Assistant Finds Gabby Gabby in the Magic Mirror and must go a Ghost Hunt
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Assistant Finds Gabby Gabby in the Magic Mirror and must go a Ghost Hunt

– [Announcer] Family fun for everyone. – We ought to call the, we have to go to the magic mirror immediately. – [Dave] That’s right, we
gotta get to that magic mirror. I wonder why? – I wonder why? – [Dave] Let’s see, over here it is. So let’s see what’s,
what’s going on with this magic mirror Assistant? – I don’t know. (carnival music) – [Dave] Magic mirror. (Gasps) – Gabby. – Hi Assistant, we’ve got a
good sister cross for you. We hid in the genie lamp. – Not in the genie lamp.
– Find it. – (evil laughing) – We’ll see about that. – [Dave] They had the genie lamp. – We’ve released ghosts everywhere (gasps)
and they’re on the prowl. You’ll never tame all of the ghosts. (evil laughing) – Oh, we’ll see about that Gabby Gabby. – [Dave] So Assistant,
she hid ghosts everywhere because she has the genie lamp. Hmm, you’re gonna need some
special tools for this, right? – Right, I have just
the thing in my house. – [Dave] What do you have? (carnival music) – Right here. – [Dave] Oh, it’s your
Ghostbusters outfit. Your zapper. So that goes on top, right? – Right. – [Dave] It’s been a
while since we needed it. So Gabby Gabby’s released
ghosts from the genie lamp, so keep them away from you. I don’t know what she’s gonna
do if she gets those, right? – Right, oh. – [Dave] Oh, be careful
where you zap that thing. Assistant.
– That started. – [Dave] There’s a ghost right there! (whooshing) Good you got it. All right, so you got one ghost. Let’s keep looking around. (little girl gasps)
– Right there. (whooshing) – [Dave] Ah, you got
it Assistant, good job. Let’s keep going. Okay Assistant, so you found two ghosts. We gotta get rid of all those ghosts and then get that genie lamp back. – Right there! – [Dave] Where? (whooshing)
Oh there’s one. Ah, that’s good, you got your third ghost. All right. Let’s go. Back in the corner. – Oh no, look. (whooshing)
These weren’t here before. – [Dave] Oh you got it. So that’s number four. Wait a minute, let’s check out this, this guy right here. Do you see anything? – Let’s check under this. (skull clatters) – [Dave] There it is, get him! (whooshing) Oh you’re good. Hey, you know what, that
might be all of them. Let’s go back to that genie
lamp and see what we have. – Yeah. – [Dave] All right, so let’s go back. We gotta find the genie lamp and we’ve gotta see what
Gabby Gabby has to say. All right. (little girl gasps) Benson.
– Benson. – Dave, you’ve got a plan Assistant. So you caught a few ghosts. – A few? – Not a big deal. Think, where did that Gabby go anyway? – [Dave] Benson’s part
of it too, Assistant. – No, whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Dave] Okay, so, Benson. (little girl gasps)
Gabby! – You caught the stupid ghosts. You still don’t know where
the genie lamp is at. Ha, you’ll never find it. (upbeat music) – [Dave] So Assistant, you’ve
gotta find that genie lamp. I don’t think it’s here. They hid ghosts everywhere,
so we gotta go other places. – Yeah.
– [Dave] Right? – Yeah. – [Dave] I think it’s got,
are you running low on power? – Yeah. – [Dave] I think we’ve got one more chance to find some more ghosts. Let’s go, okay? – Yeah, let’s go. (carnival music)
(little girl sighs) Okay, now I’m prepared
to get those ghosts. – [Dave] You are, so you’ve got your… – Ghost thing. – [Dave] Right there Assistant,
right there in the corner. (whooshing) All right, good you got it. All right, good job.
so you got first ghost. Hmm, let’s see. Where could she have
putten that genie lamp? – I don’t know. Let’s try this. (mechanical buzz) – Whoa.
– [Dave] Whoa, watch out. Watch out Assistant. She booby trapped it. That Gabby Gabby. Hm, let’s go on in here. – Kay. – [Dave] Watch out for these cobwebs. All right, so it’s kind
of dark in here, isn’t it? You see any ghosts? – No. – [Dave] There. (light switch clicks) Oh, neither do I. All right, so let’s keep going. Nothing in here, Assistant. Back into the kitchen. Whoa, whoa, those cobwebs
were right in your face. Wait assistant right there, right there! (little girl screams)
(whooshing) You got him, good job, good job. Let’s keep looking in. Right there assistant,
right there’s a ghost. (whooshing)
– Oh, no. – [Dave] All right, you got it. Hey, I betcha she hid it
in here, what do you think? – Yeah, totally. Ah, whoa. – [Dave] Gotta watch yourself Assistant. You’ve got your pack on. – I don’t see any ghosts. – [Dave] You don’t see anything in there? Wait a second assistant,
it’s kind of dark, we’ll see. All right, do you see
anything in there now? – No. – [Dave] Wait a minute, where are you at? I see you. It’s really dark-
– Whoa, it turned on. – [Dave] All right, nothing in there, let’s keep looking around. (whooshing)
– Whoa. (footsteps) – Kay. – [Dave] Assistant, a ghost, right there. (whooshing) All right, whoa watch out
you fell on that couch. (man chuckles) I’ll help you up. (whooshing)
– Whoa. – [Dave] Whoa, what? Wait a minute. Is that kinda, acting funny? – Yeah.
(whooshing) – [Dave] What do you thinks wrong with it? – I think the batteries are dying. – [Dave] Really? – The battery’s running low. Oh no. (grunts)
That Gabby Gabby, we’ll have to go back. I don’t see anymore ghosts
in here but that is good. Let’s go see that Gabby Gabby now. – [Dave] Yeah, we gotta go back. We gotta find another way
to catch those ghosts. – Yeah. Oh Gabby Gabby. (door slams) – [Dave] What was that? – I don’t know.
(little girl giggles) – [Dave] Well then, you
shouldn’t go out the front door, let’s go out the back. – Yeah.
(little girl giggles) Whoa, my ghost pack is
almost out of power. Let’s see if the magic mirror
has anything else to say before I- – [Dave] Yeah let’s see if Gabby is all done with all of
her bad shenanigans, right? – Right. – [Dave] Because we still
have to find that genies lamp. (little girl grunts) Oh, I don’t know, she might not be there. Gabby Gabby. – Gabby Gabby!
– [Dave] Gabby Gabby. Gabby Gabby – I don’t know Gabby.
– Benson – She’s doing pretty good. Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe she will find that genie lamp. (little girl gasps) What will happen if she finds it? – We won’t have to worry
about that, Benson. – Yes you will. (evil laughing) – [Dave] So Assistant, I
think there are more ghosts on the way. (little girl grunts) Your ghost pack is almost
out of batteries, right? – Right. I need to put this back in
my house and plug it in. – [Dave] That’s right and
what are you going to use in the meantime? – I don’t know. Wait, we’ll have to look. I think my good friend Bo
Peep can lend us something. – [Dave] Really? – Really. – [Dave] So lets see, what
can you use Assistant? We’ve gotta use something
to get those ghosts. – Hmm, now where did she live again? – [Dave] I don’t know. – Oh, I remember where
she stashes her stuff. I’ll just leave a note on the way back. – [Dave] Okay, good idea. Oh right there, Bo Peeps staff, right? – Right. (swishing sound)
Whoa. – [Dave] Good job. (flute chime) And you got a ghost, good job. All right, so lets keep trying to find that genie lamp, okay? – Okay. We gotta find that genie lamp. – [Dave] We sure do Assistant. Look a ghost right there. – Ah, I gotta spin it to warm up. (flute chime) – [Dave] Ah you got it. So, one ghost down. Let’s keep looking. – Okay, let’s go deep
into the little area. – [Dave] Wait Assistant. Right over there, ghost! (flute chime) You got it. All right, that’s two of them. (leaves crunching) – Ah, let’s look. – [Dave] Let’s look for what? Assistant right there,
a ghost, right there! (flute chime) – Yeah. – [Dave] You got him. So that’s three. All right, so we’re still
trying to find that genie lamp. Anything? Look a ghost, right there, three o’clock. (flute chime) Oh man you got him again. All right, do you think
Gabby Gabby hid it back here? – Yeah, I totally think it’s back here. We looked in all the other places. – [Dave] We did we looked
in the hideout, we’ve looked in Spooky Town. – Now it’s like the park. – [Dave] Yeah lets go back this way. Assistant another ghost, right there! (little girl grunts)
(flute chime) Oh, good job. Hey wait a minute. Do you see anything back here? – I do see some shiny thing over there. – [Dave] I think like a
little sparkle right there. It’s the lamp.
– The genie lamp! – [Dave] If you rub it all
of the ghosts will go away. Hurry! (metal clinks) (energetic music) – I got em, I got em all,
they’re getting sucked in. – [Dave] Good job Assistant, we need to go back to Gabby Gabby, right and show her that you found that lamp – Yeah, let’s go. Ha, I got the genie lamp. I wonder what Benson and
Gabby Gabby are going to say. – [Dave] I know Assistant, good job. Let’s show them that you
have that magic lamp. – Yeah.
– [Dave] Oh boy. – I have the magic lamp
Gabby Gabby and Benson. – [Dave] She’s got the lamp. What are you going to do about it? – You’re inside of a mirror. – [Dave] Gabby Gabby.
– I’m not. – [Dave] I think she’s chicken, I don’t think she’s gonna show up. What do you think? (little girl giggles)
– Look, oo. – [Dave] Gabby Gabby. Look there she is. – Whoopsie, it looks like she found it. Um Benson, why don’t you talk
to the Assistant for a while. I’ve gotta, uh, run. – Wait, wait, wait.
– [Dave] She’s running. (little girl grunts)
Aw man. Oh, there’s Benson. – Benson. – Uhm… Lookie. Talking’s not my strong point Gabby Gabby. I think I need to go back
to being little Benson. – We gotta get him, we gotta get him. – [Dave] Assistant, how are you going to get him out of the mirror? – How? – [Dave] So, Gabby Gabby and
Benson are leaving again. Oh wait a minute, he’s still there. – He’s still there.
– [Dave] Hey, Benson. Oh, now he’s gone. Hey, so people at home, why do you think they wanted
the magic mirror, lamp? Why do you think they
wanted the magic lamp? And how did they get in that magic mirror? – Maybe they got the magic lamp before and they wished themselves inside of there and they want me to wish them out. – [Dave] Well they should’ve just asked and you would’ve wished them out, right? – Right, but they’re gone. – [Dave] And how did all
those ghosts get everywhere? – I don’t know, there’s a ton. There was a ton. – [Dave] There was a ton of them. All right Assistant, we gotta go find what we’re gonna do with that magic lamp. So people at home, leave
a comment and let us know what should we do with it, okay? – Hmm, okay. – [Dave] And how should we
get Gabby Gabby and Benson out of the magic mirror? – Should we waste one of the three wishes? – [Dave] Yeah, leave a comment,
after you ask your parents and let us know. And remember to subscribe, right? – Right. – [Dave] Bye everyone.
– Bye. – [Dave] Hey there everyone. Thanks for watching our video. Hey, don’t forget to
check out this next one. I think you’re really gonna like it. And also, ask your parents to subscribe to The Engineering family. Thanks, bye!

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