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46 thoughts on “8 Care Tips for Bearded Dragons | Pet Reptiles

  1. at 0:37, you said that they maxed out at 18 inches, i've read that they get up to 24 inches, and asked some employees at the pet store. I'm getting one, and his name'll be Loki. thanks for making this vid!

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  4. It's crazy because everywhere you read other things about how to care the beast for your Bearded Dragon. It's hard to find out what's the best way to keep them. Not easy if you're new in raptile keeping _

  5. It is actually pretty exspensive to feed them and sand is bad for them. You also seeming to be rough handling the medium sized one.

  6. I remember being 14 watching this and I was like “Damn I want one “ I asked my mom and the answer simple “Hell no” fast forward 3 years and I have 2 bearded dragons going for my 3rd 💀😂😂 she practically gets entertainment out of their antics 🤦🏾‍♂️😂 they are goofballs lowkey

  7. Just got a 10 month old for my son today from some nice owners that don't have the time any more. and he's a cool pet. He likes to chil on your shoulder and seems to enjoy being petted. And I inherited a cockroach farm which he gobbles up. Guess he likes em a lot.

  8. No people, don't EVER EVER get sand for your bearded dragons! I don't even need to have personal experience to know what I'm talking about, because sand gets so very dirty, just like a cat's litter box. Other loving, passionate, and responsible bearded dragon owners will tell you!
    Do you really want to waste your money and deteriorate the health and life of your precious beardie baby? Do you really want to let him slowly die and lose his or her natural coloration and beauty? Sand is NOT ok for them, just use stone tiles, newspaper or pieces of felt for their enclosure! You'll only pay less than $5 including cleaning, while sand on the other hand will cost roughly $25 or more EVERY SINGLE WEEK! It's very bad for both you and your dragon, and it's just plain cruel.

    Don't be deceived!

  9. I love lizards and geckos my mom's boyfriend knew this so my birthday he got me a beared dragon!! but not one….3……he got me 3? he doesn't know you can't just have 3 beared dragons together and they'll have a awesome friendly life.he has them in a 10 gallon right now and there doing good.but when they get bigger there moving into a 99 gallon that has sand they can digest but I'm scared if it will clog whatever is in them.since I got money from my birthday I'm buying them things they need for they're bigger tank.i got them a plant already but I'm going be getting them more cage items and care products for them

  10. I have a 7 week old bearded dragon and he is the meanest dragon ever and I’ve never been mean to him. Does anyone have any tips on how to make him less aggressive to me

  11. I have a fancy bearded dragon his name is ash and he is a juvenile Fancy bearded dragon he shedded once but yea I love him he started to get orange

  12. Anything yellow or close he will eat but I gave him salad kelp I want to try apples but I don’t know if that’s ok for them can anyone help?

  13. NICE VIDEO !!! WHAT should be better as a full complete source of vitamins and calcium? ZooMed Bearded Dragon food states it has all calcium and vitamins a dragon needs….. or should a simple Calcium with VIT.D be better?

  14. Tips for future beardie owners:

    Do NOT cohab these animals, idc how “friendly” they are around each other… They always eventually end up either brutally attacking each other (tearing off limbs and etc) or even eating each other if one is bigger than the other.

    Do not EVER use sand for their tanks.. it’s really best to just either use paper towels or tile from what I’ve heard.

    Never use red light, it can damage their eyesight.

    Don’t ever put uvb light INSIDE of the tank, that’s also bad from what I’ve heard… and never feed mealworms! It’s harsh on their stomachs and the chitin is quite tough…

    don’t use 20 gallon tanks for them… even when they’re babies! it’s too small, and they out grow them pretty fast. 40 gallon tanks or bigger are usually recommended…. a 30 gallon tank is alright, that’ll last them a while, but you’re gonna eventually have to upgrade to a 40 gallon, so just go ahead and get the 40 gallon or even larger if you want.

    I also wouldn’t really recommend these for little kids, unless they REALLY do their research and know what they’re doing.

    if anyone wants to add some tips themselves, feel free to do so!

  15. My beaded dragons stack on top of each other to get out of the tank so I wake up with them laying next to me

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