Advanced Practice DNP at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
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Advanced Practice DNP at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

Having a DNP degree prepares you to care
for the complexities of care that we are facing in our nation. There are many
changes happening within institutions at all levels so even from outpatient care
to what we would typically envision with the inpatient acute care settings in big
hospitals. Having the DNP prepares us to really be innovative with change. You’re
prepared with evidence-based practice you take courses with leadership and
informatics and research. You’re also prepared with health economics and
health finance, so not only does it broaden your knowledge but it really
changes your perspective and particularly here at Hopkins I think the
DNP program really shifts your view and gives you global perspectives that
coincide not only with some of the opportunities that we provide but also
just the reach of Hopkins.There’s always opportunities for collaboration among
nurses and your nursing faculty and even other faculty members with the School of
Medicine and School of Public Health. I think you’re more involved in patient
care because you’re learning all the different things that come into play in
the delivery of high quality care. If I were a candidate and I looked at Hopkins
I think something that would stick out to me would be the many resources that
we have and also the global reach from not only the faculty but also our fellow
clinicians that work at sites and clinics globally.

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