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5716 Wellness Center – Bright Side 6

Can you imagine, I mean, turning a cigar factory
into a wellness center? So now we’re sitting in what is a former Albercon design cigar
factory. That had lived its use, and then it was a furniture warehouse for many many
years, and that had lived its use. We turned this into a wellness center. It’s a place where there’s different tenants,
where there is a primary care that has medical primary care as well as dental. This year
they’re going to see over 10,000 visits just here in this center alone. Then there’s early
childhood development. Kind of zero to three, an emphasis on childcare and early childhood
services. Then there’s a WIC program, which serves 3,000 moms and their babies starting
from pregnancy and on into the early development. And then there’s mental health counseling
and youth development counseling all, if you will, within a wellness center. So today it’s a wellness center. Tomorrow
it will be a wellness campus because all of wellness can’t fit within this building and
there’s other people who want to add on projects. So you get nutrition, you get walking, you
get cooking, you get chiropractic, you get yoga, you get meditation. All that we take
for granted, bringing that into a working, a lower class community so that we can bring
wellness back into their lives. When you look at developmental stages of children,
okay, going into/through their youth and whatever, the impact of nutrition, the impact of exercise,
the impact of having a primary care doctor with you and with the family through it all,
it’s so important. How are we going to get a head start in all of the other developmental
— in our education, okay, in our financial wellbeing — if our health is challenged.
So wellness is the key of a lot of development work. That idea, from a cigar factory to a wellness
center right in the midst of a neighborhood, it’s great. And we’re helping turn Detroit
back into a city of opportunity.

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