A formula for Facebook Lives
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A formula for Facebook Lives

Hi It’s Neil hear from total wellness club
where we help solve the problem of preventable ill health by helping well
as providers like you drive up your impact and we do this by helping you
build proof and credibility that attracts more clients by collecting
reviews and giving you awards and we also bring you marketing insights tips
and insider secrets today we’re going to talk about a very simple formula for
doing facebook lives this is a question that came out of our business growth hub
group so people in there will occasionally say what kind of topics
they want us to cover so we’re very happy to to do that unfortunately today
it’s ironic that we’re talking about how to do Facebook Likes because routing and
some challenges at the moment logging into Facebook lives and being able to do
them live so if you’re watching this video that’s happened and I’ve actually
just pre-recorded this so that we could load it up very quickly into Facebook so
that you could watch it all in good time one of these I do like
to do each week is to invite you to tell us what’s going on in your business tell
us what’s exciting of what’s happening for you right now and even though we’re
not doing this live please do leave those comments there so that we can take
a look at those and celebrate the exciting things that are happening in
your business with you news from total wellness club this week is that our
search for the UK’s leading nutritionist came to an end last night when we closed
the voting and we’ll be contacting the winners over the next few days and we’re
gonna be shipping out some wonderful prizes most of them are going to be
shipped out direct from the manufacturers with people who have given
the prizes but I have got a few in my office
so DNA figs have given us several of these kits that we’re going to be
sharing with nutritionists so that they can try the kit themselves or they’ll
kind to have the benefit of trying DNA fit test
clippety another one of our sponsors they’ve sent through several boxes of
clippety as well so they’ll be going one of those several phones will be going
out to you around your clients over the next few weeks and also seed and bean
chocolate hundred percent organic pickle chocolate
they have sent through some campers which will be going out again to some of
your wonderful clients who voted for you by the review so is it amazing that
we’ve been able to award your clients for leaving reviews for you by giving
them a little something that they can enjoy for taking the effort and the time
to to appreciate and acknowledge the great work you’ve done as well as being
able to give you some amazing prizes bigger sponsors in the in this nutrition
award have also been come nutri and they are also giving away some test kits as
well to to nutritionists so that people can test for allergies again
nutritionist reduces themselves or they could let a client experience that if
they want to and Karen NOLA has also provided a program around raw food for
to somebody who wants to learn about more about more food and helping their
clients look at that aspect of their health and and there will be so that’s what I wanted to just cover off
telling you what’s going on with Obama’s clip right now as I say please share
your your news what’s happening for you last week I saw a message from Daniel
Cronenberg who’s one of our members and Daniel is an award-winning
hypnotherapist he took an advanced training that I gave
our members where I showed the group how to use reviews and these are reviews
that they collected on our platform and then how to use those in position those
to generate more interest in sales and we also talked about how you could use
Facebook Ads with those reviews as well so down took that advice he invested
under 10 pounds and that produced two new client leads for Daniel so I just
wanted to say well and Dan you for getting into action and generating those
leads using that process so if you want to see the advanced training that I gave
that maybe follow along the steps that Daniel took then please register with as
a business dot total wellness da club business dot total wellness club once
you’ve completed your registration we will then invite you to the next
training session next time we run it and you’ll be able to follow along and do
the same thing that Daniel did so today we’re talking about a simple formula the
Facebook lies so this is an important topic I believe because more and more of
us are doing Facebook lies and when it’s our business that we’re promoting we
want to get the right information to the right people in the right way so let’s
be let me be really honest here we’ve only recently started in Facebook lives
ourselves and I think that we’ve been doing them for about five months so so
far we’ve probably done about 20 business Facebook lives and we’ve also I
think today will be a second to our wellness seekers community and so to be
honest we’re still novices and we still road
the newcomers to the Facebook live party that said we were watching leaders in
the industry running their Facebook Likes for about six months or so before
we actually committed to running our own so we had accumulated some knowledge and
some understanding before we did them we’ve also got about a decade of running
webinars so we also are quite used to delivery and all the ten that goes with
that as well but that’s so the reason why we’ve done 22 in such a short space
of time is because when I do something I tend to do it regularly because it means
that I start to work in a very rhythmic way and that builds momentum and
obviously momentum is something that I think is really important to to a
business going forward if you want it to to grow I mean the other thing that it
does is it builds trust so that regularity doing something on a rhythmic
way builds trust between you and your potential clients because if you show up
at the same time every week people know that you’re going to be there so they’ll
put that in their diary and they’ll show up too and they’ll find a time a bit of
time each week where they can come and watch what you’ll say so what I’m going
to do today is I’m going to talk about our formulas I’m going to share with you
our thinking before we started running our Facebook lives and the thinking that
we put into that and then I’m going to share with you our structure and our
framework so that you can use that that’s useful to you okay so that’s what
we’re going to do so let’s start with a formula so I’ve mentioned that we do our
facebook lives weekly that would be the first thing if I wish you the first
thing I would think about how often are you going to deliver your Facebook light
the next thing I would think about is how long you’re going to talk for so
what you want to do is you want to pick a length of time that’s perfect for your
followers while really giving them time to kind of come in settle in a view to
get into the topic and get out of the topic and we do
about 20 minutes I try name forth up between 15 and 25 usually it’s for like
twenty one twenty two minutes or eighteen or nineteen minutes so so I’m
only for about twenty minutes because we recognize that our people the business
community on sound bytes so when you were thinking about your Facebook like
you want to think about how long your audience can give you attention for
another thing to consider is when you’re gonna run them from my own experience
most of the viewings actually come after the live event so we might have a
handful of people who come along live and then we’ll have a hundred or so but
maybe watch it in the next few days last week when we did a Facebook live to our
seekers group the first one we did I think that two people come live but we
had two hundred and fifty-nine views in the next 24 hours so from that you can
conclude and it doesn’t really matter when you do your Facebook to do it at a
time that’s convenient to you and just know that other people are going to
watch it at a time that is convenient for them the next thing to think about
is the theme so what’s the theme that be what do you want to be known for for us
without Facebook lives to almost providers so into this Facebook page
we’re aiming to give helpful marketing ideas that can be quickly and easily put
into a business so like a topic today or we like to give you the chance to step
back from your business and take a look at what you’re doing in a more sort of
objective kind of way so this is where we do things like website critiques so
the next thing to think about is why you’re doing your Facebook like we do
these Facebook lives each week to build a relationship with wellness providers
so these are either people who have come to working with us and we want to stay
in touch with those people or they want to stay touch with us hopefully too and
also people who haven’t yet committed to working with us who would like to
influence to come and join tokens club and all the things that that we can do
so for our for our view is hopefully everyone wants to come and be a part of
this community find value in what we what we say and then stay in touch and
get more marketing ideas things that can help them within their business and we
do our Facebook allows for our seekers because it’s actually part of our
greater mission and that is to help solve the problem of preventable ill
health and we know if we’re going to solve that problem we need as many
wellness providers as possible to come and join us so we want to get great
content and that helps you as well because hopefully people will want to
stay in touch and they’ll want to share the ones who recommend they want to
encourage the colleagues and friends to come and join soon and when we put
things out to our well-being seekers we invite you guys to come in and add your
expertise because although one might deliver these Facebook Likes I’m by no
means the expert I’ve got no qualifications or expertise in health
and natural well-being at all and the my own experience a passion and from
working in this industry with a number of amazing people for the last 15 years
but I’m not qualified in any way and I I don’t earn my money from from offering
any kind of professional service and so it’s a great opportunity for you guys to
come in and talk about something that you can offer to one of the topics that
we’re talking about so finally coming back to delivering Facebook lies it
really helps you to clearly define who you’re targeting if you clearly defined
who you’re targeting it will really help you ours is all about wellness providers
this one here we’re using today in this in this Facebook page is all about
wellness providers and we know that in general that people who come to our
Facebook life tend to be professionals or some traders and maybe
their startups through to early six figures and they’re hungry to find out
the best marketing that they can do with the least effort because marketing isn’t
something that everyone necessarily enjoys or has experience about so you
want to make that really easy for everybody because we know this about the
people who are coming to our Facebook lives we then know what we need to
deliver and of course you know week by week we’re learning and adjusting as we
go because we can see what people are reacting to we look at the stats and
then we’ll tailor the content towards the most popular content over time so so
far what we have said in this Facebook live is we’re looking at a formula for
delivering facebook lives is that you want to think about the length of your
facebook life think about the time that you’re going to deliver it out the theme
why you’re doing this and who you want to talk to as well as how long the whole
thing will be in general what book to the target timeframe are you aiming for
so that’s the formula that’s the thinking that we put into our facebook
lives before we got started let’s talk about structure because structure I
think is really important my structure is very simple I’ve got the topic which
I introduced straightaway and then I’ll give people a moment or two to settle in
so what I’ll do is I’ll talk about something for maybe the first 90 seconds
or so and then I’ll get into the topic and quite quickly after that 90 seconds
I’ll talk about the headline and why I think that’s really important
I’ll be really open and honest and share my experience on on that topic as well
and I do that to build credibility for me on this topic so that also you know
where I’m at before I start talking to you about this
hasn’t started today I said I’ve done both of these things as always
getting going today I started by saying that the topic is important because more
and more people are running Facebook Likes and I also mentioned that we run
22 Facebook lights so you get some idea of how much experience we’ve got and you
might decide actually 22 is not very many I don’t take his advice maybe
action 22 is pretty good number obviously learned some things because
you know we also have that experience before learning from other people and
from webinars yeah maybe it’s worth listening in so you can make your own
mind up from that so I then told you what I would come up and I said we’d
looked at our thinking before we started running Facebook lives and then I’ve
started to talk about our structure what I then do is I announce the topic and I
talk about it and i relate my experience to it and then i’ll and tell you what it
is i’m going to share and then i get into the content because our facebook
lives are about 20 minutes i’ve got to manage the volume of content very
carefully and i suspect for a lot of you that’s something you’re gonna have to
think about because you’ve got so much knowledge and experience and you want to
share but maybe you’ve got a limited time frame to share that in so you won’t
be really careful in how much content you share so it’s a choice really i
think to go deep into one thing so maybe get like a main course at dinner or
maybe just to go light and talk about maybe three or four things very quickly
and briefly and which is more of them at a pass or a sample platter so today
we’re going with the sample platter i’m covering and several things very very
lightly and just to give you a bit of a flavor for what’s available to you so we
facebook lives the other thing you want to do is invite interaction i’ve invited
you to share what’s going on in your business we do this pretty much every
week over the last few weeks and so inviting to share what’s going on in
your business so you can also comment as well you can comment on anything that
that I’m saying here you can ask a question at any point obvious if we’re
doing this live we can answer those as we go through today we don’t have a
benefit that because we’re recording this one and putting it onto Facebook in
a schedule but we will still read the comments and then we will still jump in
and help anyone with any questions that they have as well I’m coming towards the
end of a Facebook live it’s nice to finish up with a wrap up just to remind
people what you’ve already told them so how do I do this is that I’d say so
today i’ve talked about a simple formula for facebook lives and what I’ve done is
share with you our thinking that’s what we started our Facebook lives and then
I’ve given you the structure that we use so that you can follow that too so there
you go I’ve actually summarized today ready for you one thing I’d add as well
I as you probably know I don’t like to create one thing and then go off and
create another and then create another thing what I like to do is create
something that I could use in another way maybe in several ways so I tend to
use one thing and position it in different ways
so when I finish this Facebook light what I do is I download that video onto
my computer and then I upload that onto our YouTube channel and will then link
that video in the YouTube channel into our resource suite as well so that means
that you can come in you can rather than going through this page or other pages
that we have and looking for a facebook lives you can go straight into that
resource suite you can see all of our videos and additional templates and
guides in some cases and we’ve added into those you can see those really
easily you can choose the topics that you want to choose and then you can just
dive straight into that topic and get a some inspiration and an overview on that
so we so what I’m saying is we are using these videos in facebook live as part of
our content strategy for YouTube and also for our easel
sweet as well now there are other things that you can do in YouTube as well which
we can cover another time if you’re interested in that please do let us know
in the comments and we’ll circle back and do something on YouTube in the
future so this just leads me to say that next week we would like to critique your
total wellness cleanse so what I’d like to do is critique you will page based on
its marketing ability so that we can improve it so we’ll look at the copy and
what we’ll do is we’ll look at the flow of how somebody comes onto your page and
how they go through your page and what happens next and we’ll be able to see
where you potentially can lose people on your page as well so we’re going to
critique it from that point of view so it’s gonna be really invaluable and you
can take what I’m going to talk about in this critique and you could use it on
your own website as well so all the information that I’m going to use I
critique the pages it’s going to be something that you would be able to take
into your own copy or into the way that you think about the flow of your own
website as well so if you’d like me to critique your page please let me know
URL and also let me know who your target market is as well you can add your URL
and your target market into the comments below or you can send a private message
is entirely up to you how you do that but if you just let me know by around
Tuesday next week then I will select heal I’m going to look at and I could
well be the critique of your profile this time next week so just need to me
really to say have a great end to your week and have a great weekend and I will
see you next week take care now bye

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