Assistant has her Magic Spider Taken by Cecilia the Witch
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Assistant has her Magic Spider Taken by Cecilia the Witch

– Family fun for everyone! – (laughs maniacally) Oh no, she found us! We gotta go to the hideout, no! – Oh hi, Fluffy, how do
you like my new dress? Oh. Good boy, Fluffy! I don’t know what I would do without you. – Oh, the assistant has a giant spider! I want a giant spider. Where could I get one? (gasps) I know! I can just take hers! (laughs maniacally) Hmm, where is that Fluffy anyways? – What’s the matter, Fluffy? You’re usually a lot more hyper than this. Oh, it looks like you finished
your last meal right here! (gasps) You must be hungry! I’ll go get you an even
bigger meal this time. Be right back! – (cackling) Is she gone yet? Oh, (cackling) hi Fluffy! You’re coming with me! (laughs maniacally) – Oh, Fluffy! Oh, Fluffy! I got you some french fries. You’re the only spider I
know that likes french fries. Here you go, (gasps)
Fluffy, where’d you go? – [Man] Assistant, where did Fluffy go? – He’s not here! – [Man] Do you think Fluffy went to go get some food on his own? – I don’t know, but I
didn’t teach him that! – [Man] Hmm, is there anyone you could ask to try to find out where Fluffy went? – Yeah, he made a couple
friends in preschool. That one, one lives right over here. – [Man] Okay, let’s
see if we can find him. I don’t see any spiders. – Right here! – [Man] A gargoyle? That’s a weird place to live. – This is where Fred lives. – [Man] Hi Fred, the gargoyle? – Right here. – [Man] Oh, it’s another spider! – Fred, do you know where Fluffy went? Mm-hmm. (gasps) Cecilia took him! – [Man] Cecilia the
witch took your Fluffy? – Yeah. – [Man] That evil witch. I can’t believe she would take him! – Yeah, thanks Fred! I know you don’t like french fries, but just give it a chance! – [Man] Yeah, try a french fry, Fluffy. I mean, Fred.
– Thanks for your help! – [Man] All right, so
where would Cecilia be? Let’s go look, okay? – Cecilia, where’d she go? – [Man] Another spider, is that Fluffy? – No. – Oh.
– This is Snowball. – [Man] That’s Snowball. How many pet spiders
do you have, Assistant? – This is another preschool friend. – [Man] Hmm, he grew up pretty fast. All right, so we’ve gotta find– – So did Fluffy. – [Man] Let’s keep going, okay? – Okay, let’s go in here.
– We’ve gotta find some clues. – Whoa! – Oh no, the assistant knows where I am. I gotta go hide! Oh, come on, Fluffy! (wails) Okay, let’s go. Oh, where can we go? Oh, this looks like a good spot! Come on! (laughs maniacally) (suspenseful music) – Where’s that Celia at anyway? (gasps) – I don’t know, where did Cecilia go? – Her bone! She always keeps this for
good luck in getting things. – [Man] Yeah she uses it kind of like a magic wand, doesn’t she? – To stir potions, everything! – [Man] All right, so let’s
go over by the box forts and see if she’s–
– She must be near here. (suspenseful music) – [Man] Anything? – No, should I check up there? – [Man] Sure! – Okay. (suspenseful music) – [Man] You see anything, Assistant? – No! (Cecilia gasps) – [Man] You might wanna
come on down, Assistant. I don’t think she’s here. – Me neither. Whoa! – [Man] Whoa, are you okay? – Yeah. – [Man] All right,
let’s keep going around. She might be around here,
the other side, let’s go. – Yeah, let’s go. – Oh no, that was a close one. I gotta get on my pony and
get outta here! (wailing) – That Celia witch, where’d she go anyway? – [Man] Do you think she
went in this Christmas fort? – Uh, maybe, let’s check! – [Man] Oh it’s dark
in here so it’s gonna– – The window, look at the window! – [Man] Okay, so we’re inside. – Celia’s chain necklace! – [Man] You found her necklace? – Yeah. – [Man] She was inside the
Christmas house, Assistant! – Yeah, she is, she was. – So wait a minute.
– She always wears this. – [Man] That’s her special amulet, even though it looks like a chain, right? That’s weird. – Right. – [Man] So she must’ve gone and left. Where do you think she was–
– I wonder where she would go. – [Man] Any ideas? – (gasps) The secret location! – [Man] The hideout? – Yeah, she knows that I
only go there in emergencies so she might think she can get away now! – [Man] Let’s go! – Yeah, let’s go get on the pony cycle! – (laughs maniacally) I think
I gave the assistant the slip! It’s me and you now, Fluffy! (cackles) Oh no, she found us! We gotta go to the hideout, oh! Come on, Fluffy, let’s go! – I’m gonna get you, witch! (Cecilia cackling) Get back here! (Cecilia yelling) – Oh drat, she’s right on my tail! I gotta go into my hideout. Oh, come on, Fluffy! In we go (cackling). – I’ve gotta get Fluffy back. You can’t take him away from me, Cecilia! (Assistant panting) – [Man] Let’s go get Fluffy! For Fluffy! For Fluffy! Let’s get him! – Yeah. – [Man] Oh, it sure is dark in here. – Yeah. Let’s look. – Oh no, the assistant, she’s coming! Oh, where do I hide, where do I hide? Oh, over here, it’ll be less obvious. – I got you, Cecilia! – Oh no, I gotta go! (loud pop) – Hey, where’d she go? – [Man] Oh, I don’t know, Assistant, she– – Fluffy! – [Man] You found Fluffy! Fluffy’s back! – Yeah. – [Man] Good job. Oh look, Fluffy’s happy to see you! – I’m happy to see you too, Fluffy. – [Man] Assistant, where do you think Cecilia the witch went? – I don’t know. – [Man] Maybe she flew
away on her broomstick. – Yeah! – [Man] Boy, she just
snapped off outta here. Hey, you know what? Ask your parents if
you can leave a comment and if you can, tell us where
do you think that witch went. – Hmm. I wonder where she went. – [Man] Oh Assistant, we
forgot that Fluffy’s hungry! – Oh yeah. – [Man] We gotta feed him. You were gonna give
him those french fries. All right people at home,
so leave us a comment. Tell us where you think
Cecilia the witch went, and also ask your parents if
you can subscribe to what? – The Engineering Family! – [Man] The Engineering Family, right? – Right. – [Man] All right,
everyone have a great day! – Bye! – [Man] Hey there, everyone! Thanks for watching our video and don’t forget to
check out this next one. I think you’re really gonna like it. And also, ask your parents to subscribe to The Engineering Family. Thanks, bye!

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  1. I remember when I first found this channel (2015) I was 5 LOL! Now itโ€™s Been 4 years (Iโ€™m 9) and itโ€™s really changed! :3

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  4. Why is there no mom by the way if it a family you guys should be in a family like duh and ur not a engineering so boo

    Like if u disagree
    Dislike if u agree

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