❤️ Fixing a current relationship 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction
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❤️ Fixing a current relationship 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction

the thing that I am wanting to manifest
well this is the imagination part well tell us what you’re wanting to manage
okay well now I’m Matt I want to manifest a better relationship with my
husband and my problem I I can’t imagine him the way that I would like him to
watch the vortex okay so I can imagine what I want but the thing is is I can’t
imagine him being that so I think I get to this place where I’m afraid to go
that vortex and imagines not relationship that and then he won’t be
there anymore well we we understand that but you don’t want that version of him
there anyway no I don’t what what you just said to us is I’ve created a dream
version of a relationship and when I look back at the reality that I’ve got
they don’t match up but I’m afraid then if I stay focused
upon my dream reality that that will go away and we say it will and you want it
to well but I don’t want him to go away well that’s we’re not talking about that
well okay we’re but but but you see how hung up on the manifestation you are
that’s exactly what we’re talking about the current manifestation is more active
in your vibration than what’s in your vortex of creation cuz I I’m really
afraid that he’s gonna go away if I stay what I really listened to thee listen to
the conflict that’s going on within you I want this I don’t want this but I’m
afraid that but there are parts of that I do want and we say well if you focus
upon that there’s much that he offers that’s in your vortex so if you focus
upon what you desire then the universe will yield to you what you desire let us
show you let us demonstrate something you’ll really like this so let’s say
that your husband has 10 dominant characteristics personality traits
behavior traits and let’s say that one of them let’s say that two of them let’s
say that one of them is delightful okay and let’s say that nine of them are
despicable so those nine uncomfortable traits have
caused you to put the opposite version in your vortex don’t want that want that
don’t want that want that and the one you want you put that there to the one
that is there in other words so now you have ten wonderful characteristics that
he helped you to define so he in his despicable nough sweer exaggerating and
being a little rabbit like he he helped you to create this wonderful version of
your vibrational relationship so there it is so now as you give your undivided
attention to this you will extract all of that from right there you will what
most people do so ten characteristics and you’re focused upon the the one you
really want or the improved version of all of them so now you’re staying true
to what you want so you have access to energy that creates worlds and are
summoning to you what you want what happens so often with people is that
instead of looking at what they want they look over there what they don’t
want and when you look over at what you don’t want that’s how you hold what you
don’t want close to you so we will not say to you and have never said that by
focusing upon the positive aspects that your husband has helped you to create he
will then have to go away we will say what’s holding the parts of him to you
that you don’t want are your attention to them now is it possible that he is a
complete opposite to everything you want but but let’s say is it possible that
he’s a complete opposite to everything that you want and your vibration is so
pure to what you do want that when the vortex draws all the
operative components we haven’t said that here today but that’s an important
thing to say to you this vortex is assembling all cooperative components is
it possible that your existing husband will be such an uncooperative component
that the vortex would not bring him in not likely if you are focused upon all
of the pieces that you are wanting you see you have much more power to
influence than you know and anyway you want alignment with you more than you
want him perfect in all those ways really what happens in so many
relationships is you use flaws in others as your excuse to not be in alignment
with who you are which gives you a completely distorted version of who they
are and of your relationship you you not just you but all of you superimpose
flaws and fallacies on other people in order to justify discordant vibrations
within yourself that when did you hear that that when the discordant vibration
is no longer present within yourself they will begin responding differently
the behavior of everyone that you interact with is more about your
vibration as it the way let’s state this more carefully the way everyone in your
experience relates to you is more about your vibration than it is about theirs
yes yes so when you get that so so what you could say to your husband oh babe
I’ve created a dream version of you and I gotta tell you you ain’t it yeah
but I thank you with everything that I have for helping me to clarify it I
imagine I’m doing the same thing for you we have created a masterful relationship
together just like we knew we would and it is my from this point forward I’m
never ending promise to you and to myself that I’m going to cue myself up
with this new and improved version of us this new and improved version of our
relationship and I’m gonna give little or no attention to what’s going on in my
undivided attention to what we’ve created together you see oh we just want
to stick this one last thing in every relationship you have if you ever had
the experience where someone you love has made their transition maybe a mate
maybe your parents and you have this sort of empty unfinished feeling because
because you didn’t get some stuff done and what we want you to realize is that
there’s a vibrational version of all of these relationships that you’ve always
been reaching for in other words what what you remember about your childhood
here’s a clearest way to say it there are a lot of people who fantasize about
a childhood that they never lived in other words they they would describe
their hometown in a way that people living there
don’t agree with or they would describe their father in a way that the people
who knew him wouldn’t agree with and it’s because you are all creating a
vibrational version of everything that is a bigger reality than you know and
the most disappointment that most of you feel is when you keep looking at your
reality and you’re shocked to discover that it’s not living up to your
vibrational version and we want to say to you it was never supposed to it was
the basis from which you created your vibrational version you’re the only one
who ever needs to live up to your vibrational version in other words let’s
say you’re a child and and in school and your mother never goes to any of your
events but you create in your vortex someone who’s really interested in what
you and so that’s the way you remember you
remember your relationship with your mother because just the fact that she
didn’t show up that doesn’t mean that those things weren’t all always
happening are you getting the sense of what we’re talking about you’ve created
a vibrational version of everything and then you’re mad at so many people
because they don’t live up to your vibrational version and we just want you
to hear it’s not their job to live up to your vibrational version it’s your job
and when you live up to your vibrational version you will be amazed at how many
of them join you in the vortex good time for segment

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  2. So what about free will? How do you manifest something from someone who sincerely doesn’t have interest in what you’re trying to manifest, and you’re unaware of this (for whatever reasons). You can’t make someone be something they don’t want to be for you…. Or can you?

  3. How do I change my relationship, my boyfriend gets offended by me honest about my feelings towards him. Also he can be a bit self centered and when I tried to tell him he got upset and lefted.

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