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5150 – Psychiatric Hold – KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Mental Health | Kati Morton

Hey everybody. Today I’m going to talk with you
about patient rights during a 5150. So like I said, Today I’m going to talk with
you about patient rights. I have heard from many of you that you
have been hospitalised by your therapist, Doctor. A Psychiatrist. Or you have taken yourself to the hospital
because you worried that you may commit suicide. And a lot of you have asked me, ‘What are my rights when I get there?’ ‘Is there anything that I can even do
if decide I don’t want to be there?’ And so I started looking into it. And I know that it’s not
always called a 5150, Depending on where you live. In different countries it can be
called different things. But what a 5150 hold is, Is when you are put in the hospital because
one of the professionals or yourself, Thinks that you are a danger to yourself. A danger to someone else. Or gravely disabled. And so they place you on this hold. Which is a 72 hour hold. Or a three day hold. In the hospital. So what are our rights? And I made my notes, just like
always so I don’t forget. And the fact of it is, That you do have the right
to contest the hold. Once you are placed on the hold, You have the right to contest it, And contest that you actually met the
criteria to be legally placed on the hold. Does that make sense? So you can contest the fact that maybe
you didn’t meet all of the criteria, Because you don’t think that you are
a danger to someone else or yourself. Or gravely disabled. Or whatever. But the tricky thing about this is that, I have to read this to make
sure I say it correctly, Because I’m not a lawyer. That the decision to file this motion. So you want to file this
writ of habeas corpus, To prove that you actually
don’t meet the criteria. Because that’s what you believe. The decision to file actually lies with
the County Public Defender. And since it takes a couple of days for
the writ to actually be filed, For this contesting
thing even to be filed, The 72 hour hold will probably have expired
by the time it even makes it to a court room, Or even makes it before a judge. Therefore they usually decide
not to go through with it. And they decide not to file
your writ of habeas corpus. Okay. Now I know it’s kind of confusing
because it’s legal jargon. And I’m not a lawyer. But it really means that you can contest
saying ‘I don’t meet the criteria’. But the chances of it actually going through
with it and finding itself in a court of law, Is very low. Because by the time that happens,
you’ll be out anyways. But you do have that right. And lets say they end up extending
your stay in the hospital, Which is something that can happen. It goes from a 5150 I think to a 5152,
or a 5250 I think is what it is. It extends it another couple of days. But if you had contested it, At that time maybe it would find its way
into a court room and you could be released. So you do have rights. And we always have rights. However, I want you to always consider the fact that
as a professional in the field of mental health, And I’m sure all other
professionals feel this way, We’re not going to
place you on a 5150 hold, Without feeling that you
are at risk in some way. Whether it be yourself. Or to someone else. Or if you are gravely disabled. We are doing it to really keep you safe. And so I would consider that before considering
contesting it or anything like that. Because we are really doing it
with your best interest in mind. And that’s why we get into
what we do in the first place, Is to help people. Am I right? So I hope you found this helpful. And like always, like this if you
like this kind of content. And this type of video. And don’t forget to subscribe, Because I put out videos all of the
time and you don’t want to miss them. And wherever you are on the internet, I’m there too. I’m on tumblr And twitter. And facebook. And I have my own website,
katimorton.com And I have new t-shirts. And I will see you next time. Bye. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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100 thoughts on “5150 – Psychiatric Hold – KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Mental Health | Kati Morton

  1. I was held on a 5150 for not even 24 hours it was like 8 hours and I was 15. Does this still count against the 5 year gun ban and would I still be able to join the military?

  2. "5150 Hold" is unique to California. Massachusetts calls it a "Section 12," and a few other states call them "emergency custody orders."

  3. But you never have to speak to police and you don't have to speak to the doctor he has the right to remain silent arrested or not you don't have to speak to anyone

  4. I’m sorry but psych wards don’t do shit most of the nurses are super rude and annoying
    You have no right even if your over 18 I’m so glad I have no therapist
    I had over 10 therapist those women didn’t help me one bit.

  5. Do you have the right to refuse medication? (Like if I'm near needles that people are trying to force into me I will probably lash out in panic)

  6. Say you are 18 and in need of psychiatric help, you go to an ER and you are voluntary. You expressed the fact that you do not want to be admitted into that specific hospitals psychiatric ward because it does not fully help you and doesn’t hold all the activities you feel you need (daily groups and a schedule other then just a meal schedule). Do I have the right to be sent to a different Psychiatric center that has a better program for my needs? Please I really need to know…

  7. I contested my hold in court and the doctor (Who I had never met) got up in front of the judge and claimed I hated women. The judge found in his favor and I was 5250d and rieced. Then I was forcefully tied to a gurney and injected with antipsychotic meds. All because I was seeking medical help for a benedryl-alcohol reaction (I am allergic to bees and I like beer…. Warning: bad combo). Now I can tell you I love women. Just not the morbidly obese nurse who forced me to take meds that put me into a catatonic state. It was the lowest, scariest point in my life. And thats coming from a dude with a spinal cord injury. Thanks for all your help. Fun fucking times.

  8. Big Pharma is buying doctors with money incentives to promote or to prescribe a particular drug. The government ends up paying for almost all of the drugs. The drugs are promoted on people who cant give informed consent. Therefor big pharma is paying doctors to force drug a particular patient with a particular drug of their choice that they big pharma made themselves.

  9. I am only disliking because I disagree with the idea that therapists/doctors generally order a 5150 for your safety. It is also and probably more likely so they are not held accountable if the patient does commit suicide or kill someone. It's the legal medical system ahead of the patient's needs.

  10. That's a joke! You lose rights if you are put on a hold. They tried to make me sign a paper when I was leaving the hospital saying that I understood the rights I had lost for FIVE YEARS! Instead of signing I put: I was not going to kill myself, I was not a danger to others and I was not gravely disabled!

    I went to sign my case manager because I was having suicidal thoughts after being sexually assaulted and having the legal system treat me like S&$#. I clearly said to my case manager at my psychiatrist's office that I didn't want to kill myself. I came to her because I needed someone to talk to and needed advice on finding a different shelter to stay at because of the assault.

    She suggested I sign myself into the hospital. She said I would not be put on a hold. Though when I got done signing all the paperwork, they immediately put me on a hold without me having talked to a psychiatrist or a social worker.

    Once admitted, I was picked on, bullied and assaulted by staff! They had no shower shoes to give out so it took me days to be able to take a shower.

    They refused to take my digestion issues seriously. They actually read the list of foods that I can't eat out loud, laughing at each item right outside my room while I was trying to sleep. I was there almost two weeks and they didn't fix my diet until the day before I left.

    I told everyone that if I eat foods that I shouldn't that I acid diarrhea that causes a rash and severe cramps. I told the staff, nurses, regular doctor and my psychiatrist. When I did get sick from eating something I shouldn't, it took them over two hours to give me something for it. Every time I asked for medicine for pain it could take hours to get it. They didn't want to give me my rescue inhaler either.

    On the Monday after I arrived, I saw a different psychiatrist than the one that was assigned to me. He didn't want to listen to anything I had to say. When I asked to be put on voluntary because I signed myself into the hospital he got angry with me. He yelled at me that I had "No rights and he could do whatever he wanted". Then, he lied to staff saying that I had threatened him and ordered me an injection of Haldol. Though, I had no idea what the injection was at the time because they refused to tell me.

    I am extremely sensitive to medications especially psychiatric medications. I can't take any of the medicines similar to Haldol.

    I did yell once I left the room with the doctor that I have rights and that I'm a human being. Though, I now know that staff didn't see me that way. I went straight to my room across the hall. I didn't threatened anyone or even wave my arms.

    I went to the bathroom than sat on my bed to read. I was completely calm at this point. As I was picking up my book, I saw five staff members walk into the room. I saw one of them carrying a syringe.

    They said the doctor had ordered me an injection for threatening him. I told them I didn't threatened the doctor and that I didn't want the injection because I was calm. I thought that would be the end of it because I knew legally that I had a right to refuse the injection because I was not being a danger to myself or others, but the staff didn't care about my rights. They said it didn't matter.

    At this point I started crying and begging them that I would take anything orally but please don't give me a shot. They smiled like my pain was amusing. Then, they actually expected me to cooperate while they assaulted me.

    They told me to roll over on my stomach to make things easier for them. I refused. They manhandled me on to my stomach and injected me.

    Instead of the injection making me calm, it made me extremely anxious and agitated. I could barely think straight and could not stop shaking. Instead of comforting me at this point, they said they would give me more injections if I didn't stop shaking. I had just enough sense to cover myself with my blankets and hide on the floor beside my bed where they couldn't see me. I stayed there from a little after breakfast to almost lunch time. I was feeling the effects of the Haldol well into the next day.

    I am still having nightmares and flashbacks about what they did to me at the College Hospital in Cerritos. The rest of the time I was there, two of the staff members that had assaulted me tried to act like they were my best friends. This was unbearable. It made my pain even worse because I couldn't say how angry I was at them for fear of being assaulted again.

    I was in the hospital for seven more days of terror. I was worse when I left the hospital than when I arrived. I was completely betrayed.

    I threw out all my psychiatric medications. I will never have anything to do with the psychiatric branch of medicine again!



  11. To help? Ha! That's a laugh! It made me feel worse! And it's definitely a longer stay. I was there for two weeks!

  12. Where can I report a va employee that falsely accused me of being drunk to my therapist. Delaying my treatment? Did not trump sign a bill saying all va employees will be held accountable for their mistreatment. Off veterans.

  13. Open carry in a liberal state and you will be 5150ed and lose all your second amendment rights. Leftists are using this as a weapon against conservative minded people. No Kati, i will not agree with you "keeping me safe". Best interest in mind my ass libtard scumbags. Watching you i could not help but be left with a certain "impression". You tell me what i am trying to say with this link.

  14. So, if you are a doctor or medical professional, you are now deputized to imprison a person against their will without any trial. Nice. "Best interests in mind…" I think I know my best interests better than you do, thank you very much.

  15. If your doctor tells you that Pharma paid him or her to promote a particular drug then you know they are going to bring out the restraining belts and involuntary injections. Everyone will be running upon hearing Pharma paid the doctor to promote a particular drug. The doctor was paid to promote belt services and involuntary injections.

  16. Love how you "can contest the 5150, but it takes a few days for it to get to the court" what the hell? Oh and there is another reason you can be sent to a psych er on a 5150, "if a person is being taken care of by someone and that care is ending, you can be declared gravely disabled and have to be sent to a hospital" unless someone else is willing to take you in and they come forward without being asked, but they have to know about it to be able to come forward right?

  17. In Ontario it's called a Form 1. If you go to a general hospital, the ER doc might put you on the form, but the psych resident can and often does send you home. Sometimes you have to stay when you don't want to and other times you feel you need to stay because you are afraid of yourself and they send you away.

  18. What some of you may not know and what they don't want to tell you is that after 72 hours is up you can demand to be released on an Ama that stands for or against medical advice that is your right..

  19. I b have always taken myself. UT when I call police ty hey think others baker t acted me. I always did it to heal myself. not by anyone. I get discrimination from cops.

  20. Been on 5150 hold, due. to suicide attempt from abusive ex mentally and sexually abusing me, it sucks, they could hold you. longer and dope ya with addictive tranquilizers, just stay calm and convince em you dont want to harm yourself, stay relaxed and they may realease ya sooner I was released the next day. Its worse. than jail.

  21. Psychiatrists enter the business for power & profit over the most vulnerable & their darkest moment,,, pure evil …

  22. There is a difference between you taking yourself in and either dr/court ordered. Forgot what it is actually called here in the state of VA.

  23. Hello Cayden, You are an inspiration. My girl went through the same 72 hour hold today. I have only one question for you. She is still in the hoispital and a psychiatric unit has not been assigned to her , so her 72 hour havent started yet. Can we be sure that after 72 hour , she will be released or they can make her be inside more? Please advice.

  24. how da hell are mental insitutes helping?? those places dont look inviting at all, if they looked better instead of like prisons or hospitals, people would ask for help… look at Norwegian prisons!! a good example of how people shud b treated

  25. Mental hospital here in norway is pretty ok. Takes a lot to get sectioned against your will, and when ure there of your own will they ask u multiple times if you still want to be there. U can leave if and when you want yo

  26. NOTE TO EVERYONE: If you are placed on a psych hold, have your friends and family go immediately to the courthouse and petition for an emergency protective order against the hospital! The public defender can't stop you from doing that.

  27. in my opinion,psych wards don’t really help. they feed patient drugs that could possibly make their depression worse,most of the nurses at the place i was at were rude,they gave me medicine that i didn’t know what was to be treated for. by the 4th day i called my brother crying silently,asking him to please find a way to get me back home but after i said that,the nurse at the desk said i was allowed to go home.

  28. Had a giant black eye and a huge red bruise on my hip because I was battered on a Section 12. I was chemically restrained when I asked for help and I still was attacked.

    I have a diagnosis from the best Boston Hospital and those records were never reviewed. I got a new diagnosis based on what was testified about me.

    I have PTSD and I talk fast. PTSD can be mistaken for other illnesses.

    I was safe-outside of the hospital. I left after a nightmare also without my iPhone. Do not be fooled.

    Be especially cafeful if you are female. Luckily they can not stick a needle into our brains anymore.

  29. It's 72 business hours, does not count the first day, and does not count the weekend.

    And your entire life can capsize from it. I ended up losing my job, then my car, and then my home. I got into the system so now my ex-husband can just tell anyone he wants that I am suicidal.

    Treatment for mental illness puts you at serious risk. We have no rights. I cannot call police for help. I cannot go to a hospital for treatment. I cannot do anything human anymore without looking over my shoulder.

  30. that is a great way to push people out of treatment, unfortunately this force and coeherst treatment scares people away from your industry.

  31. My spouse was committed by the ER after attempting to harm themself. We are going on a WEEK now, and they have not been seen by a doctor at all. What are our resources for this?

  32. In Massachusetts my sons theropist threatened my wife they would call child services if I'm not out of the house in 30 days. What rights do I have ?

  33. Guess what… not everybody thinks that they should be saved from themselves… I was dragged out of my BED and handcuffed AND TO THIS DAY I DONT KNOW WHY! They dragged me out of my house with my hands cuffed behind my back… funny the cops passed my canes on their way in to “rescue” me… but apparently they thought they were just for decoration and I just wanted to be difficult by not walking out of my house… so the bruised my arms and wrists by dragging me all the way out my front door… they said I called the suicide hotline… but I didn’t! And there was no evidence that I had in my phone log… I was incarcerated for a week in the nut ward… so yeah… I’ve quit counseling because I refuse to talk with anybody about the thoughts I have because I do not want to go back there… you can’t trust anybody…

  34. my son has schizophrenia he can't take care of himself
    he poops in public.
    he has no clue what he's doing.
    how can I as his mother to keep him longer he's been in and out of mental hospitals for the pass 4 years he's in Anaheim now. I don't know what to do he wants me to get him I'm in Utah saving money to get him. they never keep him please what can I do for them to keep him he's not safe to himself

  35. I've been on a hold 4 times and almost did again a couple days ago and all my holds have been longer then 3 days and we c all it a miw which stands for mental illness warrent

  36. An ex girlfriend is harassing me. She contacts me with fake identities, she sends me fake sonogram telling me she will keep the child, she comes to my work, threatens me, what can I do? I have never been in this situation.

  37. This is the shortest video ever because there are NO RIGHTS ANYMORE once you are committed…just know that before going in so that you are not traumatized like I was..

  38. Katie there are other rights patients have than what she just listed. I highly recommend taking a wrap(wellness recovery action plan) class. This way while people are not in crisis at the moment they can decide what is best for themselves and give power to family and or friends to make sure there wishes are carried out. This can especially be helpful when patients don’t do well on certain psychiatric drugs that seems to always be prescribed. The class also can help prevent a crisis

  39. Permanently scarred due to Invega and Risperdal, and the plastic surgery needed to cure the gynecomastia those drugs gave me. No restitution either from Big Pharma or the mental "health" center, who prescribed me the drugs without ANY warnings as to long-term side effects. Now, I live every day with psychological and physical pain, and everyone seems oblivious as to why I should even be upset; including the mental "health" professionals. So, yeah, thank psychiatry for all the wonderful "help" that has ruined my body and destroyed my life.

  40. I have to disagree. You may have that experience where Everyone is a high level professional. That will not be the case at most hospitals. Many places don’t inform you of your rights. Law Enforcement is usually present and the choice is the hospital, under watch or in jail. If we had rights we wouldn’t need to file a motion in court.

  41. In New York they don't have the 72 hr hold, it's an involuntary hold where you can be held for up to 90 days and even then they can have a judge sign off for you to be held longer.

  42. America’s system is fucking pathetic. Money money money. It’s so sad that human beings have turned against themselves because of money. What a sad excuse of a species. Destroy money and get humanity back on track.

  43. All of these negative comments about psych units… the idea to a 72 hour hold is to take you out of crisis and make you not want to rely on the hospital as a safe place everytime. But rather it reinforces the drive to get better because you don't want to be miss treated… And 9 times our of 10 those who are claiming mistreatment didn't take the time to sit down and actually talk about their issues properly… I have BPD CPTSD MDD along with a few others I know it can be hard to regulate emotions but I personally was told to leave town by a psych nurse to get help that there was nothing they could do for me. The time after that the same nurse was hugging me crying after I broke down and explained what was actually going on. They are people too you need to give them a chance. It may be a little easier for me because my sister is a nurse and my mother is a firefighter BUT that dose not mean I treat anyone differently. I've exploded at doctors for giving me medication that didn't work for me. I also got physical with a doctor who knowingly prescribed a medication I was having an allergic reaction to. The moral is give them a chance and let them listen if you have to repeat yourself 100000 times then do it the only one who knows your pain is you and at the end of the day we need to stand our ground and be firm but respectful when we feel mistreated

  44. Also, during the attempt, they wouldn't let me go back home, & they told me that if I did, they would put me in Wichita Falls State Mental Hospital for the rest of my life. The prison psych ward. At first, they lied & said that they would let me go back home & get some important things.

  45. The adolescent ward is a lot better than the adult ward I’ve heard. I was discharged after 24 hours, all we did was talk about our feelings to the nurses, read books, watch movies, and nap.

  46. 302 or 303. What would you do if you're Mom made a statement before you even got there. So when you arrive it is your words against hers. Then I refuse to take the meds at first so they made me stay longer. That's all they could do any way. Let me take the pills so I don't have to be injected. I was in there screaming. I was scared.

  47. 302= you are a problem to your self or environment. 303= you are on an extension (more day s)for observation.

  48. When this happened to me twice I had no rights, could not leave. Was so frightening. I hate the f*** up system.

  49. Mk Ultra /clone break down. Look at B Spears Yep. Thats what they call rehab or exhaustion or psychiatric hold. (5150 – van hallen)

  50. People with mental health issues should not be treated Like criminals upon check in. They should call an ambulance not placed under cuffs. We’re not criminals!

  51. So, the truly important question is whether involuntary (or even voluntary) hospitalization actually saves any lives. There are certainly lawyers who will come at you full throttle if your patient dies by their own hand, but the duty isn't to avoid a negative judgement. It's to the client (patient, whatever).

  52. You technically don't have any rights. Involuntary commitment should be legal and is unconstitutional. Um, they're judgement is usually wrong because I've read of many stories where people had suicidal thoughts or didn't even have anything psychologically wrong with them and were involuntarily committed where they ended up losing everything they ever had (including custody of kids) and were in debt up to their knees from the involuntary stay. The reason why I haven't seeked any mental health help is because I'm scared of being involuntarily committed or something like that…😡😡😵😵

  53. Worst case scenario risperidone will cause you to pass out while driving a pickup truck. When you doctors kids or other people's kids are crossing the street. The US Government really hates the first amendment right and US constitution.

  54. Why is Jen-Saw comment censored. I got him to passout on antipsychotics while driving a motor vehicle into dozens of people with a similar comment here. He did it shortly after my comment

  55. The baker act maybe a human rights violation and the money in the dead pool use for baker act can be depleted by having the heavenly father set fire to all the forests in America to deplete money needed for baker act.

  56. I had a good experience all three times I went to the mental facilities but I was put in a hold and it still haunts me to this day. I’ve developed PTSD because I wasn’t doing anything nor was I a harm to anyone.

  57. Forcing someone to get better won't make them better. And the hospitals are a hit or a miss. Whether they give you psych meds that worsen your condition, assault by the staff or other patients, or sexual assault by staff or patients. Especially with Eugenia Cooney in mind, for her to be forced into that, with no one else knowing what happened to her there (because they won't tell you or give you updates family or not) In my case persistant support and patience is what got me to seek help.

  58. On your marks get set go and hold your sanity because the inject able antipyschotic doesn't set in untill after. It could cause you to feel drowsy and pass out and have heart attack while driving a motor vehicle and accidentally strike multiple people's children. That's when you discover the forced medication hit everyone in front of you like a rogue Ford F150

  59. This is interesting. Here in England, this is called a "Section 136", police have the power to section you (as well as healthcare professionals, as stated in the video) for 72 hrs. If you are admitted to hospital against your will (also known as "sectioning"), this goes up in levels. For example, I was sectioned under the mental health act, for a min of four weeks. With another four weeks in a day service. This is a section 2. Section 3 requires more intense care etc.

  60. Just went to one worst place ever was really drunk cut the top of my wrist and next thing you know my mom calls cops next thing im fighting three of them they couldnt take me down i said tase me next thing you know i wake up with a bunch of strange sick persons im so scared get sent to the loony bin surrounded by a bunch of nuts thank god i prayed to him to get me out got out after two days god bless the nurse that put in a good word for ha wont forget she told me she liked to get drunk off wine

  61. I was hospitalized 3 times against my will over an 11 year period. The same mental hospital. The only thing I liked about the hospital was the food and this white cat who was still there for at least 11 years. She was a friendly, cuddly kitty cat named Clarissa.

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