ASMR | Doctor Check-up [In Italian!]
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ASMR | Doctor Check-up [In Italian!]

scribble scribble scribble writing writing writing Oh hello! Pleasure. I’m Doctor Bianca Coniglio. How can I help you today? The secretary explained it a bit to me, but.. I wanted to understand a little.. So then, a headache.. Could you specify where…..? Like here? Or maybe here? A bit everywhere? But more on the sides? Could you tell me when this pain started? So Thursday, then? Do you remember what happened that day? What you did… Maybe you hit your head? Something…. Alright. Did you eat something different that day? Strange food? Something that maybe the body wasn’t used to? Did you get any sun? Did you go to the beach? Has it ever happened that you’ve gotten maybe too much sun, and then you felt badly after? When you go to the beach, do you use protection? A hat? Sun glasses? Alright Today we’ll do some checks Just to understand where this headache comes from but it could be… that it happened because you went to the beach a bit and with the sun…. that beams down on you hard… now we’re almost at summer time, so… and there’s a pretty strong sun out now but… it could be that this happened, but I’m not too convinced… seeing as this happened Thursday, and it started then… and you went to the beach Thursday Have you been back often afterwards or- Only Thursday? Okay, so from Thursday until today, you haven’t gone back to the beach… Because your head hurt too much. So, it seems a bit strange to me that Lots and lots of time’s gone by From Thursday until now… that you still have this headache so it might be that it’s something else… maybe it’s not that you’ve gotten too much sun, but and that’s why it hurts, but actually… it could also be something else I hope nothing serious… but it’s always better to check to understand, right? And this is what we’ll do today. I’ll ask you some questions, alright? Are you allergic to something? No? No allergies? Nobody in the family? Maybe that is allergic to something? That… Yes, because sometimes it’s hereditary and it’s something that you didn’t have before.. …but that with time, you acquire an allergy… Are you intolerant to anything? Yes, we’re all somewhat allergic to it.. We shouldn’t drink it, but… Let’s see, let’s see… Do you have a history of heart problems or diabetes in the family? Something of the sort? So, the first thing that I’ll do is I think I’ll… we’ll listen to your heart a bit Relax, breathe normally Perfect Everything’s normal, don’t worry. We’ll check the lungs next, alright? Do you smoke? Good Deep breath now Again Another Now I’ll ask you to breathe and then hold it in your mouth and then you can let it all out, alright? Breathe 1, 2, 3 Another Breathe – 1, 2, 3 Hold it, hold it, hold it Okay, let it all out. Don’t you worry. So, I didn’t hear anything strange You don’t smoke, so that Is already – for me – a marvellous thing Let’s see Now I’d like to check the eyes. Just to see a bit. Have you been to an optometrist recently? Look at me Do you wear glasses? Contacts? Have you noticed any changes in your eyes? I mean, in the vision? Nothing strange? Everything normal, yes? And what did the optometrist tell you? Could you look up a minute? Fantastic – and down? Good – I don’t see anything strange going on there Now we’ll look a bit more profoundly into your eyes You could look somewhere behind me There’s a bit of redness, but nothing to worry about I don’t think Do you work a lot on the computer? Usually, do you wear contacts to go out and then glasses when you work? You do well to do that. Nothing strange on the eyes… Open your mouth… Alright…. I do see that your tonsils are a bit inflamed Do they bother you? Let’s quickly check the ears- alright? Relax, nothing strange is going to happen Let’s see a bit the ears here Oh yep. I think I know what the problem is We’ll check the other side to make sure now, alright? Let’s see… I do see what the problem is… I understood what it is. No, you don’t have to worry! Please, no. It’s nothing serious. It’s simply a very small inflammation in the ears Simply – an infection Have you ever had them? They aren’t rare – they’re actually pretty common Usually children get them more often But that’s just because… the immune system and everything, of course. But it could happen also to us adults. What I think may have been what happened is Maybe Being as you had gone to the beach, and went into the water….maybe…. And not having then cleaned out the ear properly afterwards or that you didn’t take out all the water something could have accumulated inside the ear and usually, when something happens to one ear, it transmits to the other side Therefor whatever happened to one ear could have then moved on to the other side But It’s not something extremely serious We can easily fix this Usually what happens is that when you have an infection, Or you get sick… or something happens somewhere on your body.. Other parts of your body then start to Sometimes An infection on one side of the body Can transmit Or in any case, bother, in another part of the body….. in this case, your ears have then started giving you these headaches Your head hurts because of the ear infection that, for you, had nothing at all to do with your head. You didn’t even understand that you had this infection, right? Usually because – when you have a headache, everything else hurts too. So you think – oh, I have a headache… My ears hurt, my nose hurts my eyes hurt Everything bothers me And so you don’t tend to think that the cause of your headache is something else that hurts… But that your headache is what made everything else hurt because of it’s fault It’s something that we often misdiagnose ourselves But there aren’t any problems It’s something that we can very easily cure What I’ll do is that I’ll prescribe you An antibiotic to take orally That’ll help a bunch even with your headaches Also, I’ll give you some drops that you could put in twice a week – once in the morning and once at night before you go to sleep so we can start -slowly slowly- to take that infection away I understood that something wasn’t alright when I saw your tonsils that were a bit red but maybe you didn’t realise it yourself being that your head was the main thing that was hurting so much everything else didn’t really… it wasn’t clear Everything hurt, so I’ll prescribe these things right away The drops… And then, the antibiotics… I’ll sign it… Here you go You’ll take this to the secretary and then to the pharmacy and they can give them to you even today and you can start to cure yourself even now You have our phone number, right? So what I want you to do for me is… if you see that within a few days it doesn’t work or that the situation doesn’t get any better and you still have this headache and your ears are still red…
maybe you can have someone check up on them from time to time… and if something doesn’t go well if the situation doesn’t get any better You’ll call me, and we’ll make another appointment And we’ll see how to proceed Because I wouldn’t want that …maybe… Being that you came after a week that the situation worsened I wouldn’t know where you are in terms of that – though I didn’t see if they were *too* red I don’t really think that you’re at that level where we have to prescribe something really really strong but just in case… the body resists…. because you never know, obviously You call me, and let me know. If everything goes well, and I don’t think that it won’t, If everything goes well, there’s no need to call No, there aren’t any problems It was nothing, nothing Of course, it was nothing at all. You’re welcome. Welcome. I hope that you feel better very very soon. Okay, perfect. Alright Bye bye. scribble scribble scibble

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100 thoughts on “ASMR | Doctor Check-up [In Italian!]

  1. Hello friends!!! I've just spent the past hour translating and making subtitles/closed caption available for you!!! If you guys want to understand what Dottoressa is saying, just click the CC button on the video for subtitles!!

    LOVE YOU ALL. xx

  2. italiano perfetto, trucco molto bello. l'unica cosa è che forse avrei accorciato l'intro in cui non parli e non ci guardi. comunque hai una nuova iscritta dall'italia! anche io faccio i miei audio asmr sia in italiano che in inglese. sei molto credibile come dottoressa!

  3. Minchia magari il mio dottore fosse così c'è io vado e gli dico :"Ho mal di testa" e lui:"È dai, cosa ti do?"😕

  4. Can i just say how Awesome and Talented you are…The best part is you just prove it more and more😂. Love your asmr ❤❤❤

  5. Dude I had no idea you were italian, you speak english so well I just thought it had to be your first language, you're incredible!

  6. Fantastic video, very relaxing! As a Scotsman, I went to Roma for a visit almost a year ago and I fell in love with the Italian language, nation and architecture – classical and modern. The Italian language has a very sophisticated but relaxing tone to it and this clearly makes for a great ASMR video. Good work, keep it up.

  7. i speak spanish and it is sooo crazy how i can understand some of the things you say because of how similar our languages are !

  8. When I was younger, I used to stay up and watch those late-night, Spainish soap operas because, while I had no clue what they were saying, I found their voices to be obnoxiously soothing. This was a nice flash-back to that, *hat tip*.

  9. I want to learn Italian sooo bad. I just understand a little of what she’s saying but just because my first language is Spanish and some of it is understandable 🙁

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    P. S. Anyway,It is a good video with wonderful relaxing content,but this word kills the whole beauty of the Italian language.Author,I really appreciate your work,but you definitely need to pay attention to what you speak!Change this word with another one like "BENE".Your language is estimated as one of the most beautiful languages anyway.Please,don't ruin it!

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    Also why do I sound like she’s speaking Spanish
    (I know I’m weird)

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