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Aging in the Health Care System | WebMD

[MUSIC PLAYING] SUBJECT 1: I’m 85 years old. I’ve never been in the hospital. SUBJECT 2: I was snow skiing. I was water skiing, tennis, and things like that. But I’m not doing that anymore. SUBJECT 3: I was always able to get to and do what I wanted to do without any mobility issues. I never thought about that, ever. [MUSIC PLAYING] SUBJECT 1: 10 years ago, I had to have a hip replacement. I notice at this age, I am having a little bit more difficulty getting around. SUBJECT 4: I want to do the work. Keep yourself busy and then you feel happy. SUBJECT 2: I want to stay mobile as long as I can, have the memory and ability to communicate. SUBJECT 3: I’d like to have strength in my leg. I’d like to get off bed without a cane. SUBJECT 2: Well, the doctors are supposed to communicate, and I take it for granted that they do. [MUSIC PLAYING] SUBJECT 1: I don’t get the sense that my doctors communicate with each other. SUBJECT 5: The second time he was discharged, he was discharged on so many medications, it was very difficult for him to know when to take what. I had to sit down and sort of say to him, this is when you’re going to take this, don’t take this medication with this other medication, because that really wasn’t explained to him. SUBJECT 2: There is a lot of information that you have to kind of keep in your mind so you’ll know what’s going on with your own health. SUBJECT 1: I think I do a lot of managing of that is getting results, return phone calls. SUBJECT 4: I wanted them to come and talk with me, review what is going on and how I’m improving. SUBJECT 2: The doctors don’t really talk to me about side effects. I usually look that up on the internet. SUBJECT 3: Medications can make me sleep more, hard to wake up and get up in the morning. Kick in about lunchtime, and that’s the best part of the day. Then it makes you drowsy by the morning. SUBJECT 4: Sometimes they don’t give you the idea that what will happen with this medication. SUBJECT 1: The doctor will write a prescription for me without taken under consideration what I’m already taking. [MUSIC PLAYING] SUBJECT 5: It was sort of like patient hot potato. Here’s our opinion and then the next person would come in and give their opinion, but it didn’t really feel like somebody was putting it all together. SUBJECT 2: I think getting into a doctor sometimes is hard to get an appointment when you need it. I have a concern now. And a lot of times if your concern is big enough, they’ll say, well, go to the emergency room. And I’m not going to go and most of my friends are not going to go to the emergency room. SUBJECT 5: It was very hard to see so many different people come in and then not necessarily come up with one sort of plan without us asking a lot of questions. SUBJECT 2: Family is a big part of assisting you in your health care. SUBJECT 3: Without my husband, I don’t know I’d be here sitting here today. SUBJECT 5: I have a medical degree, and it was so difficult for me to help manage my father’s medications and all of the various doctors prescribing different things. I cannot believe how hard this would be for other people that don’t have this type of support. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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