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American Dream Series Episode 1 – Jeffrey Sun | Avant Healthcare Professionals

well welcome to Jeffrey Sun, one of our
healthcare professionals here at Avant Healthcare Professionals and we’re
kicking off this American Dream series with his story and I can’t wait for all
of you to hear more about Jeffrey Hi, good morning and have a great day to all of you. I am one of the Avant Healthcare Nurses that has come to the United States to have my dream come true! I am so excited that we get to hear more about your story. because there’s so
many health care professionals at different parts of the journey to
reaching their American Dream through the Avant program. So Jeffrey why don’t
you share a little bit about why you wanted to come to the u.s. of course my
number one dream that I want to work here in the United States. Of course there is a
lot of opportunity here in the United States and as a nurse I can develop and
gain more knowledge working here in the United States, especially from the
biggest and largest facility that Avant have deployed every nurses that on their
program. So you know what made you apply to Avant in the
first place? Number one is Avant has a very big reputation, at the same
time they have like the transition program for every Healthcare
Professional like they will start helping you when it comes to your
examination. Your papers will be followed up by their staff at the
same time they will be there from the first time that you apply to them, up to
the end of your journey or contract with Avant Healthcare. Of course the
second one is they have their cultural program that they will help us
healthcare professionals and how to transition during the United States and
at the same time we have the what they call a clinical
culture and at the same time they will help you on how to get used to it and
how to work here in the United States and they have their team that will help you on how to provide everything that
you need just to get started here in the United States and be comfortable in
working whichever part of the states they will they will deploy you. We
really appreciate that you selected Avant to be your partner through this
process. So you know I wasn’t there at the beginning of your journey,
so I would love to hear more about, and I’m sure other people would like to know
what’s your American dream? Of course my American dream here is to
work as a nurse here in United States, share my experience, share my knowledge
and talent to every different multi diversity patient here in the United
States and of course number one is if you are here in the United States
you can far advance your nursing career here in the United States and the very
biggest part is you can work whichever specialty you want here in the United
States at the same time you can level up your nursing career here, not only at
bedside at the same time you can teach most of your patients and what are the
health care needs and of course I can share my culture with them. To be
able to bring your culture as well and not lose that identity and that’s the
beauty about it. I’m Filipino too, so I understand that we like to bring just
that family environment that we have in the Philippines here to the u.s. just as
we’re receiving from many different cultures here in the u.s. So you
talked a lot about career advancement Talk a little bit about what
opportunities you’ve had in career advancement here in the US. Here in the
US during my journey here with Avant I have joined some of the I know research and
evidence-based practice here in the United States which is like a couple of
years ago, I have presented one of my based practice research to the association
here in the United States. It’s more about the International nurses how they
cope and how they get used to work with their facilities that have been
deployed here in the United States. That’s amazing Jeffery! How did that make
you feel to be able to do that usually I ask an interview different
nurses, not only Filipino nurses but nurses coming from, Jamaica and nurses
coming from Middle East, and nurses coming from the United States also and
ask them what are their approach in working with this multi
diverse healthcare professionals within their own Hospital. It’s nice talk
with them because as I thought about a while ago the
culture within a culture they will learn the different culture and also how
the practice differs from the way we do it back home and the way we are doing it
right now here in the United States I can see the excitement in your face!
Having put that together what did it feel like when you when you presented?
Because I am very proud that I presented that research, and I can share the
new nurses, student nurses, that keep coming on that research forum and
they keep on asking me, hey you’re coming from a different country and now
you’re working here in the United States does it help or that you have any
difficulties working with different culture. As I just talked to them it’s in
the first place you have like the transition going to with this kind of
research talking to the multi diverse health care
professional and ask them like how do you do it when it comes to a certain
procedure here in the United States. As I’ve said a while ago, some
of the equipment that you have back home and now you will see like more
sophisticated equipments here in the United States. Of course, some of them
will tell you that, wow this is awesome right? So it sounds like it’s a big help!
That’s incredible that you’re now being it you’re able to give back, just
based on your experience. You were talking about the differences. Can you
share a little bit about what the biggest differences are in your job here
compared to where you were in the Philippines?
I’m usually hearing in the United States the difference here you have your
patient ratio here it’s like if you have working in a certain facility that one
nurse only takes care of one to four patients, and like back home some of the
nurses will take care of one to 21 or to 30 but there were the biggest part of the
patient care back for me sometimes you will take care like one to 260 patients.
So you will notice the safety of the patients and also at the same time
how will you give your excellent care for the patients. Of course if you are
taking care of one is to five patients or one is to six patient as a nurse here, your patient care will be more focused and then the safety of the
patient that you are considering is the best in excellent safety that we can
have here in the United States. Although back home you used to work like one is
21 is to 30 is to 260 patients, so that’s a lot. We save you money or if you get
me worried, Oh am I going to lose my license?
am I going secure the patient? Wow that’s difficult. What helped you make
the transition from having such high ratios to being successful here in the
US with the right safety ratios? Of course like the right safety, the right
ratio. Back home you have all the seminars. Also at the same time, once you
get here in the United States, the number one you will learn about that one is
when you go into Avant they have the cultural and clinical transition program
that they will teach you from the start on how to be in the safety of the
patient how you deal with this patient. I know there
are certain patients that’s much more bigger than you and how can I
handle them. Of course Avant Healthcare Professionals, like their team they have
their physical therapist team they have the nurses over there that they will
teach us on that the body mechanics on how to get safety net on your patient. Not
only for us as a healthcare worker also. For safety also for us as a health worker is
very important. Absolutely, you are so important to us and I’m so glad to hear that our
comprehensive clinical transitions program is really helpful to you be
successful as a nurse here in the US and to bridge the gap that you were
experiencing from your country. So looking back, what are some things that
you wish you knew back then that you know now. I wish I have ever known Avant for the first time when I started my nursing career because I think that was 2013 and I get really
like 2005 and I haven’t known about for that time. if I only knew about Avant at that
time, maybe I’ll be like 6 years ahead of time here in the United States. Because of some immigration, and you know the retrogression that we have before,
and good thing I been with Avant during the past 2013 and then of course I’ve
waited for about like nine and a half years just getting here in the United
States but while I’m browsing my computer and then I just hit the click
like Avant Healthcare and I started my journey over there and Avant kept on
following up my credentials, my exams, my English exams, and here I am after nine years Avant helped me going all through the transition and I’m working in United
States having my dream come true! Sharing my experience, sharing my
knowledge to my corner says so that is my biggest, biggest important part to me that I know Avant for that time. I’m so glad to hear
that Jeffrey! I’m so glad to hear that you knew that through every stage of the
process, we wouldn’t leave you. And here we are today! I mean you’ve made a
transition from your place of assignment, now you’re officially on staff at
the hospital it’s amazing you have you have such an incredible journey, and I
think you are an inspiration. There’s so many health care professionals out there
that are aspiring to come to the u.s. and want to reach there dream, they’re looking for the right agency to be part of. There’s so much that’s involved
in the process. Yeah there’s a lot in the process. Just, know their time even though
they were waiting Avant is still there even when there’s retrogression Avant always keeps an eye on your documents up to the end. It’s amazing that after nine and a half years you’re here and Avant stayed with you through that I I love that. What a great
story, and you know we have so many different health care professionals that
are either at the application stage, or they’re at the immigration stage, or
they’re actually on their place of assignment right now. What would you say
to them and how would you encourage them through this process? All right now, if
you are not starting with your journey right now, just find Avant Healthcare on
social media and then hit that one apply to Avant and then they will just
give you a call and your journey will start right there. Now
what about somebody that’s in the immigration process, I mean you had to
wait awhile and the beauty of what’s been happening is that we’ve had a lot
of approvals and so we’re really proud of that since last year we’ve had over
1,500 visa approvals. So what would you share with somebody that’s been waiting?
Because you waited a long time, not because of Avant, if it were up to us
you would have been here a lot sooner what would you share with somebody that’s waiting through the immigration process. While you’re waiting
on your immigration process, the key on that one is to gather all your important
data or datas because usually your personal profile over there in the
immigration, they will ask some of your important documents so have it prepared
because usually they were just gonna ask you your pertinent data in the
immigration. Have them all in your hand because one document that you are
lacking for sometimes you can, you will wait not only a week sometimes one to
two months so you will have to wait for that one and then just that documents or
one documents that you are missing so you will have to wait for that one. And
then, Avant will just keep on emailing you just to get that one document that they
have to submit to the immigration. So, just don’t waste your time, like even
though you’re waiting a lot of time the immigration, Avant will always keep
following up on them. You know, I’ve heard and you know we’ve experienced, that
culture shock happens. I remember when I moved to the US and, boy was it a change
for me coming from the Philippines moving to the US, it was a culture shock
for me and I didn’t have a company like Avant to help me at that time.
I know I really appreciate all of the support programs that we provide.
What would you say to somebody that is experiencing culture shock. What
encouragement would you give them? What would you recommend? Okay
right, since I’ve been on that culture shock for about a matter of one, two
weeks when I first started in the United States. Number one is you can call Avant if you don’t have anybody that you know
within your community when you are being deployed and then Avant will reach out
for the nurses that have been deployed on your state or on your area, and then
they can keep in touch with them and then that helps me a lot because Avant gives me the list of the nurses and physical
therapists here in my area where they deployed me, and then I just keep on
texting them, emailing them and then so that I can meet them because when I
started here in the United States although the weather, what should I say
we have four seasons here in the states where I am right now, compared to back
home you only have the rainy season and wet and dry season should I say summer
back home in the Philippines. But here we have like the winter, summer, spring, and
fall, so when I started is I think that was wintertime.
So they always asked me like, hey Jeffrey you know how to drive your car
with in the snow? And, maybe not, you know could I have a ride? But as a Healthcare Professional you should know how to deal with this one because they usually keep in touch having linkage with some other Healthcare Professionals,
like Avant, and their nurses that have been deployed here so you can get
through all along that culture shock. And of course just be open-minded with your coworkers, because they can teach you how to deal with it even though you
don’t have any Filipino, you don’t have any Jamaican nurses, or having nurses
coming with me that is within that area so they will help you especially your
co-workers that you’ve been working with them from the start. Having that instant community, and that’s what does help when you’re transitioning from one country to another and I think
I love hearing that you had a community here that Avant provided for you to let you
know that there are nurses where you’re located that you can reach out to and
that there’s somebody also here at Avant here to support you. I know having
transitioned myself without a company like Avant, I would have appreciated that.
So, I’m so proud of this is something that we offer. I love our cultural
transitions program it it’s an amazing program to really help our
international nurses and therapists transition. So what are you most thankful
for now that you’re in the u.s.? I think before like, I can work and have my
leisure time also, and I always tell my co-nurses like you work smart, you work
hard, and don’t forget your leisure time. I might say, just be
yourself! Don’t get so secluded in one area. Just, if you have a lot of working
hours and at the end of that working hours just feel free to yourself. You can go
to other states, you can long drive and fly by plane or just enjoy your scenery while you are here in the United States. At the same time of course,
very important thing under Avant is like when you get here as a professional
they will help you to get your green card and up to the end of your journey Avant will still be there and keep providing all your documents so that’s
the beauty under Avant. Also, when you will being deployed to the states
that you have been so you have your green card and you are free to do it. You
can go to some other places and then that Avant will help you within that goal. Well Jeffrey, can you tell us about some of the leisure activities that you’ve done, what
are some of the things that you’ve done? I’ve been going to the other states like Chicago
for the past few months and then enjoying some of the Great Lakes here in
the Midwest. And one more is communicating, there are like Filipino
community people here and sometimes when it comes to weekend there are some
basketball events that we join we play some of the Filipino community here
in our places in the Midwest. That’s fun! I love it, Filipinos we love basketball! Well thats great, I’m glad you’re able
to be part of a league! you’re able to travel. I would love to see Chicago again
one day. My husband’s favorite team is the Chicago Bears when it comes fo footbal. I imagine one day we will definitely visit there together. My last question, and
it’s been so great interviewing you, is what are you most looking forward to
next now that you’ve arrived in the US, now that you’ve completed your
assignment, what is next for Jeffrey Sun? My next goal is I’m trying to get
back to school again hopefully, if nothing within this year, by
next year, I’m trying to advance my career as a nurse. So I might get a post-graduate certificate as a family nurse practitioner or something. Yeah, so I’m trying to see that one by
next year, so I’m checking some of the school here in the Midwest right now.
Oh Jeffrey that’s such great news I’m so happy that you have these opportunities
and I’ll be looking out for that certification and we’ll be following
your journey! So, we wish you the very best as you continue advancing your
career and continuing to be an inspiration to healthcare professionals
not only from all over the world, but here in the US. I just want to thank
you Jeffrey, we’re so proud of you! Thank you for working so hard and being a
great example of what the American dream can be and I’m so glad that we could be
part of it. Thank you very much to Stephanie and to the Avant team,
thank you very much and as I said most of the health care worker right now
they’ve been eyeing Avant right now so yeah it’s so great. Well thank you again,
Jeffrey and I are gonna say goodbye to you. Hopefully you have been inspired
by his story, I have been, just to be able to hear more about
Jefferey and what he’s doing now and what he’s accomplished. It’s so amazing and
that is an inspiration to all of us, that we too can reach our American dreams.
Thanks for joining us today! My name is Stephanie Sims with Avant Healthcare Professionals, we look forward to seeing you next week! Bye!

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