Adult nursing at London South Bank University
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Adult nursing at London South Bank University

Hanna – My name is Hanna Newstead and I’m
currently studying Adult Nursing at London South Bank University. The teaching and the
facilities here are really high tech, like the lecturers really know their stuff. It’s
very exciting how they’re able to teach us but still able to practice themselves; I think
that’s really important, especially when medicine is ever changing. Beverly – As an adult student training at London South Bank University you will be taught
by a team of dedicated, research-focused academics who will engage students with innovative teaching
strategies to ensure that you develop academically as well as becoming clinically confident to
take on the role of the staff nurse on completion of the programme. Charlie – Nursing is very different to other courses in that you have people from different
ages with different backgrounds so everyone brings something different to the table which
is great. Mags – Our relationship with LSBU is that
we provide the clinical placements for the students who come to LSBU to study adult nursing.
They spend 50% of their time in clinical practice and 50% of their time in academic work so
it’s really important that we have a very good relationship with LSBU, because we’re
providing those placements to students to gain that part of their qualification. Beverly – Diverse clinical placements at our partner trusts range from a surgical or medical
clinical placement in a hospital or ward to community based placements in a clinic to
high acute care areas, for example in intensive care or the A and E department or operating
theatres as well. These placements are strategically planned to ensure students have an abundance
of clinical learning opportunities. Hanna – I chose London South Bank because
it’s one of the best for nursing and I think the fact that it’s so close to some of the
best hospitals in London like UCLH, St Thomas’ and Guys, it’s a real selling point, I mean
if you get to work at these hospitals you’re going to experience lots of different things. Mags – The benefits of students being placed at Guys and St Thomas’ is that we’re a large
teaching hospital and can offer them lots of clinical experience within the acute trust
and also within the community. We want to be able to develop them and for them to reach
their potential because at the end of the day we want to employ them. Beverly – Besides meeting the academic requirements for the program I would like future applicants
to consider that nursing is a profession founded on human values and caring is one of the basic
qualities that one would be looking for, besides learning and acquiring the scientific knowledge
and the technical skills involved in nursing. Jason – I would recommend studying Adult Nursing
because the facilities here are excellent, the learning resources. The staff, even the
ancillary staff, are all able to answer questions and support us on our journey.
Charlie – I would recommend this course at LSBU to others; I think LSBU’s got some great
placements at great central London hospitals. There’s also some really good skills facilities
within the university and I think the lecturers are really supportive here as well, which
is good. Mags – I would encourage students to consider
a career in adult nursing as it gives them not only a degree but a vocation, and they
come out with a career that they can take forward. The end of the training is just the
beginning of their career pathway and there are some many opportunities open to adult
nurses in this day and age. They can take career routes into education, research, management
and leadership so there’s lots of opportunities for them.

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