A Deeper Look at Soil Health (Trailer)
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A Deeper Look at Soil Health (Trailer)

Within a three-year span my soybean
yields probably went up three to five bushels an acre and corn ten to twelve. A lot of people don’t think they can
make any money on small grains and I disagree you know you might have to
market a little harder and you can do it but the one thing you have to take into
consideration is the yield bump you get on the other two years. The cover crops
that I like best would be putting like a rye, a turnip and a rapeseed mix in after
the oats. No-tilling beans into rye you just can’t believe the difference
between that and just going into straight corn stubble. Well, what’s unique
about mixing goats and cattle together is the cattle will eat certain things and not
others and the goats will slick up the rest. We actually watch the goats eat
bull thistle. They’ll strip that thing down to just a stick sticking up and there’s
nothing left. Say you’re in just a straight corn-soybean rotation, you’re in
a very low-carbon environment and have very porous soil structure. When you go
and you try to plant with that you make a furrow and those roots can’t penetrate.
I’ve seen small grain alleviate that. Don’t be afraid of it. Try it on a small
scale, it’s like anything; sometimes the scariest part is just
trying it. There’s something to all this and it’s
amazing the difference that it makes.

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