🐳 How to Get Your Life Together: Don’t sweat the small stuff (cause it’s all small stuff)
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🐳 How to Get Your Life Together: Don’t sweat the small stuff (cause it’s all small stuff)

we deny the parts of ourselves that we deem unacceptable, rather than accepting the fact that we’re all, less than perfect this video was inspired by ‘don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff’ by richard carlson and let’s get started with our day! we live our lives as if they were one big emergency we often rush around looking busy trying to solve problems, but in reality we are often compounding them i’m so guilty of this i woke up a little later than i would have liked but it’s okay, life goes on don’t sweat the small stuff, tomorrow’s a brand new day, this isn’t to excuse myself it’s more so to not get bogged down by negative self talk and self-induced anxiety and have that affects the rest of my day so instead to start the day i’ve been making it a habit to make my bed every morning, seems like a very small thing and something i should have been doing since grade school, but hey, better late than never right? and i’ve really grown to see and accept that habits really are the compound interest of self-improvement any act, no matter how big or small will add up overtime making your bed will reinforce the fact that the little things in life matter if you can’t do the little things right you’ll never be able to do the big things right and if by chance you have a miserable day you will come home to a bed that is made that you made and a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow will indeed be a better day next to my bed you can see the tripod and some dirty laundry, and in any normal circumstance i would have cleaned it, but because this video is not sweating the small stuff we’re gonna roll with it there’s some books next to my bed that i wanna share with you guys wabi-sabi taught me how to see beauty in the imperfect and impermanence and incomplete cause that’s what we are, beautiful just the way we are i picked up this little book of japanese contentments because it was so cute, i love the graphics and i’ve been longing to go back to japan ever since i visited last year and i picked it up as inspiration because i may be making something similar to this that comes in this form that flips but i won’t get into it because i’m not really sure yet that’s one of the projects, one of the many projects im currently working on next book! i just bought this as well i’m about 20 pages in and it’s already been massively helpful, i’m quoting it throughout this video as well it got me at tiny changes, remarkable results it’s like my mom’s 小小的改变 大大的不同 next is dogfight, i finished this over the weekend and i read it because it talks about the conversions of technology and entertainment and it’s something i’ve been lowkey nerding out over for the past 4/5 years and the last book i picked up was by mr mark manson, i’ve always appreciated his writing style sans f-bombs, but i flipped through this one and it seemed a lot more tame so here we are i’m also using it as an inspiration for that project that i won’t talk about yet but um, eh moving on! but it’s okay because don’t sweat the small stuff! living room, this is still here and i don’t have a rug, but i do have a bath mat for what i meditate on and some of you guys asked why and it’s because i just moved in, i like living in my space for a bit before buying stuff to make sure that i need it, i absolutely need it. so rug, dining table i need, and everything else that can come as i begin to live more and more in this space, okay! right, moving on to a couple more things that are weighing on me daily and gives me minor anxieties throughout the day, these cords are just hanging out like they own the place i’m gonna handle this over the weekend it’s not something that i needa worry about right now my plants, look at the snake plant leaves it’s getting so wrinkly, i looked it up and it’s because it hasn’t been watered so i’ve watered it already this one single leaf is so yellow and so sad(;_・) i don’t really know what to do with it please let me know and these babies are so beautiful right now because i just watered them and they’re so happy so, there’s that, moving to the hallway these shoes need to be returned this bag needs to be dry-cleaned and these boxes need to be sorted and recycled so i’m gonna do just that i’ve been trying to implement this 2-minute rule if i can do something, if i can write an email if i can put something back, if i can wash the dishes in 2 minutes, just do it and then be done with it so that it doesn’t pile up because 2 minutes here and there really does add up in the grand scheme of things and if i’m overly stressed or overly anxious about something, it’s good to start chipping away at it, like eating the elephant bite by bite that’s an analogy that my mom gave that one time just 2 minutes can actually move mountains if you add the 2 minutes up overtime absolutely nothing this is a burrito, i’ll take this to work so i’m about to make a matcha latte but i did not have oatmilk so i’ll get oatmilk in a second and just show you guys my sink i did most of the dishes last night that i could left some things there because i just couldn’t be bothered, and i just unpacked these fine ceramics from yesstyle and they’re so cute all of them are so cute, i’ll link them down below if this is something you guys are interested in i just took it out, i was supposed to wash them i hadn’t had time to wash them yet so they’re just here and i’m just leaving it on my counter because i’m not sweating the small stuff so let’s go get some oatmilk ~ alright I’m going to slowly start coming back, i didn’t want to bombard you guys with my voice for a solid 15-minutes so you guys know how i make my matcha lattes i’ll link this video here about making superfood lattes and for this specific one, i’m making it cold because it’s been hot as heck in new york city and i’m adding a scoop of protein powder because dude i realised i do not consume enough protein in my life also adding a scoop of collagen so this protein powder is plant-based, vegan and made mostly with organic ingredients so no dairy, soy, stevia and synthetic ingredients which i really appreciate, i don’t know why but i can’t really stomach anything with stevia and if you are unfamiliar, the brand is care/of they deliver daily vitamins and supplement packs customised to promote personal health and wellness after taking a really quick quiz online you’ll get personalised recommendations for your individual body, lifestyle, values and health goals all the products they offer are made with clean and natural ingredients – super neat! if you’ll like to try this set by yourself take the quiz linked in the description box below and you can use my quote ‘rowenatsai’ to get 25% off your first month they also have these customisable daily vitamins i was recommended the probiotic for gut health it’s the white one, and the brown ones are multivitamins for daily nutrients off to work we go! hello ~ it’s me again i promise you i’m not angry, it was just really bright soo a little storytime: i was biking to work, you know sometimes there’s puddles of water that get stuck on the side of the road between the curb and the street and it’s just there for a while, so a delivery dude on a bike drove by me really quickly on the left and just, you know sprayed some water on my foot that wasn’t the most pleasant thing in the world but instead of getting angry i never really get outwardly angry but internally i’m just like wow, so not thoughtful so inconsiderate, like going so fast not being mindful of other people instead i was like you know what? he’s probably in a rush, it’s all good don’t sweat the small stuff, you good just continue with your day, you can just wipe it off shoes, clothes, they’re just shoes and clothes move on with your day, you’ll be fine and then i got to work bing! so at work now, work consists of emails, writing scripts for my own channel for beauty within, looking over scripts hmm lots of things, planning, strategy, business just throwing out terms for you guys to make myself sound cool um no but really, there are lots of things that needs to be juggled but one thing that i’ve learnt over the past 6 months specifically is that work will always be there you can do it very stressfully and you can do it very anxiously, or you can do it very calmly and do it very groundedly yea, it’s our choice, it really is our choice you know, things have to be done so we do it and if we want to stress on the way there then we stress on the way there, but if we accept things as is, accept that everything isn’t an emergency, accept that life isn’t an emergency, accept that work for sure is not an emergency, then it makes the rest of our lives a lot easier and this was something that i was pretty surprised to find, you know how like you hear about something and you like, oh yea you know if i practice being mindful and practice being intentional with my day and my thoughts my day will go smoothly but you know, you don’t really like know know until you’ll experience that and i think for me this morning, by being so accepting of myself and just my circumstances and my environment i became so much more happy and content and at peace with myself and with my work and with everything else for the rest of the day so this was magical like putting to practice what i read from don’t sweat the small stuff, it’s all small stuff in this specific video, i feel so i just felt so light throughout the whole day it really was magical, and even if it’s kinda silly to say verbally to yourself throughout the day, don’t sweat the small stuff it’s all small stuff, it has helped me so much so i really encourage you guys to try it if you guys tend to sweat the small stuff too and i feel like a lot of us, little potatoes ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ could benefit from not sweating the small stuff so much yeap! *finger guns pew pew* time to edit this video bing bing bing~ dove is just the product, none of the products were sponsored everything you can buy from walmart the lights are officially turned off yay time to go home and time for the video to end! thank you guys so much for spending your precious time with me as always, send you guys the biggest voice hugs they’re always the biggest voice hugs i love you! take care of yourself! make sure you drink water! make sure you take breaks between working! and you are putting on sunscreen! bye ~♡

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