ASMR wellness center migraine relief in Santa Clarita Los Angeles.
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ASMR wellness center migraine relief in Santa Clarita Los Angeles.

so I’ve been getting migraines since
pretty much as long as I could remember ever since about junior high and I would
get them really consistent consistently really regularly and everyone in my
family also had migraines my mom my grandmother all the women and the side
of my family and I went to different types of doctors to get some help I was
put on the pill because I was told it was hormonal which makes sense cuz all
the women in my family were getting them too but I never got any relief with
anything and any anything that any doctor prescribed for me in fact when I
went on the pill I got migraines way more consistently and way more regularly
and they were debilitating I wouldn’t be able to leave my room I’d be able to
leave my house I couldn’t work I couldn’t see your Drive and it wasn’t
until I started going to doctors lucky that I actually had any sort of relief
he brought my migraines down to once a month right away which was huge because
that had not been the case since I was little and then he kept bringing them
down months after months to once every six months and now I’m able to be
totally free of migraines and live my life normally and so I can’t thank
Dr. Polucki enough and he’s the only person that’s been able to bring any relief in
my life

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