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8 thoughts on “Alcohol Risks vs. Benefits

  1. Hi I LOVE your videos and show them to my patients/clients often – I'm not a doctor, I'm a healer, naturopath and herbalist. I was wondering if this has been addressed again more recently or if this can be addressed in more detail? This video talks about over-all health, in general and mortality rate but not the specific effects on individual body systems. I personally get the feeling that there is more to it than this. What exactly are the benefits? Antioxidants? Are there not better ways of getting those? How does alcohol impact the brain? I drink alcohol about 2-4 times a year and I'll have 1-4 drinks when I drink, normally 1. I find it extremely difficult to recover. Mentally and emotionally I feel less stable for about a week afterwards. I know I'm really sensitive now whereas when I was younger I used to drink a lot. This poses the question about age – does your ability to obtain the benefits change with age? I'm not so sure that drinking alcohol every day even in moderation is good for you. Also doesn't it depend what you drink? I mean there must be a difference between a shot of absinth to a glass of red wine..even between a glass of red wine to a beer? If you drink 2 beers every day I'm pretty sure that would impact your health more negatively than 2 glasses of red wine. Beer can cause candida – the ingredients in some beers are toxic and disturbing.  Maybe I missed something. Also I have to say as someone that can feel the energy of things (believe me or not) – I can tell you now alcohol doesn't vibe so high. Not to mention the fact that most people use it as a crutch, an escape and I feel in this respect it is being abused. People come home from work and have a couple of beers/glasses of wine to unwind no questions asked/thought – is that really healthy? I don't think it is. I am genuinely interested in your response. I think you do amazing work in the world. You've helped changed my life and the people who I now treat. I actually have way more questions about this but you hopefully you can catch my drift. 😀

  2. Men, I'm like ten thousands a health freak compared to the Average American (AA?), but I don't get any benefits?! It's an unfair world.

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