10 Things To Know When Dating A Nurse
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10 Things To Know When Dating A Nurse

what’s up everyone nurse Blake here and
in this video I’m gonna talk about things you need to know when dating a
nurse we’re amazing we’re awesome we’re
awesome we’re amazing I feel like everyone should date a nurse and I feel
like if everyone dated a nurse the world would be a much better place we like
sleep we love sleep we can take either a 10-minute nap or 18 hour nap we work mom
we love to sleep or when we have a day off chances are we’re gonna be tired and
we’re gonna want to just sleep just like a peaceful sleep all right just let us
sleep don’t wake us up our bodies will naturally wake us up we don’t need to
set an alarm or a timer we don’t need you to be our alarm or a timer all right
well wake up when we want to get up leave us alone
go do something like go hang out with your friends I mean people will be like
nurses only work three days a week so that means they’re off for four days
like they could take a cruise or they could go on a vacation yeah that’s true
I could schedule a cruise but I’d rather spend that time sleeping I love sleep I
sleep all day I feel like my family has thought I was missing before cuz I slept
so long nurses work some weekends and holidays a nurse may have to work like a
requirement for their job two weekends a month or one weekend a month or you have
to work two major holidays a year and that really stinks because we don’t get
to spend that time with our friends or family so just know that if you want to
take us out for a date on a weekend you better make sure we’re off that weekend
in all holidays so New Year’s Eve I love to go out on New Year’s Eve but
sometimes I have to work so unfortunately we’re not gonna be able to
celebrate together on New Year’s Eve but we will still celebrate it’ll probably
be like January 2nd or January 3rd the next Sam off but we will celebrate and
the great thing to know about work when a nurse has to work weekends or holidays
is they get extra money you get a shift differential or you get some sort of
extra bonus whenever you work there weekends or holidays number one because
no one wants to work them so sure if I got to work I want that extra money and
just so you know we’re not good with money so that money isn’t gonna go to
bills or something it’s gonna go to shopping we need time to decompress
after work after a really long shift when we get home don’t run up and give
us a hug or a kiss our scrubs are probably so dirty from all the contact
rooms and code grounds you don’t even want to know you don’t even want to know
like seriously don’t touch us let us take off our scrubs let us take an hour
shower or a bath change into our pajamas and then you can greet us and pretend
like we just got home and give us a big kiss and a big hug it’s just because or
so it’s a long day like ours we’re dirty like we don’t want to come up and give
you a hug get you dirty so let us just come home take a shower relax and then
we’ll come out we’ll give you a big hug story time
nurses love story time we can write a book for the amount of stories we have
just in one shift so few nurses work three or four shifts a week you could
write a whole like a series you can write like a Harry Potter series of
stories yeah we are gonna want to share those crazy graphic stories with you you
may not want to listen but guess what we don’t care you know we’re gonna tell you
anyways so these stories will pop up at any time in our minds typically at the
most inconvenient moment like dinner with your family we’ll just get this
idea like oh I gotta share this crazy graphic story and it’s gonna make
everyone super uncomfortable you’re probably not gonna want to finish your
meal but it’s a story that we wanted to share with you and your family and
whoever else is around so if we share a story just smile and nod your head and
laugh at all the appropriate times and that’ll make us feel better
we know we’re sharing these stories but we ain’t gonna stop caffeine’s our
friend love coffee Starbucks vanilla latte you’ll win my heart if you have
those for me at the beginning of every shift we work along how many times I’d
say this our job is so hard our shift is so long like most
people working 8-hour shift and they go home we work 12 hour 13 hour shifts so
we need caffeine to keep us going and it’s not like a slow eight hour like
it’s not like a slow 12 hours like it’s a busy crazy on your feet running things
are happening all these time things are having things are happening and we need
either Red Bull coffee tea monster energy whatever and if we do have a
favorite caffeinated beverage if you want to be the most awesome person ever
have it ready for us when we walk out the door and that’ll be a big surprise
and I’ll help us it’ll be a great start or day all we talk about is nursing I
talk about nursing all day when I wake up in the morning when I go to bed at
night when I’m shopping at Target I talk about Nursing when I’m shopping at
Nordstrom Rack atop about nursing talking about my family talking about
Nursing when I talk to my dog talk about Nursing and no matter what anyone talks
about around me I could pretty much tie it into nursing and that’s gonna make me
want to share all those crazy nursing stories so just know we talk about
nursing that’s our life we talk about nursing all the time and if we take you
out with us to celebrate with our co-workers for appetizers all we’re
going to talk about is nursing it’s probably gonna drive you crazy but you
really can’t break us off that topic because it’s just what it is it’s what
we do and it’s really what we love sex huh speaking of snacks I have some
snacks I love snacks Doritos she’s it I had it bag of Famous Amos but I already
ate them oh yes all right so when we work we always don’t get time for a
30-minute lunch break so to get us through our day we have to eat like
snacks throughout the day so we take snacks to work right so if there’s ever
snacks in the kitchen cupboard and you want to eat some make sure you don’t eat
all of them because we’re gonna want to take them to work so if it’s Monday
night and you’re hungry but I work on Tuesday morning don’t go and eat all my
Doritos like you can have one Doritos but not
all my Doritos alright and when I talk about a Doritos bag like it says on the
back servings per container about ten and I like the term it says like about
because for me this is like about one serving so if we go to the grocery store
we need to buy two bags of Doritos and that could be one for you and one for me
same with the Oreos if these are in the cupboard and you’re hungry and you want
Oreos don’t go and eat both of the Oreos you can have one but save me the other
one all right cheez-its okay I like Chex Mix cheez-its
Doritos Pringle cheeto famous name is Chips Ahoy candy skittles nurse on a row
nerds lifesavers I eat a lot of snacks we worked longer than 12 hours so
typically when we get a job they say you’re gonna work from 7 to 7 or 6 to 6
and we typically tell our family like people like when you work you know 7 to
7 that doesn’t mean we get off at 7 o’clock we only leave work when the
patient’s safe the other nurses on our shift are doing good and leaving with us
and that the other nurse on the new shift is ready to take over a patient we
will never just try to rush out the door we always want to make sure that our
patients are safe and that our team is good before we leave so sometimes we may
not leave to like eight or nine o’clock and family and people who date us will
be like where were you at where you’re supposed to be home at 7 o’clock your
shift lived at 7 o’clock it should have been over at 7 o’clock but I have
patients I have a team I’m trying to help and everyone gets out on time
alright so be patient with us if you plan to have dinner ready it’s probably
gonna get cold so just wait until we say hey babe we’re
on our way home go ahead and heat the dinner up and that will be home so don’t
just don’t assume that we get off exactly at 7 o’clock or 6 o’clock or
whenever that time is we’ll get home when our patients are safe and our team
is good we love nursing I love nurse the nursing
is my life it’s not just a job for me it’s definitely a career so if you want
to date someone who is a nurse you’re also dating their career and you have to
love everything about that person and nursing is a part of us and it’s a part
of our life so just know that when you marry a nurse you’re married to all
their stories you’re married to all their snacks you’re married to all their
caffeine you’re married to all their sleep but most importantly we are
awesome and where we are caring and we really do Nursing is not for the money
because we don’t make that much money okay
oh I should have put that in there wait nurses don’t make that much money so
don’t try to marry us for our money because it mayn’t kind of money we’re
caring and we really care about the community we serve and the residents in
our community care about our patients and their families we care about our
families and our friends if anyone’s ever sick we basically are the nurse for
the whole family and we care about whoever we’re with so we care about you
if you’re dating a nurse or married to a nurse thank you so much for all your
love and support because it’s great to have a partner or have someone in your
life that really supports you and cares about what you do and it really does
make a really big difference so thank you guys so much for watching if you’re
thinking about dating a nurse do it give nurses a chance we are pretty awesome
and if again if you’re dating a nurse or married to a nurse you guys are awesome
thanks so much for all your love and support I’m nurse Blake you can check
out more content on my website at nurse Blake com
you can also find me on Instagram and on Facebook chat with you later bye I want to snack I feel like I definitely
deserve a whirl

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100 thoughts on “10 Things To Know When Dating A Nurse

  1. Oh MY Goooooodnesss!!!!! There is so much I can say about the Nursing field. As much as I can appreciate how much you love your sleep and need your sleep, that is exactly what the Patients Need when they are fighting for it, and all they hear are the laughing nurses throughout all hours of the day or night. When a patient has been admitted for serious reasons, trauma, throwing a blood clot etc, the nurses NEED to LISTEN to the PATIENT!!!!!!!!! Because as much as nurses love their Sleep, that is pretty much a drop in the bucket for Patients who just want to LIVE. I can say this as I have both family in the Nursing field and have also been a Cardiac Patient who knows the Medical Protocols. Hmmmmm GERMS, so essentially your scrubs are disgustingly filthy with Germs, so what does that do for the Patient who has Open Heart Surgery or any surgery when the Nurse, just kinda forgets to wash their hands, and attempts to put in a IV. On another note, what happens at Work, STAYS at work!!!! I told my husband that forty years ago. I didn't share how the kids tried to strangle the cat, or how the principles office called to let me know my little boys who is now a grown man and married to a RN, that he shouldn't be giving the finger, when he had no clue at four years of age what it ever meant. He's now a Physicist as his dad is. Oh and the Trash food, chips, candy etc. Don't eat them. Be creative and boil some eggs, don't bring them in the house. If your daughter starts to eat them, how healthy can that be? Lastly with all the RN's in my family and Doctors as well, there is not one, I would call on in a Emergency, because I have watched for most of my Life how they respond and it really is all about "Them!" Like you said, Don't wake you up, Let you get your ONE hour shower in first, etc…………because when they are no longer there, then you will come home to a empty house and ask yourself, where did LIFE go?

  2. I love you and your videos. I’m a CNA/ Unit Secretary in the OR and what you said in this video is so true. Keep the videos coming I share them with all my friends and family even if they are not nurses. 💕

  3. When the rice pudding you're eating reminds you of this wound you cultured… Makes for GREAT story time on date night

  4. Every day, morning, noon, night I have some kind of story 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Can't wait to see you at the conference in Sept.

  5. I’m not a nurse (I want to be!!) but I used to work as a care assistant and it’s similar in the shift patterns and loving sleep and weird stories 😂 basically it’s same except without the medical side of things and not having a degree in it 😂😂 xx

  6. So true but after 20-30 years of nursing we no longer want to talk about nursing on our days off! But we are definitely caring people, even if we eventually burn out.

  7. The story thing is true. I grew up with a nurse in the family. Graphic stories were the norm at dinner. Took me a few dinners with friends and college to realize. Oh, people aren't used to this. What do you mean you lost your appetite? Bodily fluids only got mentioned a few times.

  8. Not a nurse but my mother is a jr high schoolteacher turned hospice nurse; all these are true! I can not tell you how hard it is to explain to people how we are celebrating a holiday/birthday early or later because mom is working. And oh the stories i could tell about embarrassing moments where nursing stories were told; not to mention hearing stories about some "bad nurses" basically nurses who give the profession a bad name. I agree it is hard and not for the money they deserve.

  9. True, true, true…All raw truth! I’m glad you’re educating others on our lifestyles as in being nurses. People could take our natural responses personal, interpret them as ignoring them. I didn’t really think about how some of these things I do in being a nurse effect those around me in my personal life :Especially the greeting after work( as much as I love hugs, I don’t want any right after a shift: I head straight home, strip my scrubs off in the garage before walking into the house and go straight to the shower…. germaphobe!) Also, the need for decompression, sleep , the longer than 12 hour shifts, missing out on holidays and weekends. Kudos to you for your videos.

  10. YOUNGLIFE!! went there all through7th grade to 11th miss it hope I can do college work crew for Washington family ranch canyon in the next few years

  11. I sneak around like a ninja when my wife is sleeping…or I will DIE!…this is no joke, she said in the nicest way", I'll rip your balls off,". 😂

  12. Home health nurse here 👋🏻 I work between 60-72 hrs a week. I’m the primary nurse in the home. Money’s good, days are long. May not be as hectic as the hospital, but still takes a toll. I used to work in a nursing home and that was a lot to handle.

  13. A lot of your description sounds like what it is like working in a clean room/fab/factory. I'm thinking ATMEL/Microchip. Except nursing sounds more fulfilling.

  14. When I finally stumble through the door, at the end of a long day, my husband and kids have learned to just let me disappear into my room. I shower, sip on wine, sometimes in the dark. If my husband has a cold, or the kids have scrapes etc….I don’t wanna know about it, until I’ve rinsed the shift away in a hot shower. One time, my oldest child swung home, to tell me she had period cramps. “ Oh, mom…these cramps are killing me. Do you have any ibuprofen?” …….She finally met my gaze, my crazy eyed gaze, and said,” You know, I’m just gonna pop to the store…” She saved her life that night.

  15. Curious nurse to be from Germany here: Is it normal in the US to take ur scrubs home and wash them at home? Where I work (and I think this applies to (almost) every (?) hospital here) we always put our scrubs away after our shift and they get washed somewhere at the hospital. We wear new scrubs every day which we take out of the closet at our wards. And when they get dirty, we immediately change them.

  16. My mom is a nurse and she told about when she was in nursing school she was taking the exams and when she finished she slept from Friday to Monday

  17. "We like sleep". I literally responded, "you do?". Reason: we all know nurses pull through 3 or 4 day shifts with no sleep. My cousin is a nurse. She never complains but I haven't seen her and her baby in the longest now. :

  18. The irony of it: doctors, nurses, and trainers recommending us not to have caffeinated drinks because of the risk of kidney stones. Doctors and nurses NEEDING caffeine. 😒😒

  19. I am a 911 medic and I tell my kids do not touch mommy in uniform until I take it off and shower. I deeply feel that people need to know this!!! Lmao.

  20. We make ok money, but it all goes to snacks, potlucks, gifts, sunshine funds, scrubs, pens, shoes, instruments, and spa treatments to reverse all the effects of stress 😉

  21. Yep, y'all are a walking, breathing, bi-pedal, bio hazards in scrubs! Lol! It's in Dem scrubs! Shame u can't shower & change at work…..

  22. My fav nurse is Barry; I "think" his specialty was/is something like (I'm sorry I can't remember exactly!) But he was the nurse who took care of my dad after he had a massive brain tumor removed- he was a surgical nurse of some kind- he retaught Dad how to do everything before PT & everybody else ever got ahold of him! I mean, this dear man taught him to swallow his meals, how to use a straw again, got him up & walking…took out his main line (it was intense!) I mean- & made us all laugh! Then, he's chatting to us, teaching a nursing student to be excellent- then a pt next door starts screaming, swearing, and seizing- he runs over there & takes care of that poor guy! (There's A LOT of swearing on the brain trauma/surg floor, folks- pts just swear a lot & don't care- they have damaged brains on that floor) but we just adored him & still talk about him. I think God gave him the best post op, surg nurse! He carried a fanny pack on his waist full of everything including a flash light- he was just so cool! ❤❤❤Thank You, Barry. We never forget your awesome care! You inspire excellence in skill, care, and kindness!

  23. PREACH!!!! 👍 Spot on, Nurse Blake…I was a lab tech for 100yrs (it feels that long!). I had to do cultures on some really gross, infected wounds…you know what I’m talking about without going into details! Clipping 4” nasty curled-under, 78yr old toenails harder than granite, that haven’t seen the light of day in the past 20rs, for fungal studies! Working as a Pathology tech was my favorite!!! Like you said, we can be at a fancy night out/dinner, everyone’s eating, and it’s so normal for us (ppl in the medical field) to talk about the amazing teratoma we got in from OR and all the teeth/hair, etc. that we found upon sectioning it! Or, the really interesting post (autopsy) we did that day! I think it’s hard to socialize at times with “normal” ppl not in the medical field…bc we spend SO MUCH time with our “own kind” and it’s how we exist, and why we rarely get invited out with non-medical ppl or they quickly learn NOT to ask about our day after awhile! Lol ❤️👍😇🤕🤒😷🤢🤮💩😬

  24. I wish we had one of you for PT/PTA life. Some of the videos transfer across fairly well though. Love you!

  25. we do need coffee redbull tea or….cocaine lol when I have to do like a 19 hour shift (start a 14:30 pm and finish close to 9:00 am the next day) you gonna need cocaine…

  26. I have no intent of being a nurse but you all have my respect 101%. You guys seriously are heroes, tough as hell, and I more than appreciate all of your hard work!

  27. LOL story time, yes! I just had my gallbladder taken out 2 days ago, and while I was in the recovery room I heard ALL kinds of stories (most of them complaining about irresponsible patients that gave them extra work) that the nurses were telling each other. I managed to remember them (I was very loopy with all the meds), brought them home and entertained my family for these 2 days with those 5 hours worth of stories. It was great. It made the misery of post op pain worth it.

  28. „Nurses only work three days a week“ – welllll not in good old Germany. Here you’re average of consecutive shifts is 13 (but we usually have 7h morning- & late shifts and then 10h nights) and if you’re lucky you have one or two days off after that. But oftentimes they need you to come in to replace a coworker who called in sick. Definitely no time for sleep let alone cruises 😅

  29. As a husband of a nurse I can say this is absolutely, posatively the absolute truth. You must add one thing Nurse Blake, if you date or marry a nurse, learn to give good foot rubs. Nurses are on their feet for most if not all of those 12 plus hours. If you want to really endear yourself to your nurse, give a good footrub. That is your true pathway to their heart. Take it from me, a 35 year husband/veteran of the nurse wars, this was all true, and the stories, OMG!

  30. At first thought i was scared to take up nursing… But your videos are so motivating and fun to watch.. I kinda feel like i'm going to love this career path 💖

  31. I'm soon halfway through nursing school ❤️ Already now my family ask when something is wrong with their health 😂 I then say: "I'm not a doctor. It does sounds like it could be "…" but you should pay the doctor a visit to make sure"

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