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heys guys welcome back to our channel we are
doing a daily vlog today so our first stop will be Bentley six month dr appointment he will be getting
his shots im dreading that cause no one hi Bentley hi my sweet heart are you ready to get shots how many pounds is he? 20 lbs 6 oz hey hey gosh your so strong already your 28 and a half
inches buddy oh my good ness (laughs) hold your little toy hi guys here it goes bentley is gonna
get his shots and you will hear some crying say hi jayden theres my buddy
he’s gonna get them right here (shots) because he had a bad reaction last time
it’s called rotavirus just say it no more leaving the doctor’s my poor baby
but he’s he’s doing okay Luckily he stopped crying right away so
that’s a good thing ticket miss you wouldn’t take our ticket
and so we had to ring a little both hooked a little buzzer thing you’re like
hair it keeps spitting our ticket out anyhow he was like you’re
just trying to get out the gate for free jorge was like what the hell you can see
the ticket through your camera then the guy looked like a big ol dummy
we we’re at the doctor like a long time to the wait was longer than we normally wait like
normally it’s like a quick thing we waited literally an hour and 40 minutes
so yeah we were there a long time we’re all grouchy now but we’re gonna go
get food I can never decide what I want to eat then I get out my husband sitter
decide what you want I can’t I can never decide what I want
ever never never never yeah so are we gonna go eat
all right anywhere actually I thank you
well McDonald’s looks different over there huh
other were doing it so really I’m doubtful whatever don’t
matter restaurant fast food doesn’t matter everyone
what do you want bubbies I shouldn’t be any of this to that
because I was supposed to start being good
yesterday like many people money Thursday I hopped uxq that’s called a hub because
they sell burgers now no longer I have I was I have supposed to come I wouldn’t
and a beat for hurt okay okay my boy bent knees his Billington from the shots
of course last time he had a really bad reaction and was in the emergency room
because he couldn’t stop um going diarrhea and it was due to the rotavirus
which is the one they gave you through the mouth so I did not give him that
shot this time yeah oral vaccine this time I’m like nope I’m gonna wait till
he’s ELISA a year old a little bit bigger so cuz I did not want to
experience that again it was like perfectly scary like he was so
dehydrated the point where he tears coming out of his eye and it was it was
it was scary luckily I took actions in my own hat and
I gave him pee light and stuff the doctors the doctors were trying to say
that no it’s the flu but no it was on flu nobody in my family had the flu
I wasn’t even taking him out of it was really out of the house how much at that
time because he was a new the only two months old so no nobody touched him no
we held him and I did like so much research and you know there has been a
few babies that that has happened to so that um happened to him yeah did he was
one of the rare cases I’m one of those people that do tons and
tons of research you know I have Dino doctors know what they’re talking about
but sometimes you know when it’s your child you you know you know you know
what’s best for your child more or you know you know them more than anybody
else does you know you don’t have to be a doctor to know that you know you know
what’s wrong with your child and sometimes you know better than the
doctor because again it’s your child right Bentley Bentley and I would never
let you get that bike that shot again the last time you listened to Hospital
member yeah almost how to get admitted and stay and stay in there so oh thank
god you did it if your child gets really really bad diarrhea that’s
uncontrollable and it’s like every single diaper change the minute you
change him their poopy and like water you know and they have just got the
shots it’s probably due to the rotavirus shot so be careful I took notes on her
doctor visit today he’s in the 98th percentile for weight
he weighs 20 pounds nine point six ounces and his height twenty eight point
eight and he’s in the 90th percentile and his head circumference was sixteen
point 1441 seven years so he’s doing fantastic I’m the only thing they said
was that – not because I beat him every day sometimes twice a day
and um okay and they say doctor sent out to bathe him anymore every single day
because he has really really bad okay I need really really bad I’m talking bad
like if any like anything I gotta come back okay I’m back so yeah
the doctor said they um just take him a bath every other day instead of everyday
because yeah it seems like really but eczema
I don’t know how that someone it’s really really bad and I’m not cuz when I
feed him it doesn’t matter what I’m feeding him if anything gets on his skin
if freakin flares up really bad under his neck it’s terrible it’s terrible but
I’m gonna see a dermatologist they put in a referral so hope he seen a
dermatologist soon for his skin my son he’s very very very sensitive I
will be doing a video on must haves for very sensitive babies since ative skin
since it has stomach you know anything sensitive this Bentley has it so I’m
gonna be doing a video on that to hopefully help other moms that have a
sensitive baby like mine because I had to do a lot of research
and teach myself some stuff so I’ll definitely do a video on that so
hopefully help somebody else out so yeah this was going to be a daily vlog but
being he got his shots and I should have known better than to start this office
at daily vlog because he he’s very sensitive and he’s been fussy it has a
fever zone I’m gonna wrap this up and I’ll see you guys

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  1. Jaden looked like he didn’t want to be in that doctors office either. Put a cold compress on that baby’s leg before you go to eat so it doesn’t swell up so bad😔

  2. I believe that’s only temporary but I half to let people know that they are serving burgers now I’m pretty sure they’re going to switch it back to IHOP

  3. Do the research "
    mom". No way could I do what you did here knowing what I know now. He already had reaction. This is so grievous to me.

    Praying for you and your precious family.

    God please open moms eyes.

    The Hi.ghwire..

  4. Can you get your baby checked for a genetic mutation called the MFTHR. 25% of Hispanics have it. Actually, all races do! But, my mixed baby has it. It causes kids to react very bad to most things. Especially vaccinations. My daughter still has diarrhea from the HBIG. I was literally forced. I actually argued with the nurses for over 24 hours. I called the police. They gave it to her anyways… stating that it was the law that they had to. I’m wondering if I can sue them? I don’t know? Please don’t give your baby these things. Just do the DT… not DTP ok. Also, no MMR. That causes autism in healthy babies with MFTHR. Please do more research and fight. I hope we don’t loose. I’m not anticvax. I’m anti mass genocide!

  5. Sucks!! Sorry to see that happen to your baby. My daughter now 23months, flared up with eczema after her 2 month shots. We were told by the doctors that's normal etc.. went to see the dermatologist and they gave us the same story. We were prescribed steroid creams to help with the flare up but those are only temporary. Being this is our first child we knew nothing about vaccines and the damages they would cause. We went ahead and followed the cdc vaccines schedule and in a year time went thru a string of vaccines. She was meeting all her milestones until her 12month shots. We started losing her, she weren't meeting her milestones, she started showing traits of autism. Stimming, toe walking, delay of speech, eye contact went away, she just went in to her own world. But because she was too young she couldn't be evaluated for autism. But we suspected something was wrong. Had her evaluated at 20months and sure enough, autism. Smh I did so much research and they all led me back to the vaccines. We are now doing aba therapy, I did biomedical treatment and changed her diet, detox, etc.. she have made huge progress over the past 2 months. I saw dramatic change once we detoxed her and changed her diet, we knew we were on the right track. Those flare ups, are huge red flags not to vaccinate! If I knew that then, this wouldn't have had happen to my baby. Not all babies have the immune system to handle those toxins. Especially newborns, they really need to have their titers test before any type of vaccines, this should be law. Hope your son gets better!

  6. Please please do your research mama if you need help I can help you please detox your baby look into trs detox and heal that babys gut good luck also eczema can be caused by vaccines

  7. Many parents are waking up to the fact that vaccines are linked to many diseases. When a child is given the 3 in 1 shot like the MMR shot, increased chances of brain damage aka Autism, ADD and ADHD along with learning disabilities. Doctors will always tell you that the reactions are ‘normal’ but they’re not.

  8. You apparently didn't do enough "research" if you continue to vaccinate that sweet babyboy!! Especially after he already had a bad reaction!!! You don't know which shot caused his reaction!!! They give too many at once to tell!! The way hes crying with that high pitched scream is a tell tale sign of vaccine injury!! Eczema is another reaction!!! Omg I pray you STOP vaccinating him!!!! Hes clearly having bad reactions and his immune system is telling you to stop!!!! Our doctors are clueless when it comes to vaccines all they know is how to give them and when!!!

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