is quite open concerning nudity. We love SPA's areas and FKK beaches. I'm living in Britain and the GP even don't want to examine my knee, because I have to take ofc my jeans. The next time he asked me, if I got some boxer shorts with me,….. I asked why,….. he said, to put them on, while I examine your knee. I was just laughing. I don't have a problem to take off my clothes for medical examination.

  36. there is no reason for a doctor to see you completely naked. He/she is usually their just for one problem area.  A check up doest even require you to take off your clothes at all.

  37. Dana, I think you live in Munich, so you are familiar with nudity in some places like Englisch Garten (in designated area), and also I guess you are familiar with FKK in other places as well. But, could you PLEASE do a video telling Americans that this is in limited areas? I have been to Germany a couple of times, and to other parts of Europe 6 times, and I did not see nude people everywhere. In fact I actually had to seek out nude beaches and parks (during the limited times I even wanted to see one). At the park in Munich, I mostly saw old men, and I am told they were gay old men. Point is, as an American, I get really tired of my American friends who have never even been to anywhere in Europe even once taking the attitude and even arguing with me that people run around naked about everywhere except the city streets. They want to argue that ALL of every pool, beach, river, and park is a nude venue and full nude also, not just topless.

  38. I once went to a dentist in Germany and told him that I only wanted a cleaning. After the cleaning he covered my teeth with some weird goop then told me how to brush my teeth. When I got the bill, it included a charge for being told how to brush my teeth!

  39. First, you are the patient, it is YOUR body, YOU decide what you allow and what you don't. You aren't a prisoner to the doctors instructions, you choose whether to consent. The doctor is going to see you naked. Dumb point. First I rarely if ever get naked at the doctor, I'll be in shorts and a T-shirt. Why would I be naked? Oh, I see, you're a girl and you've been brain washed that every single exam, no matter what requires full nudity and every square inch being examined. Unless I'm at the Urologist specifically there to have something in the underwear area checked I don't undress and decline anything examined that I don't want examined. Also, there is a HUGE difference between being covered and only having ONE area undressed to examine vs. being 100% naked from head to toe. You just sound weak and passive and wiling to comply with ANYTHING a doctor tells you to do. You sound easy to abuse and take advantage of. You also sound like you've be brainwashed into thinking you have to get naked every time you want any type of exam and probably that you'll keel over dead unless you get like 100 pelvic checks throughout your life probably starting at age 13 or some sick age like that. Well, I hope you enjoyed your 100% naked exam while the doctor watched some young, pretty girl strip. I'm sure the doctor was probably a guy. Dumb, OBEDIENT patients like you are just a perk of the job. Oh, the doctor told you to so you have to do whatever they say. Someone with balls would just say, I'm here to have my ankle X-rayed, I don't need a full nude, head to toe physical or if they did come for a more intimate exam they'd say, STEP OUT WHILE I DISROBE AND GIVE ME A GOWN PLEASE and they'd not comply until their demands were met. You know, it is YOUR body, you get the final say.

  40. The main difference between the US and Germany is that in the US pharmaceutical companies advertise their products. People know the names and what they do. When Rosanne recently said "It was Ambien", everyone knew what Ambien was. In Germany, if people where told to buy some drug, they wouldn't know what it is, because there is no advertisment for it.
    Which is actually a good thing. You shouldn't advertise things you should only take if your doctor advises you to. Self-medication is dangerous and the US is proof of it.

  41. I dont mind undress in front of my gynecologist. She is a private doctor and I pay her . I had earlier one paid by the health insurance and you undress. So for me the US handling is full of nonsense. In my yearly check up we decide both if there is the normal check up or a more specific ones which would include ultra sound.

  42. this ditzy broad should never have left Miami Beach. She plays the trottel fotz schtik to the max and is reallu annoying to say the least.

  43. What does actually mean "naked" for you? Having underwear and a bra still means "naked"? Taking your t-shirt off also means "naked"?

  44. Maybe they didn't tell you, but no doctor in the hospital or otherwise EVER asked me to strip naked. I think…. But I never go to the docter to see me naked, I reserve that to my sweethearts.

  45. Here is my question: In a few of your videos you mention that Americans still have some problems with their own nudity – being not that open as Germans, but why is it that the "F" word is as far i can judge by US movies and my personal contacts with Americans comes so easy across their lips – is WTF just an expression like"what the hell is going on" and has nothing really to do with the "F" ?

  46. I haven't actually been to a doctor in a country outside the US but I know a good bit about doctors in Japan. For one thing any kind of drugs beyond very weak asperin is highly regulated and you need a prescription, so you go to the doctor for even the slightest cold. Secondly, it's all specialists, not general practitioners like we have in the US. So you might end up going to several clinics for one thing. Also the doctor is usually the one who gives you the medication. However due to the national health care going to the doctor is very cheap. Usually a few dollars. I've heard people say they've never spent more than $20 to see the doctor. The national healthcare costs you 20% of your paycheck but your job often pays half of that.

  47. This is super boring. The reason in the USA you don't have an ultra sound offered during every yearly exam is because they would then have to follow up with "That will be $700.00, will that be cash or charge?" God this is boring and she has a super annoying voice.

  48. In Dutch waiting rooms, patients greet each other and say goodbye when they come and go. Often strangers chat while waiting too.

    Dutch doctors just expect you to strip off and hop on the table if there's something to be examined. My doctor just grabs supplies or equipment while I undress.

    We don't have yearly pap smears in the Netherlands, it's every 3 years if you're over 30 and you get an invite, it's voluntary.

    Dutch docs can send an electronic prescription (recipe) to your registered pharmacy (apotheek) or they send you with a paper with a list of over the counter (non prescription) products to buy at the pharmacy.

    Over the counter (non prescription drugs) are split into categories. Grocery stores and gas stations etc can sell things like paracetamol (other names: tylenol/acetaminophen) and ibuprofen. Drug stores (like Kruidvat or Trekpleister) can sell a broader selection (think salves/creams/vitamins/allergy pills/preg tests. Pharmacies (apotheeks) have ALL the available over the counter drugs. It's actually frustrating how often something can only be found at the pharmacy (apotheek).

    Doctors offices are only M-F banking hours in the Netherlands. There are no walk in clinics. If you have a medical problem after hours, on weekends or statutory holidays, you call the Huisartsenpost (huisarts = general practitioner/family doctor in Dutch). The nurse will ask you questions and consult the doctor. They will decide if you need to go to the Emergency Room, have an appointment at the Huisartsenpost or if they will direct you to the 24hr hospital pharmacy (apotheek) for medication. It's super efficient.

    Emergency Rooms are not open to the public for walk ins like they are in Canada (where I'm from). You must be brought in by ambulance or directed there by the Huisartsenpost.

  49. I think the MAIN DIFFERENCE between visiting/needing a doctor here in Germany in contrast to the US is that it will NEVER RUIN YOUR LIFE NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE!!!!!!!
    78% of PRIVATE BANCRUPTCIES in the USA is due to MEDICAL REASONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. As far as i know, pharmacists are basically doctors (at least in my country ), so it makes sense asking them for the right medicine even if it is not under prescription.

  51. Honestly I would rather dispense with all the formalities regarding pretending like you're not naked in front of the doctor. All the things that point out the weirdness of the nudity kind of make it more weird. If it's treated more as normal you don't get weirded out by it as much and it's LESS awkward by being made less awkward.

  52. Germans probably don't understand foreplay either. Ohhh…. this sex thing… hey honey…. hurry take of those stupid clothes and lets get this over with. What is wrong with sexualizing nudity…. why not make it more interesting. Life can overall be pretty boring at times, why not make something simple a bit more meaningful.

  53. Naja… Und wenn man etwas verschrieben bekommen hat zahlt es eben die Krankenversicherung

    Oder manches zumindest in Teilen

  54. It's probably already said but we don't get (our upper body) fully naked when the doctor needs to hear your lungs for example. You can leave your bra on.
    There was a day where I had to go to the doctor and it was in the holidays. So I wasn't wearing a bra and I totally forgot about it. One of the most embarrassing moments I ever had. 😂

  55. What I've only seen in France so far, is, dentists who have no assistants and no receptionists. I was at the dentist, she was cleaning my teeth, when sure enough the telephone rang and she immediately stopped the treatment, got up, picked up the phone and fixed the next appointment and continued the treatment afterwards … And that wasn't because the assistant or receptionist was sick, but because she was all by herself, doing everything, all the time. It's very common there, and very strange to me. 🙂

  56. What about the prices in D and in the US? Do you have to pay in Grmny – well you live so long here, you have for sure a Familienversicherung?

  57. My gynecologist has a little screen I can undress behind and usually I'm only nude either from the waist down or up but not at the same time. At the GP I usually only have to remove whatever piece of clothing that hides the body part that needs treatment but I take it of in front of him. He's never stared at me though 😂 usually he takes notes or gathers instruments. I don't think nudity is inherently sexual and I don't think people should be made to feel that their bodies are something shameful that needs to be hidden.

  58. About the ultrasound thing:  not only it's safer to prevent problems (that is cheaper than cure them), but it's very probably included in the cost of your health care, in Germany, while in the States probably it would be an extra-cost of some hundred bucks, that's why your doctors shouldn't suggest you to do it if you don't really need it…  although probably it would be the exact opposite, in the USA…

  59. When did my body become the viewing right of everyone on a hospital ward? Privacy and dignity matter and many people feel less vulnerable with clothes or coverage. A paper gown leaves the examination table less contaminated from ( who knows what ) a day of people in street clothes. Is it an exam table or a seat on the bus? I don't understand why a hospital ward should be a free for all. Like there are no perverts there? They just don't have to try, at all.

  60. Regarding prescriptions for "Over The Counter" drugs, It would have avoided the NEED for smurf laws, and how obvious they were when the US got them. It also is nice to have something made to order so to speak, But still I like the current freedom in the US for this.

    If you are curious about smurf laws, it has to do with limiting and tracking down smurfing:

    Sometimes you just CAN'T make this stuff up. I'm sure people realize it, but that is an English saying lamenting the fact that some aspects of something are SO outlandish that you almost HAVE to believe them because nobody would ever try to tell such a lie.

  61. I think it’s up to the patients rather they want to get naked or not, gowns wasted time I don’t like those at all, especially when physical exam I keep telling em please look from head to toe and private body parts, my female doctor doesn’t do that, i have sensitive skin.

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