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Adam Ruins Everything – Most Controversial Ruins (Mashup) | truTV

increase the number of illegal
immigrants in America. What?
How could it possibly? Here, I’ll show you. Just building a wall would
be practically impossible. This is where it would be. (dog squeals) It would have to stretch over
2,000 miles of rough terrain… cutting through mountains, rivers, villages and even people’s homes. And all that destruction
is monstrously expensive. Just building the wall would cost between
$15 and $25 billion. (woman gasps) It would easily be one
of the single most expensive pieces of
infrastructure in American history costing
as much as 20 Hoover Dams or NASA’s entire annual budget. (man)
That’s one small step for man, one giant wall for no reason. Not to mention
the astronomical cost of staffing
and maintaining the wall, which taxpayers like you
and your children will be stuck paying forever. I paid for the wall. My father’s father
paid for the wall. And one day you
will pay for the wall. Because this is Wall World. Even just faking
the wall for our show was prohibitively expensive. Looks like our CGI
budget ran out. Okay, yes,
it may be expensive but that doesn’t change the fact that once we build it,
it will work. Not like you think. Increasing security
at the border will never stop illegal
immigration. Why not? No one’s getting passed me. Yes, they are because
it’s estimated that between 27% and 40% of all
undocumented immigrants in America
came here on planes. (plane passing) I forgot about planes. These immigrants didn’t
sneak over the border. They came here legally
through passport control, then just overstayed
their visas. And guess what?
A border wall’s not gonna stop ’em
because, reminder… You fools! You forgot about planes! We always forget about planes! Even by your estimate
of visa overstays, the wall would still stop about half of America’s 11 million
illegal immigrants. No, it wouldn’t. ‘Cause of a little something
called circular flow. Here, I’ll show you. (dog yelps) For decades, immigration
to the U.S. was a circular flow. People would come, work for a bit and then after they were done,
go home to their families. Meet Douglas Massey. Thanks, Adam. My arms were getting pretty
tired waiting for my cue. He’s a professor at Princeton and a pioneering
researcher on this topic. When the Reagan, Bush
and Clinton administrations drastically increased border enforcement in response to public opinion, they stopped that circular flow. Not by keeping people out,
but by keeping people in. (Douglas)
As it got harder and harder
to go back and forth, people crossing the border decided they were much better off
just staying in the U.S. If I go back to Mexico now, he won’t let me back
in the U.S. I guess I’ll just stay here… in Tucson. Ironically, this increase in border enforcement caused the number of
undocumented immigrants living in the United States
to skyrocket by 248%. It’s counterintuitive,
but building a wall wouldn’t stop people
from coming in. It would actually stop them
from going back. In fact, the whole idea of building a border wall is misguided. The Mexican economy is doing
quite well right now and population growth
has slowed way down. So, there’s not much
pressure to emigrate. The number of illegal
border crossings is actually at an all-time low. If you’re a professor,
then why are you in the desert? I’m not, I’m a mirage. (gasping)
Hey! Look, umanity
discovered vast deposits of fuel buried deep
within the earth. We learned to extract it,
burn it for energy, and release it
into the air, and about 150 years ago, we rebuilt our entire
civilization around that energy source. We burn it to travel,
we burn it to eat, we burn it to live. Fossil fuels brought about
one of the greatest increases in standard of living
in human history. We could never go back. But by burning
this incredible fuel source, we are also inexorably
heating the earth. 2015 was the hottest year since we started
keeping records in 1880. And thanks to rising
ocean temperatures, average sea levels
have already risen about eight inches. And we’re in
for a lot worse. This is Dale Jamieson. He’s a professor of
Environmental Studies at NYU. Wayne, we’ve already done so
much damage to the atmosphere that we’ll be lucky
if we can hold the warming to two degrees
Celsius. Two degrees? Well, that’s just the difference between a jacket and a slightly
lighter jacket. Not to the earth,
it isn’t. Just two degrees of warming
could cause huge draughts, massive wildfires,
the loss of many species, the collapse of
our agricultural productivity, and the rising sea levels could make our coastal cities
uninhabitable. And remember,
two degrees of warming is the best we can
realistically hope for. The question isn’t,
will warming happen? The question is,
how bad will it be? That’s terrible. Isn’t there something I can do? The sad truth is
that we’ve already put so much carbon dioxide
in the atmosphere that we’re more
than halfway towards that two-degree
centigrade limit. And right now, companies
and countries already own enough fossil fuel
in reserves to meet that limit
five times over. Five times over? To keep it in the ground, they’d have to give up
trillions of dollars and we’d have to change
our entire way of life. And what happens if we burn it? What happens
to our planet then? I don’t know, but it won’t be
our planet anymore. What happens
to our planetible.? What could be
the downside? Oh, there are a ton. For starters, how ’bout
the fact that this place rips off folks
like you every day. Whatever. I know the hospital
is expensive, but it is worth it
if I get the best treatment. No, it isn’t. American health care
is not the best in the world. But despite that, we spend more
per person annually on health care than any
other developed nation. And a big part
of the reason for that is that American hospitals
overcharge patients massively. (music playing,
cheering and applause) This neck brace
is worth $20. But the hospital
charged him… $154. This I.V. bag cost
less than a buck. But she was
charged $137. These are real prices, folks. Hold up. Wildly inflated health care costs? This sounds like the work of politicians to me. Was it Obamacare? Trump Aid,
McConnell Med? What did you do?! I’m not a politician. I’m just a boring
white guy. Why does this
keep happening? Sorry, Rachel,
but this time, it’s not
the politicians’ fault. The problem starts
with something called the “Chargemaster.” The Chargemaster is a secret
document full of insane prices that hospitals use to charge
us whatever they want. Let’s go on a trip through
the history of medical billing. Well, I’d rather not. (Adam)
A hundred years ago, hospital pricing was pretty simple. We take the cost
of providing care and add a little on top
to make a profit. One amputation
costs us five bucks. So we’ll charge you 6.50. But after the rise
of insurance companies, hospital billing got
complicated, in part because these gigantic corporations
demanded gigantic discounts. We send you thousands
of patients every day. So, we want… half off
all your prices. We can’t afford that. So, to please these powerful
insurance companies, hospitals cooked up a plan. I’ve got it. We’ll make up a really,
high fake price, and then give you
a discount off that. Hey, as long as I get to tell
my boss we got it cheaper. (laughter) (laughter) (Adam)
And in less than a century, health care prices went from
reasonable to nonsensical. Let’s make one Tylenol $37. Three stitches, $2200. Ooh, here’s a pitch. What if we made rectal exams 69– Nah, that’s too silly
even for me. ♪♪ These crazily
inflated prices are kept in the hospital’s Chargemaster. (coughs) It’s actually a computer file.
But the book is more dramatic. $7 for a single alcohol swab?
That’s ridiculous. And true. Well, I only
pay my premium. If they wanna rip off my
insurance company with their
fake prices, what do I care? If you ever lose insurance,
you’ll care. Because here’s
the really evil part. If you don’t
have insurance, you actually get charged
these fake prices. (studio audience
cheering and applauding) Let’s see,
heart X-rays. That’ll be $33,000. I can’t afford that. No problem, we’ll just
garnish your wages. Oh, bogus. Wait, they actually
charge people without insurance fake prices? Yeah. That is terrible. Well, thankfully,
I have insurance, so the Chargemaster
doesn’t affect me. Unfortunately,
it does. Even if you’re insured,
you can get billed Chargemaster prices
if you go out-of-network. And anything can be out-of-network. The hospital you go to,
the equipment used to treat you. Even the doctors you see. Arrow specialist. Out-of-network,
I am very expensive. Hospitals make
a ton of money overcharging out-of-network patients. It’s a real cash cow
and we all get milked. (cow mooing) Worse, every hospital
has its own Chargemaster. A treatment that costs
7,000 at one hospital could cost a hundred grand
down the road. And you can’t comparison shop when you’re dying. Which hospital
do you want?
00:10:33,032 –>00:10:33,000
Money Bags Medical or St. Vincent’s
Discount Sick House? Money Bags it is. Plus, since your insurance
company faces inflated costs, That can trickle down to you in
the form of… higher premiums. Oh, surprisingly painless. Wait till
you get the bill. (cow mooing) How do they Listen, Drew Carey,
get away all you adults always tell us
the same thing– Weed’s gonna kill us,
it’s a gateway drug. Lying isn’t funny. Oh, no, for most people,
weed is essentially harmless. Whoa-kay,
no way, Jose. Look, I know this stuff is a little
overboard, but… you can’t tell kids
weed isn’t bad! Of course I can.
It’s true. And we’ve known it
for decades. Counting deaths from
the substance alone, alcohol kills
88,000 people a year. Tobacco kills 480,000. And marijuana kills
absolutely no one. (buzzer) Uh, according to curriculum, marijuana can get you hooked
on harder substances. It’s a gateway drug. Yeah, educators have been
saying that for years, but it’s not true. Most people
who try marijuana don’t even continue
smoking marijuana. This dude knows
what’s up. Now, that doesn’t mean
that it’s perfectly safe. Dude, I thought
you were cool. Oh, I wish!
If you’re under 25, smoking weed can lead
to memory problems and poor cognitive functioning. But if you’re an adult, and your brain has finished developing, it’s really your choice. Adam, wrong way.
Also, not in a school. Sorry, I usually
only smoke at parties, and I’m rarely
invited to them. Yeah, wonder why. The truth is,
if you know the risks and you use it in moderation,
weed is no big deal. And, in fact, humans have been
using it for millennia. Humans started growing cannabis as a crop over 8,000 years ago. This crop will feed our family
for a year, and this crop
will make movies way funnier. (Adam)
In 440 BCE,
Herodotus wrote about the ancient tradition
of cannabis steam baths. Fellow citizens, as a wise man once told me, VapeLife! (laughing) And in America,
for many years marijuana was available in over-the-counter
medications. Step right up and try Professor Horkorium’s
Rejuvenating Tincture! Now with the Arab hashish. For most
of America’s history, weed was legal.
No one cared about it. All right,
so what changed? I mean, there must be
some reason we banned it. Oh, there is.
And it’s real weird. Enter Harry Anslinger,
commissioner of the Federal Bureau
of Narcotics and a staunch
prohibitionist. Our funding has been cut!
They’ll shut me down if I don’t find a new chemical to demonize. Let’s see, what are people
scared of for no good reason? A-ha!
Mexicans! And Mexicans
smoke marijuana! That’s it!
Hey, racist mob… (all)
Hmm? Marijuana makes Mexicans
thirst for white blood. Spread the word! (mob shouting) Anslinger used
that racism to fuel a propaganda campaign
against the drug, testifying before
Congress… Marijuana is
an addictive drug which produces
in its users insanity, criminality, and death! (Adam)
Soon, the “Marijuana
causes violence” meme was everywhere, from
newspapers to movies… Just a young boy.
Under the influence of the drug, he killed his entire family
with an axe. …to subtle
political cartoons. (man) Nazi propaganda. What does that
even mean? Why would he just say
the words, “Nazi propaganda”? Honestly, no idea.
But, it worked. In 1937, Congress
banned marijuana and later,
with Anslinger’s help, they passed
the first mandatory minimum
sentencing laws which made it so that
your first time getting caught
with this could put you away
from two to ten years. Mm, thank you,
that’s what I thought. (Adam)
And the true irony is, the government knew
Anslinger’s claims were false. Scientists proved marijuana
wasn’t connected to violence or insanity in the ’40s. And in 1973, a bipartisan commission recommended Nixon
decriminalize it. But, Nixon being
Nixon… Mr. President,
literally everyone agrees, marijuana is safe. Out! Get out! I have zero chill! The war on drugs begins now! I don’t understand.
If he knew it was safe, why would he be so tough on it? Well,
why don’t you ask Nixon’s aide,
John Ehrlichman. He said, in 1994… We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either
against the war or black, but by getting the public
to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin… Did we know we were lying
about the drugs? That’s a real quote? Yeah. That’s a real quote. Nixon started
the war on drugs to bully his political
enemies and minorities. His own aide
admitted it. I can’t believe I’ve been
teaching this to children. At lea has devastas on prisoners’ mental health. (Kendra’s voice) In solitary, you’re kept alone for 23 hours a day in a room the size
of a king-size bed. Well, that doesn’t sound so bad. Me and Murph share
a queen. Wait, where are those voices
coming from? Oh, no, oh, gosh.
I’m seeing things. It’s an archaic and cruel
form of punishment that started in the 1800s. Eh, something to watch, I guess. Solitary confinement
was conceived by Quakers, who thought prisoners
would use the time to reflect
and study the Bible. You know, I’ve been meaning
to read this. But even they decided it was too cruel to use. The Supreme Court
at the time declared… “Prisoners subject
to solitary confinement became violently insane;
others committed suicide.” Ugh. We gotta stop
doing this. Stop, stop! (Adam)
We did stop. Solitary confinement
fell out of use in the U.S.
for a century, but a few decades ago,
we brought it back, and it’s been destroying
minds ever since. Destroying minds? I mean, that sounds
a little hyperbolic. Yeah, maybe.
What do I know? I’m just a hallucination. Hello? Adam? Is anyone here? (Adam’s voice)
Humans are social animals, and a prolonged lack
of social contact can cause serious
and permanent brain damage. People held in solitary
hallucinate, fall into depression, and lose the ability
to keep track of how much time
has passed. How long
have I been in here? Oh, I’m really
losing it. Psst! Emily,
you okay in there? Kendra!
Oh, thank God! Why am I even here? I thought solitary was
for the worst of the worst. Nope,
solitary confinement is routinely used
in our prison system. It’s basically given
to anyone the guards don’t want
to deal with. The mentally ill. LGBT. I wouldn’t
eat dinner. (all) We had it coming! Man, if I’m gonna
hallucinate a Tony award-winning musical, why couldn’t it be
“Hamilton”? Solitary confinement
is given to between 80,000
to 100,000 people a year. There are actually
entire prisons made up of nothing
but solitary cells. They’re called
supermax prisons. Enormous complexes full of people held
in tiny cages like animals, slowly being driven insane. (Kendra)
They may be criminals, but they don’t
deserve this. Ooh, it’s okay, heh. (gasps)
Ah, wait. Is that formula? No, tell me
you’re breastfeeding. Oh, um, well, I tried. But he kind of was having
a hard time latching
at the hospital, and the nurse says it was okay
that I supplement, so… Um, formula is toxic.
You have to breastfeed. Ugh, no way. I hate when people
breastfeed in public. Do that at home,
nobody wants to see that. Um, excuse me? It’s totally natural,
women have been doing it Tell them which one
is right. Oh, oh, no way am I
getting in the middle of this. I heard formula
has autism in it. (woman) That’s it! (both) Hi, Miss Murphy. Hey, Patti. How many kids do you knuckYou, you’re gonnm where and when she can
feed her baby? Get a life! Breastfeeding is normal, natural, and great. Preach, sister. And you, how dare you judge
how a mom feeds her kid. Formula isn’t
just healthy and safe, it’s a literal lifesaver. Emily, let me show you. Okay. Knowledge from
a primary source. (squeals) Before formula, the only way
to feed your baby was to breastfeed. And forget about
getting anything else done because breastfeeding
takes 35 hours a week. What? That’s like
a full-time job. And the worst thing is,
if you couldn’t breastfeed, there weren’t any other
good options. (Irish accent)
My teat’s all tapped. Looks like bread soaked in water for you little spud. This is a real thing
people did. Babies grew up
malnourished or died if their moms
couldn’t breastfeed. Oh, that’s horrible. Then, in 1865, this friggin’
Albert Einstein named Justus von Liebig, invented baby formula. Ma’am, your babe shall
no longer dine on duck food. Instead, he will dine…
on science. Formula allowed women
to leave the house or join the workforce. But most importantly,
it saved babies’ lives. Look out, world, here we come! e. Okay, but isn’t formula
just a bunch of chemicals? Well, yeah, Emily, it is, because literally everything
is a bunch of chemicals. Breast milk
is also chemicals. The question is
whether those chemicals are nutritionally
different. And the answer is no. Meet professor
and lactation expert
Courtney Jung. Hi, Emily. Hi! Patti’s right. Formula is a safe
and nutritionally complete alternative to breast milk. For things like IQ,
asthma, allergies, eczema, once you account
for income and education, there’s almost no difference between breastfeeding
and formula feeding. The evidence that breastfeeding makes a difference is just inconclusive. Oh, yeah.
I formula-fed Murph. I breastfed
his brother Durph, and they’re both idiots. (Murph)
Aw, Mom! Durph just threw
a bocce ball at me! Hey, dude, look hesae and nutritious alternative
to breastfeeding. If you want or need
to feed your baby formula, do it with confidence. Wow. Thank you. Thanks,
Professor Jung. No, wait! (can clangs) What about places
where they don’t have
access to clean water? Good question, hairball. Mixing contaminated water
with formula can be harmful. But if you use clean water and sterilized bottles, it’s a completely safe
and nutritious option. Oh. Not so fast. I read mommy blogs,
like, for fun. And they say that breastfeeding
actually makes your baby love you more because
it releases a bonding chemical called oxytocin. Oh, oh, can I
take this one? Go ahead. Oxytocin is a hormone that gets released when you do things
like hug or cuddle. That’s why the media loves
to call it “the love hormone.” ♪♪ But that same hormone
is also released when you do things like fire a gun or watch porn. (gunshot) That’s because hormones are complim 2008, there is no convincing support
for a connection between breastfeeding and the quality of
the mother-infant relationship. Hmph! Breastfeeding is a great way to bond with your baby. But it’s not the only one. And the fact is not all women can do it. 15% of moms can’t breastfeed, not to mention the parents who foster and adopt. So, the next time someone tries to guilt trip you or any other parent about
how they feed their baby, you tell them
they can eat my feet. Thanks, Patti. you tell them
Christopher Columbus,et.t the heroic explorer
who discovered America and proved the Earth
was round. Actually, Columbus was
an incompetent buffoon who never even
set foot in America. (deflating) Hush, hush. We all know
Columbus wasn’t perfect. That’s an understatement. The real story of Columbus
is even worse and weirder
than you think. All aboard the Magic Van! (horn honks) First of all, Columbus
couldn’t have discovered that the Earth was round because in his time, it was
already common knowledge. Globes for sale. Perfectly ordinary globes
for sale. Whoa. What? Then why did it take
until 1492 for anyone to sail
the ocean blue? Simple, back then they didn’t
know the Americas existed. So navigators thought
there was no way a ship could make it all
the way from Europe to Asia. So Columbus set sail
because he was brave. Nope, he set sail
because he was a doofus who was terrible at math. Instead of trusting
the experts, Columbus believed the Earth
was thousands of miles smaller than it actually was. Fools, all of them! My math says the Earth
is teeny tiny and shaped like a pear. And at the top, it has a succulent nipple. He actually believed that? Yes, I actually believe this. I can sail from Europe to India in a matter of days. That’s extremely wrong. It took years for Columbus
to convince the king and queen his plan didn’t suck. But competition in the spice
trade was getting intense. So Ferdinand and Isabella
were desperate to find a new way
to get their fix. The Earth is tiny
and also a pear. Give me money, please. This man is an idiot. (sniffing)
I don’t care. Fine, give this moron
the bare minimum, 90 dumb men
and three dumb ships. If you die, who cares? Right, and that’s when
Columbus showed them all and became a hero. But– You know what happens
to mouthy students? They get extra credit? I turn them into iguanas. Say hi, Edward. (straining)
Kill me. (gulps) Now, children,
that’s the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, the ships Columbus sailed
to discover America. I’m really sorry,
Ms. Dazzle, but Columbus never
set foot in America. Of all the modern-day countries
Columbus made it to, like Cuba, Haiti,
and the Dominican Republic, none of them were
in the United States. Okay, fine. Then, uh, Columbus
discovered Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Sure, he did. If you don’t count the
quarter-million Taino people that lived there already. Uh, occupied.
Someone lives here. Right, I know this part. He thought he made it
to India. Aha, this is India
and these people are Indians. I will be rich
in spices and gold. (laughs)
What a silly mistake. Yes, if by “silly,”
you mean brutal, and by “a mistake,”
you mean one of several. The Taino treated Columbus
and his crew with the utmost hospitality. Hug? (groans) We need reinforcements! Columbus repaid their kindness by returning with 17 ships
and 1,200 men so he could enslave the Taino
and steal their gold. There was only one problem,
they didn’t have any. You, gold.
Now! Oh, I want to help,
but what is gold? (Adam) This infuriated Columbus. And soon, he and his crew
began to slaughter them. (people screaming) This is very inappropriate for me to see. (Adam)
Columbus’s regime was
so senselessly brutal that by 1542, the Taino
population on the island had fallen to 200. (groans) I can’t believe it. I had no clue that Columbus
was this cruel. But after this, he must’ve gone
on to do great things, hmm? Nope, this was literally
all he did. He didn’t discover America and he didn’t prove
the Earth was round. He just bounced around
the Caribbean, slaughtered a bunch
of innocent people, and died thinking
he had made it to India. Hashtag, no regrets. (groans) Holy crow. Then why do we learn
about this guy in school? Oh, great question. For centuries, Columbus
was a historical footnote. But that changed in 1828
when Washington Irving, the author of
“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and other tall tales, wrote the first English-language
biography of Columbus. “Columbus was
a murderous failure”? That ain’t gonna sell copies. Let’s say he was a brave genius
who proved the Earth was round and discovered America. Hmm, seems believable. And Irving’s myth
caught on bil hasd to control and criminalize people of color. (cash register cha-ching) (Adam)
In the early years
of our country, many colonies
and states had laws barring Native Americans
and free black people from buying or owning guns. (alarm sounding) What?
But I have a receipt. (Adam)
And racist fears
of black people have continued to inform
our gun control laws. In 1960s California,
the Black Panthers resisted police violence
in Oakland by patrolling the city
with guns. We have a right to protect
our communities against police officers
abusing their power. Defending yourself
against a tyrannical government, I’m all about that. Well, state lawmakers
responded by passing a bill
that banned open carry. The bill applied
to all Californians but it was meant to blatantly
target the Black Panthers. And that bill was signed
by then California governor and NRA member,
Ronald Reagan. I’m just not comfortable with
certain people carrying guns. (chuckles)
For, uh… reasons. Oh… Eva. Oh! Babe, I’m so sorry. I had no idea gun control
used to be so racist. Is that what
you told her? Well, I wasn’t done. So, not my responsibility
to teach white people they own
racist ass history. All right, white Urkel,
I’ll take it from here. Please do. And thanks
for the compliment. Sarah, even today a lot of
gun control laws really end up being
about controlling black people. In the mid-2000s, the Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco, and Firearms performed 10 years of stings
to combat gun crime. A full analysis
found that 91% of people arrested were people of color. And we’re not just talking
about the red states. For years, New York City
had an official policy to stop black and brown
people on the street just to see if they might
have guns or drugs. Stop! (police siren whoops) Sir, you’re
in a public place and you look…
you know, dangerous. What? Oh.
Sir? Records show that these stops
almost never found guns. Between ’04 and 2012, 4.4 million people
were stopped, but only 1.5% of them
had weapons. Men in my family
have gotten jaywalking tickets from the NYPD after
they didn’t find anything in the stop and frisk. They weren’t
stopping criminals, they were just
stopping black people. Eva, I’m sorry.
I had no idea. You’ve never talked about it. It’s not her responsibility
to talk about it, it’s our responsibility
as a country. This is James Forman, Jr.,
Pulitzer Prize winner and author of the book
“Locking Up Our Own.” There’s a connection between
the overly punitive gun sentencing laws
that were passed in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s and the current crisis
of mass incarceration. Instead of national
gun control laws that could stop
the flood of available guns, we have local laws that
penalize possession. And those laws are mostly
passed in cities. So, the result
is that guns are everywhere, violence is rampant,
and the only people who go to prison
for possessing guns are poor people of color in
our nation’s cities. Black people face the highest
rates of deaths by guns. But instead of protecting
the families and neighborhoods who face the most
gun violence, our current gun laws just
double down on destroying them. And that’s why we shouldn’t
talk about new gun penalties without first talking about how we transform
our criminal legal system. All right, Adam, I got to get
to my Thanksgiving dinner. Well, I think
we all learned a valuable lesson
about gun control. No, Dan. There’s something you
need to realize too. Gun rights don’t protect
black people either. Take the stand
your ground law the NRA pushed legislators
to pass in Florida. It says use of deadly force
is justified to defend yourself in your home or car
even if you can run away. But in practice,
not everyone gets to use it. Marissa Alexander
was sentenced to 20 years in prison just for firing
a warning shot to defend herself against
her abusive husband. Stand your ground
didn’t help her. Or look at what happened
to Philando Castile. During a routine
traffic pullover, he informed the police officer
that he had his gun on him. And the cop shot and killed him
in front of his girlfriend and her
four-year-old daughter. But I drive
with my weapon every day. That’s not
against the law. Okay, so imagine
I’m a police officer pulling you over
and you’re Philando Castile. Do you have your license
and insurance? Yes, officer,
I do have to tell you I do have a firearm on me. Okay, don’t reach
for it then. I’m… I’m– Don’t pull it out. I’m not pulling it out. He’s not pulling it out. Don’t pull it out. Bang! That is the exact moment
Philando Castile was shot. He did everything that
responsible gun owners are supposed to do. And the NRA didn’t
come to his defense. For all their talk about
protecting gun rights, they sure are quiet when
black people are gunned down for exercising them. So, Dan,
I’m frustrated

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  1. I really hate that people from the USA refer to their country as "America" the freaking continent is call America and is full of other countries

  2. Adam: "Most ILLEAGAL immigrants come here in planes."

    Also Adam: "They come here LEGALLY through passport control."

  3. Sometimes a good point is being made, but oftentimes he can just sound dumb in how hard he tries to be contrary for the sake being contrary. After that whole Rogan debacle, that the stuff he spouts clearly isn't even his own research but whoever this company hires to do it.

  4. Adam is correct on most but wrong on several things, just like John Oliver, I blame the heavy left leaning bias.

  5. I do not understand why weed is supported while solitary confinement is condemned because both cause the same effect, hallucinations and a release from reality. They both should be banned

  6. the wall thing is stupid its not actually going to go through houses and the illegal immigrants will definitly be less

  7. i have a fb friend in the USA who posted her bill after she gave birth and she was charged 40$ for. get this. HOLDING HER BABY AFTER BIRTH. it wasn't a lactation consultation or anything like that, because she got separate charges for that too. the hospital literally billed her for holding her baby

  8. I'm a conservative and I agree the wall is kinda a bad idea, but illegal immigration is still a problem

  9. Wow what bs,he said he never made it to the us but he made it to south America but dump dumb they are joined together

  10. Uh, formula milk is not "completely equivalent" to breast milk. Breast milk contains antibodies created by the mother and is an important adjunct to an infant's immature immune system. See It also contains enzymes, hormones, even stem cells, and the formulation changes according to what the baby needs. See Formula typically contains a much smaller range of amino acids. Formula typically also uses palm oil which is a deforestation problem, and it misses the oxytocin hit that mothers get breastfeeding, which helps with bonding. Of course there are situations when formula is really necessary, and some mothers may simply prefer the freedom of formula feeding, but any "expert" who claims it's equivalent to breastmilk is not actually an expert.

    EDIT: The quote Adam shows from a study about breastfeeding and the mother-child relationship is partially misquoted and misleading. The review paper actually says that for ethical reasons there are no studies on oxytocin and the maternal bond, but that there is still reasonable evidence for oxytocin promoting the maternal bond, as it does in virtually every other mammal. It goes on to speculate that many women may not breastfeed frequently enough to get a strong oxytocin hit, and that the many research articles connecting breastfeeding with maternal bond may be too crude in their measurement of maternal bond. The gist of the article is, why shame mothers for not breastfeeding when we don't know for sure that they would bond better with their baby if they did? Which is fair enough, but not quite what Adam's presenting.

  11. I hope all you pricks whining about climate sold your cars, houses, food, phones, computers, plastic anythings, industrializing neighboring countries who don't give a rat's ass about climate change, and pretty much your entire way of life and then gifted the money to the scientists who "the right" isn't taking seriously.

    God damn people, stop waiting on others to fix it if you care so much, get involved. #whingingonyoutubeisnthelping

  12. That's hilarious! Adam thinks Central America and South America are not part of America! Lazy modern usage since the 1950s tends to conflate "America" the continent with the United States of America, though it still refers also to the entire continent, North and South, as it has since 1507.

  13. Well Adam said it best, "we don't know" what would happen if we warmed 2°C. They said all the glaciers would be melted by 2015 in 2000. Just saying…we don't know what would happen.

  14. Might be…. these are so controversial because the script cherry-picks certain facts while ignoring the obvious counter-arguments, or sensationalize one dynamic following a relative fact to your point in order to trick the slower, naive or gullible viewers into panicking, and letting them believe exactly what you said. Could also be…. because a lot of your "facts" come from biased sources.

    But what do I know…..

    Oh! That's right. Your episodes are biased pieces of misinformation to better sway more voters to questioning themselves, not for the sake of ethics, but for direct or indirect support to a certain….. homicidal party.
    Which… is like an ongoing , subversive Wag The Dog series: totally feasible.

  15. It kinda pisses me off how they still say that columbus didnt get to America just cause he didnt get to the us, can a whole country really be that self-centered?

  16. So, the wall would stop 60-73% of illegal immigrants and barely cost a tiny drop of the federal budget – which would be far outweighed by the savings of no longer paying for welfare to illegals.

    Also, tons of illegals come in for their first time each year. Not every illegal goes back and forth every day. That is ridiculous. Millions live thousands of miles away from the southern border. They do send tons of money OUT of the US each year, though.

    Great arguments!

  17. He's just so stupid. Get him talking off a script and he stutters and has no facts and can't back up anything he says. Just another leftist mouth piece

  18. The only thing Adam has ruined is his own credibility with his "AcKsHuAlLy" garbage. Ranging from heinous comparisons to flat out propaganda.

  19. Obviously planes can fly over walls — they can be shot down too but what does have to do with the price of tea in China? Nobody said the wall would stop all illegals, sex trafficking and drugs but it will reduce the amount. It would send a message to those who’d take advantage that we’re no longer turning a blind eye. If the wall helps Americans rest just a tiny bit easier … then I’m all in. Question: If the wall makes no difference why are people literally dying to get here before it’s completed? Border security shouldn’t be a deciding factor when considering a candidate you’d vote into office. Tightening border security to the north and south should be a concerted effort; a bipartisan no-brainer much like airport security post 9/11. Obviously the world is a very different place than it was before the exodus of migrants into Europe. Therefore, a very different approach is necessary to balance the scales. Perhaps someday we won’t need it but for now we do. You wouldn’t leave the door to your home open during a riot. So why the door to your country during an exodus and Fentanyl crisis? Regardless, we won’t allow the left’s diminished capacity for common sense and self sabotage leave us vulnerable to abuses of all kind. Once again the right comes to save the day. Like the song goes: You can’t always get what you want,
    but if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need.

  20. Over dramatized and very limited sight on the info that they share. All to stir fear in people. Glad I can think for myself.

  21. Chances are if someone is in supermax they did something bad. And really at that point locking them up alone is getting off easy as far as I am concerned. Want an example I will share. I know someone that Murdered another human and well if he is locked up alone for years I still think he got off easy. they should have made an example of him and hung him from a tree.

  22. nylon made products didn't last as long as hemp fibers so they made it illegal and now …its all industry trying to make more..

  23. Adam's facts are so off the mark it's sad, He's nothing but a lying bigot that hates capitalism but it was capitalism that made him wealthy.

  24. Trump actually did build a wall to keep people out. It's made out of mass shootings, gang violence, excessive prizing, detainments and witholding medical care. That is just what the US does to it's own citizens.

  25. I love Adam ruins everything, but nearly everything he said in that Christopher Columbus episode was shown to be wrong in this video:

  26. Your right Christopher Columbus didn't fine the America`s, Vikings found America's first. But there wasn't many records besides mouth to mouth and science of nowadays to show records and digging up there bodies from battle fields (Since vikings loved to battle for goods)

  27. Why not just stare into the camera and tell the Sheep how to think?
    Four Legs Good, Two Legs Better!
    Four Legs Good, Two Legs Better!

  28. Another hospital thing, American hospitals don’t just charge you for your operation for birth, they actually make you PAY TO HOLD THE BABY.

  29. So, is it just the stupid people they are trying to reach? It’s really easy to debunk every claim he makes. Adam ruins everything alright! He can’t even put out a single fact.

  30. Funny thing is, we're building the wall, private companies are building the wall, where a wall is in place illegal immagration has greatly reduced. Since this video was made, CBP has been dealing with increasing numbers of illegals crossing in areas where the border wall barely exists.

  31. So the NRA are hurting their own side by giving the gun ban people (they call it gun control but they don't want gun control) more ammo, so to speak.

  32. You mean Adam gets fake specialist or experts and comes up with data that's wrong on numerous occasions? Example when he went on Joe Rogan and couldn't even answer a basic question and kept referring to his "Friends".

  33. So ICE doesn't exist? Not to mention the illegals in our country are coming from South America since what does Mexico's economy have anything to do with the wall.
    So we shouldn't build the wall so people can migrate back and forth… Ya great idea

  34. “Option 2: Start reading the comments and weep for humanity” Why did I not listen to you Adam you tried to warn me

  35. I love the breastfeeding episode because fed is best but they always leave out one thing: the immunological benefits of breastmilk. It actually contains live cells and antibodies that help keep babies healthy. If you breastfeed even once it can benefit your child for the rest of their life.

    Source: studying to be an IBCLC

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