Assistant Plays with Play Doh Dog Check Up Doctor Video
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Assistant Plays with Play Doh Dog Check Up Doctor Video

– [Young Announcer]
Family fun for everyone! – I wonder who our next
patient’s gonna be. – I don’t know, Assistant, but I hope it’s not another alligator! – Or a bee. – Oh, Doctor, Assistant, I need your help! Chase is on the case to
help his friend Zippy! (gasping) – Zippy? – Okay, we’ll take care of Zippy! No problem! – Oh, good! Thanks, Doctor! Thanks, Assistant! And by the way, another member of Paw Patrol is gonna come in to check up and see how he is! – Okay, thanks Chase! Bye! – Bye!
– Bye! – First thing is, let’s lower our chair. – Good idea, Assistant. See, and it just goes all the way down. – Okay! – All right. And now we need Play-Doh! – Of course. – Here’s pink.
– Pink! – Green.
– Green! – White.
– White! – More white.
– More white! – And this’ll help us make Band-Aids and different things. – Okay, let’s open up all the lids! – All right, good idea, Assistant. All right. You know, usually, bones make dogs feel better. Let’s make him a dog bone! – Okay! I got a little bit of white. – All right. – So put… – Press it in there. – There, over there, a little more space. – Good job, Assistant! – A little more space. – All right. Now let’s take it out and see if it made a bone! Oh there it is, Assistant! – Woah! – It’s a dog bone! – Let’s see if it helps. – Okay, let’s see if it
makes him feel better. Nope? That’s okay. Let’s make him a Band-Aid, Assistant! – Okay! We’ll do pink and white. – Okay, sounds good. – You’ll do the pink. – Okay! Here’s our Band-Aid maker, we’ll put pink in the middle. – And white on the sides! – All right. Here you go, Assistant. Make sure you press it all together. Good job, Assistant! – Put the white in– – Do you need more white? – I got a little bit right here. Just a little bit, though. – Okay. Good job, Assistant. – Thanks.
– Press it all together. – Okay! Now we’re good. – Great! – We got a Band-Aid so far. – Yes, now take it out of the mold– – I think it needs your help. – Yeah, sure, I’ll help! Just press, press, press, just like that. We’ll take out the extra on the sides, Assistant, and then we’ll take out our Band-Aid! – Cool! – Woah, so cool, Assistant! – Woah! – Look at that! It’s a Band-Aid! Where would you like to put that on Zippy? – Probably… by his head. – Okay! That will make him feel better. – Okay, we got his head. – Yeah, let’s see, let’s how his head– Woah, Assistant! It looks like we can put Play-Doh inside his head! – Okay! So– – Let’s put pink here! It looks like it’ll make a tongue come out if we put pink right inside. – Or a green tongue like he’s sick. – Okay, yeah, let’s put a green tongue like he’s sick. Put it right here in this hole. – This part, maybe? – The square one.
– Okay. – Good job. Squish in in there–
– And more. – Yeah. And I think if we put
Play-Doh in this hole, ear wax will come out! What color should his ear wax be? – Probably… it’s mostly a green and yellowish? – Okay, let’s do more
green in here then as well. Good job. Put a lot of Play-Doh in there, Assistant! Good job. Woah, woah, Assistant! – That’s a lot. (laughing) – All right. All right, are you ready, Assistant? – Now let’s put his head down and push. – All right, you press it down in there and see what happens. (squeaking and squishing) – Woah!
– Woah! – Look at his tongue! – His tongue is so long! – And look, Assistant! – Ear wax! – Woah! Pull it this way and
the ear wax comes out. – Cool.
– Woah, Assistant! – This dog seriously has
something wrong with it. – Right, there’s definitely
something wrong with this puppy. – Woah. – Okay, let’s–
(barking) – I’m all fired up! How’s it goin’, Doc? – Good! – It’s goin’ pretty well! – Is he feelin’ better yet? – No.
– Well, no, I think he’s gotten a little worse. – Oh no! – No, now he has ear wax
coming out of his ear, and a green tongue! – Eww, yuck! Somebody try a dog treat? – Yeah…
– Well, let’s try another one! Come on, Assistant! – Yeah! – Let’s make a green dog treat! – A green one? – Sure! – I don’t know about you but I would love a dog treat, too. – Hey, we can make one for Marshall! – Okay, do you like green dog treats? – Ooh, yeah, those are yummy! – Okay, this one can be for you, Marshall! – Mmmm! – With the side dog. – With the extra Play-Doh added in there. Assistant, would you like to pull it out? – I’m not very good at it. – You can do it, Assistant. Good job! – Here’s your bone! – Here you go! Here’s a bone for you, Marshall! – Yummy! Right in my mouth! – Okay! Nummy, woah! – Woah, woah!
– I got it, I got it! – Get it, Assistant! – Om nom nom nom, thank you, thank you! (Marshall eating) – Oh, good job! – That should make him feel better. – Okay, we’ll try it! (laughing) Let’s make Zippy a green dog treat. (laughing) – All right, I’ll check back in later! – Okay! (barking) – Bye, Marshall! (laughing) Oh, Marshall’s funny, isn’t he, Assistant?
– Yeah. (laughing) – All right, let’s get all
the extra Play-Doh off. Let’s show the people at home. See? Now pull it out, Assistant. – Ummmm? – Just roll it out a little bit… Oh, wait, it’s stuck in there pretty well, isn’t it, Assistant? Let me try from the other end. There we go! You pull it out of the
mold just like that, and then you have a dog bone! (laughing) All right, let’s try
to give him that treat and see if he likes it. – He has a green tongue. – I know. Well green on green, maybe he’ll like it. (barking) – I don’t think he’s eating it. – No? Okay. All right, well look. You can also make a sock
on his back, Assistant. – Sock, sock. – Yes, what color?
– A white sock. – A white sock. Good idea. – Okay. – Do you have enough Play-Doh? I can give you more. – Okay. – Here you go. – Get a little bit– – So we put it right on his back, good job, Assistant. – Also the bone one. – Yeah! The bone and the sock. We can take all off the extra. – Well, we try. – Yeah, there you go. You wanna roll it out, Assistant? Here you go, pull it out of there. Woah, it’s a sock! – Maybe he likes chewing on it! – Oh yeah, maybe! Oh, it looks like he likes that! And wait a minute! How can he chew without teeth, Assistant? Let’s make him some teeth! – Yeah. So let’s take
that dog treat, sock. – Here you go.
– Of course white teeth. – ‘Cause in this mold you can make teeth. – Oh, cool! – Good job, Assistant! – Here you go. – All right. Do we think the puppy, that Zippy might need a shot? – Yeah! Let me get my
doctor’s kit down here. – Definitely. – Okay. – While you get that, I’ll make his teeth so he can chew on his sock. – So a shot… – Woah, look at these as teeth for Zippy! – Cool. – Woah! Let’s put the teeth in his mouth. Would you like to, Assistant, or would you like me to? – You. – Okay. Woah, now that’ll help
him chew on those socks a lot better. – Zippy, this won’t hurt a bit. – All right. Be gentle with Zippy. – I’ll put it right here. All done! (Zippy barking) Oh, no! Oh, he’s feeling much better now! – Yay! – Let’s go ahead and put a Band-Aid on where you gave him a shot. – Okay! Or we could just take the
Band-Aid off his head. – Okay, good idea! Recycle. Good idea. (Zippy panting) Oh, he’s feeling much better now! We gave him a sock, teeth, and a Band-Aid! Awesome! – Wow. I’m so glad we fixed Zippy but he still has a green tongue and green earwax. – Well, let’s see. We’ll clean it out of him. There we go. Good job! – He still has a (mumbling). – All right, well, that was so much fun, wasn’t it, Assistant? – Yeah! – All right, so, ready for our countdown? – Yeah! Ten! – Nine!
– Eight! – Seven!
– Six! – Five!
– Four! – Three!
– Two! – One! – Next video! – Bye!
– Bye! (space music) – Oh, Assistant, my belly hurts! – Well, did you go
trick-or-treating last night? – Yeah I did, and I ate lotsa candy. Ugh! – How much candy?
– How much? Like 10? – Um, I actually ate all the candy! – All of your candy?? – Yeah, yeah. – Aw, Turtle, you need some medicine. – I think so, my belly, oooh. Ouch. – Drink this. – Drink this. – Oh, okay. – Mmm, okay, I’m starting
to feel better already! – Great! – Thanks, Doc! Thanks, Assistant! – You’re welcome.
– Keep drinkin’ that! When you come back– – Bye! (laughing) – Woah, Assistant. This guy looks like he
really needs some help. Yikes. – Oh, no. – Oooh. You could get
(obscured by echoing). – Bye, Turtle! – Doc, Doc, I woke up this morning and I felt like I was
nothin’ but skin and bones! Well, without the skin. (laughing) – That’s funny. Should we check his heart? – Yeah, check his heart.
– Yeah, check my heart. Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute. Where would my heart be? – Wait, where is his heart, Assistant? – Doc, are you sayin’
I don’t have a heart? What’s goin’ on? – Oh, don’t worry about it, we’ll take care of you. – But wait a minute, do you have a heart? – Yes, we have hearts. – Can I have a heart? I need a heart. Wanna donate me a heart? – You have one. – Where? Okay. Whew. All right, what’s next, Doc? – How about an IV, Assistant? – Where do I put it? – You’re gonna put an IV in my arm? – Sure. – All right, so, okay, let’s see how it works, you’re gonna give me an IV. – So let’s hold the wire. Oh. (laughing) – Put it back in there, Assistant. – Uh, are you gonna give me an IV? – Yes, yes, it’s working. – Okay.
– There you go. What about this, Assistant? How about you check his reflexes? – Yeah, check my reflexes! (tapping) – Let’s check his reflexes! – Ow, ow! What’re you doing? You’re hittin’ me! Doc, Doc, ow! – They do not move. – Ow! (Skeleton complaining loudly) – How about this, Assistant? Let’s just check his blood pressure. – Okay. – Yeah, check my blood pressure. I’ve always had a really good low blood pressure. Zero over zero. – [Doctor] Okay. – Right? They got, uh, Doc, are you gonna do my blood pressure? – Uh, I think this is a
little big, Assistant. – Okay. Let’s get to asking a few questions. What’s your name? – My name is Bones. – How old are you? – I am, let’s see, 716 years old. – What?! – You act like that’s old or something. Like my buddy, Christopher Bloodless, I think he was born (obscured by echoing). Hey, I haven’t seen him in a while. – Of course you haven’t. Is he a skeleton like you? Is he a skeleton like you? – Uh, a skeleton? No, he was an explorer. – Oh.
– He was an explorer. – I’ll get this filled out– – I’m gettin’ light-headed
though, Assistant, uh, Doctor. I think maybe that his blood sugar’s low. – I think he needs some
nourishment, Assistant. Should we give them an apple? – Yeah!
– An apple? That’s always yummy.
– But your chart is fine. So nothing’s wrong with you. – Oh. Here you go, Bones. – Nothing’s wrong with me? (Bones eating) (laughing) – Yum, yum.
– He’s really hungry. – Yeah, he’s really hungry. – It’s like I’ve not ate any food in ages! Wow, that apple sure was good. It feels good in my belly. – What, what, what, what, what? – We can see it, Bones! It looks like the food
went right through you? – Well, of course, I was hungry. I had to eat an apple. – Well, maybe we should take it out so you can eat it again. – No, why don’t you
feed me somethin’ else? – No way. – I think I need some more food! Maybe that’ll make me feel better. What do you think about that? – Okay. – That apple was good but
I’m still really hungry. You got any more food for me? – Yeah, I got some green beans. – Mmmm. – Green beans? Huh. I’ll try those. Ready? Ahhhh. (Bones eating) – There. – Ahh. Ooh, that felt good. They don’t really stick with you, though, it’s kinda like Chinese food, you eat it one second then you’re done. (Bones eating) – Here you go. – Yeah! – Yeah, keep givin’ me
these green bean things. Ahhhhhhh! Yummy! Yum! Need more food. Just stick it with me. More food! – You’ll never get full this way! – Ahhh I need more food! More food please, more food. Ahhhhhhhh. Let me say om nom nom. Hey, you know all this healthy food? Do you have anything
that’s not so healthy? – Uh, sure, we have these. – Oh, Doritos, I heard about those. Yeah, let’s have some of those. Those probably are pretty good. – Yeah. We eat ’em raw. – Wait a minute, you’re
eating my food, Assistant! Ahhh. (Bones eating) Ahhhh, I just got some finger that time! – Ow! (Bones eating) – Yummy! (Bones choking) – Oh, it’s choking him, he’s choking! – I’m better, I’m better. All right, what else do you have? Aaahhhhhhh. Ah, oh, oh, food foul, food foul! (Bones choking) – Oh, wait! – I feel like I have something stuck in my throat.
– Oh, there you go. – I told you I had something
stuck in my throat. Was that true? – It was stuck in your mouth, Bones. – Ohhh. – There you go. (Bones eating) – All right, so I’ve had
green beans, an apple. – Yeah! – [Doctor] How are you feelin’ now, Bones? – You know what, really? – Yeah? – It feels like I haven’t eaten a bite. It really doesn’t. I don’t feel any fuller, more full than I did before. – How ’bout we take your temperature? Here you go, Assistant. – Okay, take my temperature. – Say ahhhh.
– Ahhhhhh. (thermometer clattering) – You swallowed it, Bones! – Yuck, I didn’t like the way that tasted. – [Doctor] Let’s try it again. – Ahhhhh. – You can close your mouth now. – Okay. – [Doctor] Okay. – Now you can open it. – Let’s see, Assistant.
– How’d I do? – Oh no! You have a fever! – I do? Really? – Yes! – How can I have a fever? – I think it’s actually– – You spend too much time in the sun.
– Ohh. Your bones are melting! – Why don’t you stick
me in the refrigerator? I betcha that’ll cool me off a little bit. – We don’t have a refrigerator. – I’ve got an idea, I know what I can eat. I know what I can eat. I just need a popsicle. – No way! Okay! – Okay, Doctor, I’m ready for my popsicle. – Okay. – Maybe I can get rid of my fever. – Good idea. – Red? That’s all you– (Bones gurgling) – That means he gave my blood. – Oh, really? Ahh, mm, yum, yum, yum. – Good. – Can you check my temperature now? – All right. – All right, check my temperature. Ahhhhhh. What’s it now? – You know, you’re as cold as an ice block. – Well, that’s probably
because I just ate a popsicle. Maybe do I need a shot or something? – Of course you do. – Here you go. – All right, maybe a shot in my arm. – Arm? – Yes please. It’s like you can’t get it– – How, probably in the mouth. – Ahhh– – [Doctor] Are you sure? – How is that, I’m not
getting dental work. You’re not fixing a cavity. Why are you giving me one in my mouth? – Well– – Hey, Assistant, I’m startin’
to feel better already! – Cool! Now let’s check your teeth. – Ay yay yay.
(machine whirring) It’s like the whole thing
that actually works. – We’re gonna clean your teeth. – Woah, you’re not a dentist, are you? – Yeah, we’re both dentists. – What? What? What? – All right. Hey! I’m startin’ to feel better already! Hey, I feel different. How do I look? How do I look? – You look great! Just like a person. – I look like a person?? – Yes. – I feel kinda like… Like…a dog. – Um… – Um, you’re a dog then!
(clapping) – Yes! – Wow. I always wanted to be a dog. NOT! Hurry, give me a shot! Make me better, make me better, I don’t wanna, argh! No, I don’t wanna be a dog! Not a dog with red hair! Ahhh. Woah, woah. – Woah. – Whoo. You know what I wanted to do? – What? – I wanted to bite my own leg. When I looked down it looked
like a nice tasty bone. (laughing) So I’m back to bein’ me. – Yes. – Well, that’s the best person to be, me. – Yeah. And do you want another shot? – No, ma’am! Hey, Assistant, what’s
that thing up there? What’s that picture for? – TEF Kids! – What’s TEF Kids? – It’s a new channel! – Oh, it’s another channel from the Engineering Family, right? – Right! – Wow, that’s pretty cool. So they need to check out TEF Kids, and also, what does that say up there? – Subscribe! – Subscribe to, uh, my toe! – No! – The Engineering Family! – Oh, the Engineering Family, huh? – Yeah! – They should subscribe
to the Engineering Family, check out TEF Kids, come look us up on Facebook and Twitter, and what’s the secret spelling, Bones? – Bones.
– Spelling word! – Bones.
– Oh. – I never did very well in spelling. – I’ll spell it. B-O-N-E-S, Bones! – Oh, you spelled it in English. I spell it in, uh– – Skeleton? – Skeleton language. Skeleton language, that’s right. – Like beh- oh- too- – Yeah, not like that, it’s
something else. (laughing) Bye everyone! Have a great day! Bye! – Bye!
– Bye! – [Announcer] Hey there everyone! Thanks for watchin’ our video now. Make sure that you subscribe
to the Engineering Family to see lots of cool videos! In fact, there’s another
cool video right there! You can select and watch it, I think you’re really gonna like it. Visit Team Umizoomi, Paw Patrol, Surprise Eggs, Frozen, Played, Masha! There are so many videos to watch! Bye! (fun music)

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