[ASMR] Artificial Intelligence Doctor Clinic (Soft Spoken Medical Roleplay)
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[ASMR] Artificial Intelligence Doctor Clinic (Soft Spoken Medical Roleplay)

Good afternoon welcome to G.I. B.I. beta testing facility Thank you for your time as a volunteer Meet your doctor our first fully functional AI clinician Every test today will be safe and painless total time for your test is 16 minutes, thank you Hello Is this your first time in our facility? Very well I would like to record some personal information about you Is that ok with you? Thank you Could you please tell me your first and last legal name? May I please have your address of residence? What is your date of birth? What is your insurance provider? Do you have any health conditions? Do you have any allergies? Do you smoke or drink alcohol? How often do you drink alcohol? What brings you in here today? Very good do you mind if I perform some tests? Thank you First I need to remove any debris from your hospital gown So that my sensors do not get confused Please hold out your arms Your torso Your legs Thank you now I am putting on gloves for sanitation I am going to prepare a small solution for you to drink It is in order for me to communicate With the organs inside your body Have you had this type of solution before? Very well do you prefer strawberry or cherry? A painless allergy test will be administered before consumption Please hold out your forearm I’m going to sanitize the area I will wipe the area down You are now ready for the allergy test Please hold out your forearm May I inspect? No allergic reaction detected you are safe to drink Please drink the solution While we wait for the solution to settle I will check your reflexes Your left arm You’re right arm Good your right knee Your left knee Now I will test the nerves in your brain This device will tell me some crucial information as well as feel quite pleasant I will now perform a brief body scan is that okay? Thank you And behind The solution you consumed reacted well to my body scan You will find the results After the rest of this examination Everything looks wonderful, I would like to take some measurements of you now if that is okay Please straighten your right leg Please straighten your left leg Very good, thank you for the measurements Finally I’m going to dim the lights Please follow the beam as I inspect your eyes System reset Very good Thank you very much Your testing is complete you may return to the lobby when you are ready where your results will be waiting for you Have a great day

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100 thoughts on “[ASMR] Artificial Intelligence Doctor Clinic (Soft Spoken Medical Roleplay)


    Oh, it's just an AI doctor, then cool I guess.

    PS: Tape measures don't change for the next 500 years. What a relief!

  2. Hold on a minute. The ASMR is great and all very relaxing but if this universe is so advanced we have humanoid medical doctors and drinks that can literally act like a Bluetooth inside of u why is she measuring u with a tape and not like knowing ur exact height and weight to the exact nano-meter/nano-gram (try getting ur head around that one Americans) with the blink of an eye. God dammit Apple get ur Siri’s right!!

  3. Here’s an answer to the whole “Do you drink alcohol?” “No” “How much alcohol?” Problem, she’s a robot programmed to ask certain questions and the “How much alcohol” question must be asked, and can be answered by saying “None” it is a beta testing after all

  4. Hello. My name is Connor and im the android sent by Cyberlife. It seems i have been sent here to investigate how new A.I platforms that span from cyberlife are coming on. I have no last name for you to enter into the data base but i am an RK800 model if that helps in any form.

  5. im just disappointed there was no 90's dial up internet noise every time she finished a test while she processed the info lol XD

  6. Here is our first AI doctor
    Me: She breaths this robot is creepy
    AI: …
    AI: hello
    A few minutes later
    AI: I will do a harmless alergy test
    Me: Ok
    AI: pulls out scissors
    Me: 😰 what the heck
    AI: Cuts arm off
    AI: thank you for coming

  7. Do you smoke or drink alcohol?

    Me: yes

    How many times?

    The quantity equal as my will to live

    Types ungodly amounts of zeroes

  8. Pewdiepie at the ‘Gibi’ AI doctor:

    Gibi: (*holds out roller*) and your legs?
    Pewdiepie: well damn, I guess it time for me to leave.

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    я должен защищать родину и должен защищать сталина я люблю советский союз

  10. Hi gibi, I got an request for you. In the next video that you could wear a cone mask for your medical roleplay.

  11. Her: "Hold out your arms,"
    Me: "Ok,"
    Her: "Now your legs,"
    Me: "Alright, but I still don't understand why I need get the lint brush treatment if I'm clearly in a tank top and shorts"

  12. I have to point out what a great ai gibi is, after the first gown debris removal she looks up and smiles before doing the second one, awesome job

  13. the first words up until personal info I thought I was gonna die it seems so poorly acted nice but she is pretty I would say that so she gets a like and sub

  14. also could you do one for night terrors I have kept this confidential but I suffer from chronic night terrors that cause me to suffer from chronic headaches it's very unsettling I shiver when I wake up and tend to stay up frozen afterwards for 45 minutes maybe even more if you or any one you know can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated im 14 so it's kind of messing with my work ethic

  15. Artificial Intelligence can be applied in almost every field in life , but i think the next near step is educational toys for kids equipped with Artificial Intelligence technologies.

  16. I've been trying to figure out where she got the word Gibi from what I got so far is that it's a numerical value according to Pythagoras it is equivalent to 9 (among other things that get really complicated. "Damn it Jim I'm a historian not a mathematician!") 9 is a Devine number as it's an interval of 3 in most religions standpoints 3, 6, 9, and 12 are Devine numerals in detail in Greek mythology their are, 3 daughters of Kronos, 3 sons of Kronos, 3 fates, 3 furies, 3 gray sisters, 6 original Olympians, 6 Male and 6 female titans, and 12 Olympians and original titans. In Norse mythology 9 is more prevalent 9 relms, 9 mothers of Heimdall. And, to the Christiand you have the holy trinity. So, is Givi trying to say she's devinity or does she have a really mathematical mind?

  17. Me: ok gibi
    Gibi: hello I will be you doctor today
    Me: wait what I just wanted to know what a group of birds were

  18. Wow it's really superb and I have done it confirmed please let me confirm friend I am hopeful for the same 🙏

  19. Generated Intellect and Biomechanics International (G.I.B.I) Beta Testing Facility (Medical program 1.0 Test #277 Lot 5 – modification 2; [Sharp tools redacted from program after incident 12])

  20. First she does a full bodyscan of me…
    Then gets some measurements and shows a cheeky smile.
    And lastly she even dims the lights…


  22. Small solution? You want to talk to my organs? Deal, do you have it in pizza flavored, no ok I do not allow you to speak to my organs. Humph. Oh you have strawberry that changes everything.

  23. This reminds me of the time I went to China, every time I entered a building they would bow as a sign of hello, this G.I.B.I bot just bows for know reason as is really arrogant

    G.I.B.I: Drink the solution


    G.I.B.I:( shoves bottle in mouth)

    Me: ( can’t breath!!!)-dead

    G.I.B.I:lets continue

  24. so uh this is awkward. The solution she gave me had strawberries. She tested me for an allergic reaction to the solution. "No allergic reaction detected." I'm actually allergic to strawberries so I'm dead now.

  25. Her: “Do you have any health conditions?”

    Me: Uh… no.

    Her: types a lot

    Me: Wtf are you telling them, huh?! You dont know me! What do you know about me?!

  26. Excellent video. Something but missing. What a voice change. For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ywhwhdsdXc

  27. Wait, so did you rip-off Glow ASMR or did she rip you off? Android doctor with different colored eyes is a weird coincidence.

  28. MI AMOR could I please SUGGESTION BOX an idea?….I can? great!a sci-fi roleplay with a story to it? so multiple videos – create a character. anyway MI AMOR I wish you good health.

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