Are probiotics really necessary? Ask your doctor
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Are probiotics really necessary? Ask your doctor

Are probiotics really necessary? Well the
answer is, it actually depends. Probiotics can be a powerful tool. They can be a
powerful tool to shift the immune system and to shift a microbiome in cases where
you have a problem with your gut. Now why do we need probiotics in the first place?
Well we live in a really sterile environment today, people don’t spend
time outside in nature, they’re not out in the dirt, we use a lot of antibiotics
which kill off some of our good bacteria, we eat foods that shift the population
of bacteria, not always in helpful ways. So we have a microbiome, that’s the
population of bacteria in and on our bodies, that’s really been changed and
adulterated through the way that we eat and the way that we live and the
medications that we take, even alcohol can change this. So sometimes, we use
probiotics as a tool to help shape our microbiome in a way that’s
going to be healthier for us. At Parsley Health we use probiotics in cases of IBS,
colitis, Crohn’s. We also use probiotics for people who have immune issues such
as eczema or other types of autoimmune diseases. We don’t just use probiotics
willy-nilly though, there are some probiotics that aren’t all they’re
cracked up to be. We see them out there on the shelves all the time. We make sure
that at Parley we’re using probiotics that are professional-grade, that means
they’re tested, we know that what is in them is actually in them and we know
how they work and we actually prescribe specific probiotics for specific
conditions. So, probiotics are a great tool for certain conditions and we
recommend you work with a doctor to figure out which ones are right for you.

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  1. Ha… Was browsing search results because I am about to publish a video on the same topic. This is a good short message and I appreciate that you are not recommending probiotic supplements indiscriminately across the board.

    What a coincidence we both publish on this topic on the same day. Great minds!

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