5G: Shaping the Future of Healthcare / Episode 3 – The Medical Futurist
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5G: Shaping the Future of Healthcare / Episode 3 – The Medical Futurist

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9 thoughts on “5G: Shaping the Future of Healthcare / Episode 3 – The Medical Futurist

  1. Watch my video titled freedomcare, noble careers part 3

    Additionally…Drop the rent rates drastically NOW….if you legislate caps instead of dropping the rates drastically back to the 375/month range..you lose far more than any gains that could have come from the vast willfull wage growth in our time….do not legislate tobacco or
    college…or healthcare farther…i have far better solutions.. Watch my videos for a start…empower me to do my job.

    Also…stop with the toleration of fake impeachment and outlandish representation from the "left"..you are being trapped by the mechanical liability of vanity…you judge stuff great relative to horrible examples fed to you by media and willfull mischief….

    You need to drop rent rates huge in every nation very carefully and very swiftly…it is being used to destroy currencies and industries to irresponsibly consolidate….much much more to this topic…drop the rent rates now. Watch my videos. .will produce more.

  2. 💚 Amazing, keep up the good work!! You should use SMZeus”dot”com!!! ! Lots of people are using it to promote their videos!

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