Animal Checkup at the Nashville Zoo
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Animal Checkup at the Nashville Zoo

(light music) – [Narrator] Routine doctor visits are an easy thing to do and
a pretty smart idea. It’s a great opportunity to make sure your body is working exactly how it should, and it can alert you to anything that may need further attention. Yes, whether you are seven or seventy, a human or a turtle, check-ups are a great way to be your healthiest. At the Nashville Zoo, the doctor is in and she has quite the variety of patients to see on any given day. From reptiles, to birds, and even mammals, there’s never a dull moment when you hang around the veterinarian’s office at a zoo. Today it may appear that they’re throwing a party, but this cooler isn’t full of soft drinks. Slithering in for a quick examination, is a beautiful red-tailed boa. Just as you would expect from any doctor’s
appointment, the staff needs to get some basic measurements first. And when your patient’s a snake, it can take quite a bit
of creativity to do so. Now up on the table for a closer look. It takes a few hands to tend to this somewhat squirmy patient. Even a quick visual check can help catch ailments early. When it comes to listening for a healthy heartbeat, a stethoscope may be a great tool to use on humans, however, with a snake, a doppler flow detector will do the trick. Although needles can sometimes be scary, the gentle hands of the doctor make taking a little blood a breeze. And while here, this
snake might as well get a quick dental exam. The veterinarian’s office
is a one-stop shop. The doctor also takes
some time to run her hands along the animal, feeling
for any irregularities in muscles and bones. With such a long and flexible body, a weakness in a snake’s skeletal system can cause some concerns. Luckily, it seems our boa is in perfect working order. From the tip of its tail, to the tip of its tongue, this snake has been given a clean bill of health. And our doctor’s on to her next patient. (light music)

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