25 Truths All Nurses Know
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25 Truths All Nurses Know

– Do movies portray us
accurately? (laughs) You’re not serious, right? (“Old School Cool”) – You often worry about
whether or not your patient has peed in the last eight hours, but then again, you haven’t
peed in the last 12. – We have the biggest
bladders in the world, ever – We love when you tell us
what you found out on WebMD. No, no, no we don’t. – Almost nothing fazes you anymore. – Sometimes you’ll think, “Well, no one “died or masturbated in front of me today, “so it’s been a good day.” – You honestly deserve an award for how much stress you
handle every single day. – Every day is a multiple
cups of coffee kind of day. – Fun fact, all nurses know
that in nursing school, even when you’re right, you’re wrong ’cause while it’s correct, it’s not the most correct. – Nursing friendships are a bond unlike any other. – Because you’ve literally
been through shit together. – We truly do love our jobs, it’s just that some people are assholes. – Unfortunately, nurses
have to remind people that we are not their personal servants. – As a nurse, you’ve considered adding loads of experience dealing
with ignorant people to your resume. – You develop a very weird,
unique sense of humor. – I have seen the strangest balls. – It never fails that the
minute you put gloves on, you get something in your eye. – You will wash your hands
so many times it will feel like your skin is literally
falling off of your hands. – It’s almost impressive
how many different forms of body fluid you
can get on you in one day. – I smell like urine now. – There should be another
option when filling out relationship status’,
single, married, nurse. – Photoshop, that’s how
you make it look like you’re a part of weekend group hangouts. – Can someone please turn off that fucking call bell? – Still holding my pee in, still holding. – When people dress up as
a sexy nurse for Halloween, you think, “I don’t need
to dress up as a sexy nurse “because I already am one.” – It’s not that we couldn’t be doctors, we chose to be RNs, just so we’re clear. – Some people like to make jokes about the fact that you clean up poop, but you also save lives on the reg. – As a nurse, no matter what you deal with on a daily basis, you love your job, and you wouldn’t change it for the world. (“Old School Cool”)

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65 thoughts on “25 Truths All Nurses Know

  1. Being nurse is both blessing and curse to be very honest, I can relate to everything in this video 😉😉😉😉

  2. nurses and teachers sound like they have similar struggles they both shape futures they both deal with assholes they both have to hold their pee in a lot they both take care of other people and they both deserve more pay

  3. I love this video it was completely hilarious. I recently started making noise and videos on my fairly new YouTube channel. I love watching videos like this for inspiration.

  4. “Do movies portray us? You’re joking, right”

    Well neither to buzzfeed videos with fake nurses.

  5. I'm 22 but had to have a surgery at the children's side of a hospital (that's just where the surgeon was placed that day) and I also had to stay overnight. All of the nurses were so sweet and hilarious. And probably glad that they had someone close to their age around. One of them even made her own scrubs. They were so cute.

  6. Shout out to all the nurses. People couldn't survive without you. You're awesome people. Idk how you can put up with the stuff you do. But you do. Thank you for caring for us idiots

  7. Okay I'm no nurse or anything, but I have witnessed people fight nurses because they couldn't diagnose what they had or be rude because they are nurses them selves, at appointments. Like hunny if you are a nurse and know exactly what you have THEN WHY DID YOU FRICKING MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. AND IF YOU WANT A DIAGNOSIS THATS WHAT THE DOCTORS ARE THERE FOR, THEY DONT JUST WEAR A LAB COAT AN WALK AROUND FOR FUN MA'AM.

  8. Well, I mean… teachers have HUGE bladders also. They don't get a break until their students do. Not saying nurses don't,huge respect for you guys, but like… teachers.

  9. My mom and dad are nurses and I knew they can hold their urinating but I never knew they are so used to doingit.

  10. WebMD: CANCER! It's all cancer. You're walking cancer!
    Nurses/Doctors: It's probably just anxiety, go home. annoyed
    Me: actually has a chronic illness

  11. Too much vulgar words ruins what would be an excellent well informative video. However, if upper middle aged patients are confined to bed by an alarm, who are ordinarily able to help themselves, only the nurses and doctors have themselves to blame if such confined patients treat them like servants.

  12. I'm a fuckin nurse and I go don't drink coffee and I used the restroom 10x in my 12 hr shift. ( No sarcasm only truth).

  13. Oh my gosh I hear that ALL the time 🙄
    "Oh so you're a butt wiper"
    Umm NO I'm saving lives, making sure they don't die, running around like a crazy person for 12 to 18 hours a day, all this on 4 to 6 hours of sleep -I Iove my job though 🙏 for me the hardest parts are children who have been abused in any way & when we lose a patient 😪 they tell you not to get to attached but its not that simple.. especially when you have done EVERYTHING you can & they still pass. Then you have to walk passed the family knowing this is by far the WORST DAY of their lives!! At some point we all end up needing a nurse –

  14. I am graduating from nursing school in 2 weeks. Every rotation I had the nurses had breaks, meals and time to pee. Many had pot lucks in the break rooms, lol. Nurses work hard but have to stop the martyr complex.

  15. I can agree to almost all except the bathroom thing. As a nurse to my fellow nurses…wait for it…it's okay to use the bathroom. No patient ever died in the 1-5 minutes it takes to pee/poop. You have to take care of yourself in order to give the best care to others. I work on a rough unit (post-op, broken bones, CIWA patients, confused, sundowning patients, chest tubes, occasional IV insulin, et cetera with many patients having 3 neurological assessments in 12 hours, and most patients needing something for pain on a regular basis, with the occasional medical patient (patients who only need 1 assessment in 12 hours who have a little less pain)) and we are 6 patients to 1 nurse and I can still say this. 🙂 Just go and pee if you have to. With the unit I work on a good day is patients not going crazy because they don't want to have any pain, patient's loved ones not being too stressed out, and time to sit down aside from taking as needed bathroom breaks.

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