Abraham-Hicks • How long does it take to manifest bigger things • Law of Attraction
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Abraham-Hicks • How long does it take to manifest bigger things • Law of Attraction

hmm I just want to know I was drawn to
the law of attraction to you back in February of this year and I was having
some contrast in my life and I’ve been like a sponge just absorbing and just
listening to your tapes and reading and and feeling the resonance in other words
when when you hear descriptions of things that the larger part of you knows
and there’s an absence of resistance as you are hearing it then it’s causing a
blending of who you are which is what happens which makes you say I feel like
a sponge in other words it’s a it’s a resonance with what you’ve always known
yes and what I do is I work on being in alignment every day but as you mentioned
earlier you know you get the phone call and it’s negative and sometimes it gets
me out of sorts longer than I wanted to and I work on getting back into
alignment and usually I work my way back up the emotional scale and I’ve seen
things manifest in my life small things but what I’m interested in is finding
out when do how long does it take to manifest the bigger things or other
thank you from whether the it is not longer or more difficult to create a
castle than a button but your expectancy about a button is different than your
expectancy about a castle so so the period of time is about your expectation
so that’s why the approach we take to teaching you about creation is rather
than comparing the bigness of the items that you’re trying to create if we can
convince you about the law of attraction and we can educate you about the way you
feel when you’re allowing and the way you feel when you’re resist
then you can start focusing on the allowing part and things will happen
quickly for you how do I become more of an hour how do I just the way you are in
other words just like what you’re doing you’re you’re working to feel better and
better and better and better and and every word that we other is toward the
end of your toward the understand toward your understanding that it’s easier then
all of us are making it out to be you are where you are in other words you are
in the financial position you are in your in the physical bodily condition
you’re in and in this physical environment most people are not going to
snap their fingers and affect an immediate change about anything and so
the fact that you are where you are means that in most instances it’s likely
that you’re going to hang around where you are because in most instances you’re
observing where you are so let’s just say it right out loud the more observant
you are of where you are the slower the progress to somewhere else pretty good
and let’s just say it right out loud the less observant to where you are the
faster you move to where you want to be but now let’s really say it if you look
to where you want to be regardless of where you are you will go there fast to
follow that sequence so you get to decide it it it it really is about have
you ever Jerry and Esther watch the dogs walking around the neighborhood in
California and some dogs are walkers and some dogs are sniffers and
the sniffer dog are really annoying to their owners who want them to walk
because they’re always going the other direction so they go that way ways and
then they go that way ways then they go that way wait and then they go that way
ways to make over there and then they go over there and then they go over there
it’s a very slow walk around this loop because because there’s a lot of moving
in a different direction then the where their owners want them to go and it’s
sort of like that with a lot of people you you talk about what you want but
then you talk about what you don’t want then you talk about where you’re going
and then you talk about where you are and then you talk about what you want
then you talk about where you’ve been then you talk about how long you’ve been
there and whose fault it is that you’re still there and then you know and so
there’s just a lot of unfocused stuff that just blows it all down so so when
you ask how long is it going to take me to get to where I want to be what we’re
hearing in the question is how long is it going to take me to clarify my
vibration how long is it going to take me to focus and we say that’s completely
up to you but it get we will say it gets easier and easier and easier because law
of attraction helps you stay in the direction that you last were in other
words if you go to if you take the time as you are getting ready to go to sleep
at night to bask just for a little bit and it helps to sort of bring your
thoughts in up close around you bask in the comfort of your bed or focus upon
the texture of your pillow or focus upon the the clarity of the air in your
bedroom or focus upon the comfort of your physical body bring bring your
thoughts inward and bask well if you go to sleep basking or appreciating you’ve
gone to sleep in the vortex so two wonderful things happen first you sleep
really well because you’ve left your resistance behind and in the slumber you
go where there isn’t any resistance anyway the next thing that happens is
you wake up in the vortex you wake up in the vortex we will give you a sequence
of statements that we want you to just ponder if you have bad
means you didn’t go to sleep in the vortex because when you wake up you see
when you slumber you reemerge in a non-physical when you awaken you
re-emerge back into physical and you always rejoin consciousness where you
left it so imagine basking your way to sleep for a few nights basking basking
and appreciated and then waking up and and picking up the appreciation and
continuing a little further something like that would really speed the
progress between what you’re asking for and what’s already what’s already there
present tense in your vortex and what you’ve allowed you speed you close that
gap very quickly under those conditions and also Abraham I I know that weird to
focus on ourselves and being in alignment with our force now when i get
the negative phone call from a family member a friend or something and i find
that i’m going along fine i you know i align in the morning and things are
going really well and then it just but there’s something you know and there’s
something you missed your misunderstanding here though because
when you said when you’re focusing on yourself so we want to clarify that for
you okay so this family member from whom you’ve received other negative phone
calls has been instrumental in you creating a relationship version of them
with you in your vortex in other words when we say you are the creator of your
experience we mean you’re the creator of everything about you and your experience
and so these people with whom you live and love and work and no you’ve created
versions of them in your vortex now they’re not living up to your version
not even close in fact the the most uncontrollable among them have helped
you to create the most amazing vortex version of them and we just have to say
it right out loud if you need them to change so that you can
live up to the expectation that your inner being has about them here that the
expectation that are you getting what we’re talking about in other words if
it’s not their inability to live life the way you know they want to or the way
you would like them to it’s your inability to focus on your vortex
version while they’re over there behaving that way and that’s why you say
you need you need to clean up your act because I’ve created a much better
version of you and I can’t possibly focus on it while you’re behaving like
that isn’t that just the most conditional love you’ve ever heard I
want to be the lover that I was born to be and live and no and hold the expected
version of your success that I was born to live but you’re making it too hard
you need to be different so that I can feel better and so when we when you said
I can focus on I know you said Abraham you said I should focus on me what we
what we’re saying is we want you to focus on the version of all things that
you’ve put into this vortex you you stand there in that vibrational reality
with a positive opinion about everything you’ve ever considered you stand in that
vortex with source energy with a positive opinion a good feeling opinion
about everything that you’ve contemplated and when something causes
you to look at it where it is in terms of manifestation did we tell you today
yet we’re going to tell you now everything that’s manifested is old news
because where it’s at is over here in the vortex so if you’re looking at your
bank account and feeling bad all you’re doing is holding yourself longer apart
from what’s reality you ask the most important question how can I speed this
up stop facing reality face vibrational reality let the
vibrational reality be the reason for your emotions so someone says you’re in
a good mood did your ship come in yes it did did you win the lottery yep so you
have everything you want where is it that’s for me to know and you to find
the best answer because if you tell them it’s in the vortex they’ll commit you
mister but that is where it is well it’s in my it’s in my escrow account your
escrow account what do you mean your escrow account well you know that place
where where the larger institution holds it until it’s appropriate moment to
write the check it’s in my escrow account it’s in my escrow account with
my name on it held for me and tended by someone far more efficient than Wall
Street held for me hell for me by source energy by all that is by all who know
and adore me hell for me for my readiness and your friend might say well
are you when are you going to be ready ready here every day sometimes I just
feel maybe I’m working at it a little well a lot of you are this the reason
that you are hearing a a shift in what we’re saying in other words rather than
us saying to you reach for the reach for the best feeling thought that you can
find we’re saying to you wait until a good feeling thought descends on you and
then focus in other words be easier about it be easier about it blunder into
the vortex you do it every day at some point or other and then say hola Graham
I’m going to learn who do who knew that I could get here
without trying without even trying I wasn’t doing a focus wheel I want I
wasn’t doing anything I wasn’t on a rampage of appreciation I just I just
blundered in but then be aware of it and really what we’re saying is be aware of
of how you feel and milk the best part of how you feel in every moment that you
can because there’s something to praise and something to criticize everywhere
you are everywhere in other words praise the part of breakfast that comes until
the curse list it’s an inside joke Jerry Nestor have this thing going on with
room service where most of it gets there most of the time and so if they’ll just
bless what’s there and hold no thought or concern for the parts that didn’t
make it in time it will all

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  2. Hello Abraham, I met you in Edmonton, AB on Sept 4/5 in 1993 , A person named Agnus invited you Esther and Jerry to this hotel for a workshop and there was only about 25 people there!!! I still have the cassette tapes, I asked you about what lucid dreams meant to us , you sure have become very popular, do you remember me??? I am one of the people in the workshop that widely represent creating when you were speaking about that, I said Ha Ha Ha!!!….and you responded by saying Yahhhhh!!!!! I am so close to creating everything I desire, and on the journey to help others and consciousness………..Hope to here from you, I am not what I appear to be……but made these cool mind movies………..check them out………God Bless all on this Good Earth………

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